“Help! I want an accountability buddy, but I’m scared…”

“Help! I want an accountability buddy, but I’m scared…”

Written by Emilie

Topics: Productivity

Multipotentialites usually have a lot going on: businesses we wish to start or grow, skills we’re trying to learn, creative projects, major life or career transitions… We’re usually quite busy (happily so) and we’re often working on something–or multiple things–that are big and meaningful.

With so much on our plate, it can be easy to get distracted or for Resistance to get in the way and make us feel like we can’t get anything done, ever.

One of the most valuable “tools” I’ve come across to help keep the momentum going is accountability. Over the years, I’ve had several accountability buddies and groups. They’re usually really wonderful and motivating, and can make you feel far less alone in your pursuits.

But the idea of external pressure can feel a little intimidating, too…

We recently started an accountability matchmaking program in the Puttytribe and one of our puttypeep posted some concerns in the forum. She would like someone to check in with about the business she’s building but she also wants to go slow and not beat herself up for having “unproductive” days.

Is it possible to work with an accountability partner AND prioritize things like self-compassion, listening to oneself, and healing at the same time?

I decided to share my thoughts in a video:

Want your own accountability partner and a whole lot of multipotentialite-friendly support? Check out the Puttytribe:


  1. Amy says:

    Yep, I want a positive accountability buddy, the carrot please. Plus I have a full time job, so the only accountability I need is the gentlest of support on my weekends balance with recovery and self care.

  2. Gabriela says:

    Hello, I read everything on this blog. I guess I would need someone to keep me from beating myself up for not getting all the things done and making sure I am taking care of my health also. I have a full time job and a small farm, five daughters, a sometimes blog, and a small biz on the side(related to the farm but also more than that). The problem is I usually have more things I want to do. I’m going to meditate on joining the Puttytribe tonight. I love the feel of the support just on the blog and the message, it feels real and something I could be a part of. I do feel old to be here though, everyone on this site, their pictures and so forth, they look so young. Will I be able to relate and find a like minded but help me to be honest with my own limitations…?

    • Joel Zaslofsky says:

      (Spoken as the Puttytribe Connections and Operations Guy)

      You’re not alone in feeling too old to relate to fellow multipotentialites or potential fellow Puttytribe members. I’ve heard that sentiment a lot over the years and I’m happy to say that most people who join the Puttytribe over the age of say, 50, do quite well.

      In fact, some of our most vibrant puttypeep like Edward, Sparrow, and Mercedes are on the more experienced side of life. So meditate away Gabriela and do what feels right for you.

    • Emilie says:

      Hi Gabriela,

      Wow, you’ve got a lot of neat stuff going on!

      No pressure at all, but I will say that we have members in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. If you decide to give the Puttytribe a try, we could definitely connect you with some of them. You might really like Luis’ business huddle actually. They meet once a week.

      Anyway, feel free to email me at emilie@puttylike.com if you have any more questions. :)


      • Gabriela says:

        Thanks Emilie! One final question because I like meeting face to face with people even if it is only a couple times a year. Are there any members in Maine..? I live out in the back of beyond, even though the online asynchronous thing also is very attractive for us forest folk.


        • Emilie says:

          I can’t think of any other puttypeep in Maine off the top of my head. There are loads in nearby states/provinces though: NY, NJ, MA, QC… But most of the magic does happen online (at least at the moment).

  3. Akil says:

    What I look for in an accountability partner is:

    1. “Excitement about the future” – if they aren’t interested in actually seeing the final product then all their support seems empty no matter how much they try.

    2. “Sincere appreciation of effort” – nothing worse than getting the ‘Awww… That’s nice’ generic reaction when the amount of work is probably close to a ‘That part there must have taken an eternity to do because I’ve never seen it being done in such a way before, which really displays your eye for detail and passion for this project’. It just really hurts when hours of passion are poured into something only for it to be glossed over and forgotten about 5 minutes later. (personally encounter this within my network only to hear strangers that don’t really care go into detail as to how my particular work is more than just ‘nice’)

    Just those two things do it for me. Nagging me out of sheer excitement and seeing that joy expressed in some way once they see a piece of the puzzle or the final deliverable itself. That’s what keeps me working another six hours after my day job to produce something that will probably only be truly appreciated by at least one person in the entire world.

    (Wish I could join the Puttytribe but Geological circumstances prevent that.)

    • Emilie says:

      I like that, Akil! Good things to look for.

      Geological circumstances? Do you live under a boulder? :P

      Just teasing. If you meant geographic circumstances, all of the Puttytribe action takes place online! We have members all over the world. But no worries if digital communities aren’t your thing.

    • AiLin says:


      Hey Akil. Your 2 points for an accountability partner says it all! Sometimes not being negative its just not enough, that’s a prerequisite. How very often I get the ‘meh’ response, such a damper. There’s so much to be enthusiatic about, so much to be excited about, and I find that it is the best way to live.

      I also am not currently in Puttytribe, but hey, it makes me stronger in learning to strengthen that ‘self-support core’ and creative in finding the various ways of getting that support.

      Its so great to find this wonderful energy in Puttylike! <3

  4. Joe says:

    Hi Tribe,
    Anyone want to trade four bosses and three types of endangered/threatened for an accountability buddy? Just kidding about the critters! We all need that special person that will push us a little farther than its comfortable to complete the imperfect project that we will not let go. Try to find another Puttybuddy to match your skill set. life is better when you run with the Putty Pack.
    Thanks Emilie for helping us to pull together

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