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Hey there,

Wanna reach me quickly? Try a tweet.

Please note: I get a ton of email. It can be really overwhelming and hard to keep up with. I love hearing from awesome multipotentialites, but I’m unfortunately unable to reply to most of the emails I receive. Please forgive me in advance.

Also, most partnership and advertising inquiries are unfortunately going to be a no (or a non-reply, which means no). Again, apologies in advance. I have a lot of projects and I have to be really careful about not committing to too many things.

That said, if you just want to share and are cool with the fact that you might not receive a reply, then I would love to hear from you.


Emilie (

A Few More Things…

If you have questions about the Puttytribe, please email our team.

For speaking inquiries, please contact HarperCollins Speakers Bureau.

For coaching inquiries, well… I’m not currently doing any private coaching. The best way to brainstorm with me (and a bunch of other smart multipotentialites) is through the huddles in the Puttytribe. It’s essentially extremely low-cost coaching + loads of support.