Hustling, Building and Creating a Sustainable Dream… Even if it Means Staying Up Past Bedtime
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Hustling, Building and Creating a Sustainable Dream… Even if it Means Staying Up Past Bedtime

Written by Emilie

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This is a guest post by Janet Brent. But first, a preface by me, Emilie:

When I told the current Puttypeep that I wanted to welcome some new faces into the Tribe a few weeks back, I was a little nervous. It’s not easy opening up about your life and projects, and with a flood of 50 new faces joining us, I was afraid that the current Puttypeep might feel vulnerable and exposed.

It turns out I had nothing to worry about. The response was overwhelmingly positive. “I can’t wait to meet the new kids.” was the general sentiment I got. “More multipotentialites in my life to connect with?! Awesome.” A few Puttypeep even asked how they could help spread the word (with nothing in it for them, other than helping to make the community itself more valuable. We don’t have affiliate program or anything).

The following piece was written by Janet Brent. I was so excited when she sent this to me, because I’d noticed that Janet has used the Tribe both in the pursuit of her professional goals and in service of her personal ones. For example, she started a jogging accountability group in the Tribe and she even starting a discussion about insecurities around aging, as you will soon read.

Mostly though, Janet’s piece beautifully captures the multipotentialite journey, the struggles that many of us face in relation to the outside world, and the affect that community can have on your direction and self-confidence. Enjoy.


“I just feel like I should be doing something more than just my office job… I want to change the world.”

The sentence slowly rolled out of my tongue–tentatively, fragilely–as I looked out the window in contemplation of a better life out there somewhere.

The words felt awkward in the empty space, as awkward as the distance between me and my therapist sitting in front of me with her blank stare as though judgment lurked beneath her gaze. I wasn’t accustomed to declaring my unabashed life, my dreams, and my delivery was unconfident at best. I didn’t know it then, but she was one of the gatekeepers. The people who go on in the “real world” trying to keep other people in, and the status-quo in place. Generational gaps aside, she just didn’t get me.

“Have you considered group therapy?” She asked one day. No, I hadn’t. The option was open-ended, waiting for me to grab it. A place for people to talk and share experiences. How would that help?

Hi, I’m Janet and I’m a Multipotentialite.

I’m a right brain creative, graphic designer, web designer, front-end developer and WordPress geek, writer and quasi yogi wannabe.

Three years ago, I was in a soul sucking job that I quit to do a little soul searching. I traveled SE Asia, went on Zen monastery retreats, shaved my head, walked 660km on a magical island adventure, fell in love and never looked back. I also uprooted my life from Portland, Oregon to ultimately, Manila, Philippines. I was determined to figure out how to take my skills into a location independent lifestyle business that I could do from anywhere, while living, and eventually traveling, on the cheap. I didn’t know how to deal with my “Jill of all trades” syndrome that made me feel not good enough for anything.

Joining the Puttytribe was like coming home, and I guess in the end, I found my own group therapy. People get you. People are so damn supportive! It’s like having your own private group of cheerleaders as you go confidently to your dreams. Rather than being thought of as a problem or disorder, multipotentialites are celebrated and the forum is bubbling with creative energy just waiting for world changing ideas, partnerships, or brainstorming sessions (huddles) to come to fruition. The willingness to genuinely help each other is strong. Flowing beneath the current is the abundance of love. Love for ourselves and our awesomeness, and experiencing the world through Love colored lenses, kicking fear out the window. Puttypeeps just dive in!

Quitting My Day Job… Again!

I’ve used the forums very much like my own ‘therapy’ to get through life issues and make my own progress. I’m like the child who asks her mom about War everyday, no matter how many different answers she gives. Finally, the mom “gets” it and says to the child that we are safe. Nothing bad will happen to us, and there is no need to be afraid.

Reading between the lines, the Puttytribe can tell me I am safe. Nothing bad will happen to me and there is no need to be afraid… My dreams are honored and it’s OK to go out there and get them.

We’ve all heard it before, and I certainly subscribe to enough personal development blogs to hear it again and again, but something about being in a day job just dampens the spirit. The Puttytribe throws out a lifesaver called Courage whenever I start to flail. Helps me remember that it’s OK. Everything will be alright.

In and out of pursuing my dreams is not failure, it’s just the long road to success. It’s the journey, not the destination after all.

On July 25th, I will quit my day job again and for good. I used the tribe as a gentle nudge and a remembrance of who I am. It’s OK to be a multipotentialite and it gives me the leading edge to my own carved out path, because no one else can compete! We celebrate our uniqueness with the realization that no one else can be the perfect fit. And rather than competition, the world works so much better with partnerships and camaraderie.

Embracing IMperfection – I’M Perfection

Where the Western world treats disorder and dis-ease, the Puttytribe embraces our imperfections as quirky perfection with a positive attitude. We are a group of like-minded, fringe dwellers and we are changing the world. From lifestyle, business and personal issues, the Puttytribe has helped me reach my goals, gain confidence and score more Bravery points along the way. “I quit my job!” or “I relaunched my site!” is a prevalent theme and with that calibre of good company, you can’t help but feel encouraged to do the same.

I’ve used Puttytribe to slap silly aging issues away as I prepare to embrace my 30s in less than a year. I admit, the thought of anti-aging creams and pore reducing face scrubs has put my wallet in a bind, even for someone who doesn’t wear make-up regularly. The Puttytribe helped me snap out of it, stay true to myself, and continue to stand on my own against the barrage of marketing and beauty products. There is nothing wrong with you. We are all perfect in our imperfections. Like a compass, guiding me along my true path, the Puttytribe has helped with those minor adjustments to keep me going towards my ultimate goals, regardless of my dark circles; a fate proudly earned by hustling, building and creating my own sustainable dream… Even if that means staying up past bedtime!

As the quarter life crisis subsides, I realize how much calmer and more secure I am, even with Uncertainty and the Unknown. I’ve come a long way since leaving my therapist, my job, my cushy complacent first world life… I know where I want to go, and I know what I need to do to get there. I’ve got a sense of direction, dare I say, I might have found my calling. The Puttytribe is a warmly welcoming companion as I dream on.

Your Turn

What are some of your dreams that you’re working to create?

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She’s also a writer,  Her blog, Purple Panda, encourages people to March to their Own Beat and live remarkably in life and biz. You can find her tweeting up a storm @janetbrent.

Note: Just a quick reminder that the deadline for the free Puttytribe membership contest is tomorrow night at midnight. (And damn is it going to be tough to choose this time.)


  1. Erin says:

    Awesome, Janet. Beautiful. Thank you so much for this generous share :)

  2. Leah says:

    How wonderful, Janet! I thought the Puttytribe sounded awesome, like something I really needed, before. Reading your post just serves to confirm that idea for me. It sounds like you’ve had quite the journey in getting to this place where you are “calmer and more secure.” Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    • janet says:

      thank you Leah!
      I think I’ve seen you around Goddess Circle too, if I’m not mistaken? There are a couple of us Goddesses in the puttytribe too :)
      Would be nice to have you around!

      • Leah says:

        Whoah, really? You’re from the Goddess Circle, too? That’s awesome that we have this connection–first the Circle and now Puttylike! :D

  3. Andrea says:

    Wow. It’s amazing the difference it makes when we accept ourselves for who we are, and find others who accept us and cheer us on! Sometimes I feel a little bit like I am standing on the edge of a diving board, wondering whether to jump, and posts like yours remind me that the waters probably aren’t shark-infested! :) (and it’s so much easier to jump when others are cheering you on.) Congrats on quitting your day job for good! I hope someday I will be able to say that, too!

    • janet says:

      ahhh I’m right there with you. I’m totally the touch my toes in the water type.. And then I wait for minutes until I muster the courage to enter! Great analogy and Puttytribe will really help you for sure. The trick is to post threads to make sure you’re getting as much out of it as you can. Really dive specifically into the things you’d like help with. Make the $19/mo. count! That’s what I try to do.. :)

  4. Kate says:

    “I’m like the child who asks her mom about War everyday, no matter how many different answers she gives. Finally, the mom “gets” it and says to the child that we are safe. Nothing bad will happen to us, and there is no need to be afraid.”

    What a beautiful entry! If I wasn’t convinced about Puttytribe before, this would do it! :) Having people to encourage and cheer you on can make all of the difference. Congratulations on the life change!

    • janet says:

      Thanks, Kate! I was so happy to be featured as a ‘case study’. :) It’s really great to have support.. It can really do wonders for your mojo :D I think the huddles and workshops help a ton, too. Something I’ve yet to tap into but I will soon! I’m excited to meet the new puttypeep inside :)

  5. Kim says:

    This is awesome! Beautiful words!

    • janet says:

      thanks, Kim! One of my multipotentialite interests is writing and I want to publish a book someday! The puttytribe has a ‘write a book in 3 months huddle’ that I want to get in on.

  6. Margaux says:

    “the Puttytribe embraces our imperfections as quirky perfection with a positive attitude”

    This. Very nicely written, Janet!

  7. jonknep says:


    What an awesome awesome post. This won’t be the last time I read it : )


  8. I find myself using the word “proud” a lot lately. I don’t know why. But I like it.

    There are few things in life that are better than being proud. Proud that someone you know “grew up to be what they wanted”. Proud that your son knows how to pick his nose waaaay before the other kids do. Proud that someone broke/breaks the shackles of the invisible chains that bind them.

    I’m proud of you Janet.

    I’m proud to be part of the Puttytribe and the recipient and giver of help to you and all the others.

    Thank you for writing something beautiful and timeless.

    • janet says:

      THANK YOU so much. I am really honored for your comment, Joel. :) I feel you have a lot of nuggets of wisdom for me, and all of us. Cannot wait for your investing workshop!!

  9. Hannah says:

    Hey Janet,

    Thanks for writing such an open and vulnerable post. I’ve definitely had similar experiences around “I’m quitting a job *again*? Shouldn’t I have found my thing by now?” and discovering Puttylike has helped me realise that it’s OK to be, well, puttylike!

    Currently, I’m working to be location independent and secure. It’s exciting, scary, and stimulating all at once :) Hope to see you around the Puttytribe at some point in the future.

    • janet says:

      hmm seem to have missed your comment until just now. Sorry!
      The whole quitting… AGAIN thing can be tough! For exactly the thought bubble you mentioned. Plus being in a job feels like I’m squishing my authenticity.. feel SO less aligned and I want to align myself as possible to who I am.

      Saw your website by the way and LOVE the topic! I’m all about being/becoming who we ARE! In another blog before my current one, I even had a “Be Who You ARE” career series that had guest posts where people talked about their careers/jobs and how that is similar or different than what they were like or wanted to be as kids.. So I definitely feel its not about what you want to be when you grow up but being who we ARE!! Really resonate with your blog message. :) And can’t wait to get to know you at puttytribe.

  10. Izzy says:

    Hi Janet,

    Your post brings up a question that I often battle with. Is quitting a job the best way to move forward with our passion and dreams?

    I think it depends on everyones unique situation. In your case, it seems like you have found a direction. I think that is awesome :).

    I am leaving my current job in approximately 5 days. Kind of crazy that I stumbled across this post.

    Either which way, I really enjoyed your honesty and sincerity in this post. I would love to know exactly what your dream is… But maybe that is something down the road or maybe I just need to head on over to your blog.

    • janet says:

      Hi Izzy! Nice of you to stop by.. I’ve seen you on Vishnu’s blog so I’m guessing that’s how you stumbled here :)

      as you can probably see, I’m quitting my job in about 3 days too! Last day is Wednesday and Friday is already ending for me.. Wish you the best of luck in your new chapter! What’s next for you?

      I also agree it depends on everyone’s unique situation. There are definitely instances when it may not be the best way.. But that’s what moonlighting is for. Strategic quitting takes a bit of ‘exit planning’ or just right timing.. Like it’s obvious that you can/should quit when your dreams/passions are able to support you on its own (i.e. making more than your dayjob).. or you have enough savings (6 months is a good start) to live off of while you work your way to a profitable biz that is at least able to get you buy the bare minimum etc etc.

      Hmmm what exactly is my dream? I guess I didn’t realize it wasn’t so explicit here but maybe I wrote this in a more universal way so it could be more iconic rather than a necessarily personal account. I guess I kinda still am figuring it out as I go along but it really has to do with having a sustainable lifestyle business (having the lifestyle that can sustainably support me), art/creativity and working with passionate people who want to/are changing the world. Right now that comes out through web design but it could change! I’m a multipotentialite after all.. (sorry for the long answer!)

  11. Vishnu says:

    You rule Janet! You are so a multipotentialite and embrace it big time. And live it every day. Reading your blog, your adventures and tales is the living proof that we can do it too! Monastery, a move to the motherland, your own freelance business – your blog and journey are a daily inspiration that we too can go off the beaten path and succeed. It’s not easy and filled with challenges but what’s the alternative?? THERAPY:) lol

    I love how you use the tribe to be a gentle reminder of who you are but really who you are exemplifies this tribe perfectly:) You are a great ambassador for it!

    • janet says:

      your blog and journey are a daily inspiration that we too can go off the beaten path and succeed. It’s not easy and filled with challenges but what’s the alternative?? THERAPY:)

      LOL that made me laugh! That’s so true and I guess I sort of was implying that. ;) Yes, we have a lot of dissatisfaction when we’re not feeling aligned to our path/calling/purpose which really also means not feeling aligned to ourselves. (lack of awareness to knowing thyself)

      And I am, in fact, an ambassador for puttytribe. How did you know?? ;)

  12. Dominee says:

    Really wonderful post. I love reading about your transformations. I think my favorite part was the IMperfection part, that’s going to stick with me!

    • janet says:

      I love the IMperfection part too but credit goes to my incredible boyfriend for that one. He’s always coming up with word insights that most people never see/think of before!

  13. Crystal says:

    Janet, reading Emilie’s post last week about taking small risks this post of yours just perfectly demonstrated for me the power of doing it.

    Reading your words was like following you as you took down the shutters to release the inner light of all you have to offer – and then started shining up the glass to absolute brilliance.

    I so, so, SO much want to join the tribe. Everything I see and read just highlights the calibre and quality of what multipotentialites have to offer – I want to surround and immerse myself in that world, and then some!

    • janet says:

      Hi Crystal-
      Definitely join if you can. It has been so helpful!
      Thank you so much for your nice comment. It’s definitely refining and shining that brilliant diamond within us all :D That’s why I love this song lyric:
      Shine on you crazy diamond!

  14. Tanja says:

    Gorgeously written, Janet – you really have a way with words, you know that? You’re one seriously multi-talented lady :-)



  15. Karina Ladet says:

    I loved this post, Janet! And I am happy to discover this website and community. I started my business 6 months ago and I’m making some money but not a real salary at all. However, the Universe keeps sending me gifts, extra money in other ways and I am so happy to be doing what I love. Freedom is so much more important than having a regular income in a job we hate.

    I wish you lots of luck and magic!

    Big hugs, Karina

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