The Puttytribe Community

The Puttytribe Lead ImageAre you looking for a supportive community of multipotentialites to help you build a life around ALL of your interests? The Puttytribe is a safe space for multipotentialites of all ages and levels.

We brainstorm, help each other with our many projects, collaborate, co-work, and learn from one another. It’s a really warm place, where everyone understands “what you’re up to” when you have a dozen projects or jump from passion to passion. Are you ready to become a puttypeep?

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Work Your Work! A Crash Course on Building a Multipotentialite-Friendly Career

Work Your Work! is an online course to help you figure out how to turn your MANY passions into a career you love.

This self-paced course will give you confidence to step into your multipotentialite future. You’ll finish Work Your Work! with a detailed understanding of how to pursue your many passions in a practical, financially sustainable way. You’ll also come away with your own list of custom, multipotentialite-friendly career ideas that you can start exploring right away.

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Renaissance Business: Make Your Multipotentiality Your Day Job

A guide to turning ALL of your interests into one digital business. Renaissance Business takes you step-by-step, through the entire process of creating and launching a digital business; from figuring out your passions and crafting an overarching theme, to thinking up a title, tagline and design, to growing and selling through your community.

Unlike most material on business, the RB approach takes a uniquely multipotentialite perspective. Instead of “overcoming” your desire to do many things, we’re going to use your multipotentiality as a foundation for your business. It’s what will set you apart and make your community thrive.

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