Pre-order my book, HOW TO BE EVERYTHING and you’ll get some sweet bonuses (plus my eternal love)

Pre-order my book, HOW TO BE EVERYTHING and you’ll get some sweet bonuses (plus my eternal love)

Written by Emilie

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Greetings multipotentialite friends!

I’ve dreamed of this moment for the last twelve months–the moment I could officially let the cat out of the bag and tell you what I’ve been up to.

In early 2016, I signed a publishing contract with HarperCollins to write a book for and about multipotentialites. Since then, I’ve been working in secret. Working really hard. I have interviewed over 50 multipotentialites, surveyed hundreds more, and spent a LOT of time writing, writing and re-writing.

And so, I am proud to present to you How to Be Everything: A Guide for Those Who (Still) Don’t Know What They Want to Be When They Grow Up.

You can pre-order the book now. If you do, you’ll get some awesome bonuses (5 extra video interviews and access to an invite-only webinar, where you can get your questions answered live).

*And now, just a personal plea… If the book speaks to you and you think you will be picking it up, please pre-order. Pre-orders really help with the book’s ranking (Let’s put multipotentialites on the NYT Bestsellers list!) and its reach. In short, the more pre-orders come through, the further the message that it’s okay a superpower to do/be many things will travel. The further the message travels, the more multipods we will help.

You guys are amazing. I wrote How to Be Everything with you, the multipotentialite community, in my heart. I tried to make it both inspiring and insanely practical. I poured my very best into it. I hope you love it.

With eternal gratitude,
Your pal and fellow multipotentialite,


em_bioEmilie Wapnick is the Founder and Creative Director at Puttylike, where she helps multipotentialites build lives and careers around ALL their interests. Unable to settle on one path herself, Emilie studied music, art, film production and law, graduating from the Law Faculty at McGill University. She is an occasional rock star, a paleo-friendly eater and a wannabe scientist carpenter. Learn more about Emilie here.


  1. Ordered! Can’t wait to read it! Hope it flies off the shelves, Emilie! Great picture of you! Clearly I’m very excited!

  2. Maryske says:

    LOL Is that how one gets on the NY Times Bestseller list?

    Anyway, I found it on the European Amazon as well, for those of us on the other side of the Atlantic. Kindle edition for 7,99 GBP, hardcover (coming out on June 15th instead) for 16,99 GBP. The German Amazon is a bit more expensive: 20 euro for the book and 15 for the kindle version. Will be ordering soon – can’t wait to read it!

    And congratulations, Emilie. It must feel great to have your own ideas coming out *officially* in print!

    • Emilie says:

      It is, Maryske! The NYT bestseller list is all based on sales that come through in the first week after it is released (so May 2-8). But pre-sales count toward those first week sales, too. There are a lot of other factors as well. It’s kind of ridiculous. I wish it was more of a meritocracy, but alas.

      Thanks for ordering it. :)

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