Share Your Multipotentialite Story and Get Featured on Puttylike
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Share Your Multipotentialite Story and Get Featured on Puttylike

Written by Emilie

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Hi multipods,

Ahh the holidays! The good food, the presents, family, the social gatherings…

This is a time when many of us have challenging interactions with people we don’t see very often. It can also be a really fruitful time–a time for sharing and understanding and even emotional breakthroughs.

I Want to Hear from You!

I’ve decided to try a fun experiment at Puttylike. I would like to hear about your interactions with friends and family members as you navigate the holidays.

Please go here and tell me a story about a time you felt really good explaining one of your multipotentialite life choices to a friend, relative, or acquaintance.

The catch: your story needs to be under 1000 characters (roughly 200 words). I know that is hard. That’s part of the fun. Take the word limit as a creative challenge and use it to really home in on your story and submit something AWESOME.

(And don’t even think about emailing me with a longer response. I have way too much going on right now and your story won’t get read or chosen. :)

I’ll pick the 3-5 sweetest, funniest and/or most inspiring stories and share them in a blog post in January.

Your deadline is December 31. Go!

I can’t wait to read your story.

Your (jolly) pal and fellow multipotentialite,


Emilie Wapnick is the Founder and Creative Director at Puttylike and The Puttytribe, where she helps multipotentialites build lives and careers around ALL their interests. Unable to settle on one path herself, Emilie studied music, art, film production and law, graduating from the Law Faculty at McGill University. She is the author of How to Be Everything (HarperCollins). Learn more about Emilie here.

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  1. Raphael Azzarone says:

    When you are leader of a new team, it is very important that you allow people to get to know the “you” outside of your role & workplace.

    Most start with their resume of where they worked and their accomplishments. As a Multipotentialite, I couldn’t disagree more.

    I always presented a PPT of my interests which include my work as an artist, woodworker, advanced model rocketry, sculptor, home remodeling, and even survivalist among others. I never mentioned a resume unless asked.

    Result? If sincere in delivery and without arrogance, be prepared to interact with many who want to begin to build a relationship in getting to know each other. Multipotentialites often find easily “common ground” with people, either by mutual interest, or because you find interest in what they do!

    Although semi-retired, I have stayed in contact with 45% of all those in which I have led over the last 30 years as a result. People don’t quickly understand Mulipotentites (us) but once you start meaningfull sharing of what you have to offer, they will respect how we tackle challenges differently. I am a blessed person because of it.

    As Emily so gracefully stated …. ..,“Multipotentialites, they need us.”

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