“Be Curious. Stay Curious.”
Photo courtesy of Tom Woodward.

“Be Curious. Stay Curious.”

Written by Emilie

Topics: MPMH

You guys are in for a treat today.

I was lucky enough to get to talk with the brilliant Amy Ng of Pikaland. Amy is a self-taught illustrator, entrepreneur, adjunct professor, and creativity genius (among other things).

Some topics we touch on:

  • Combining your many interests to put something unique out into the world.
  • Whether you need to be an ‘expert’ to succeed.
  • Whether you should pursue formal education or self-study.

This interview was a total blast! You’ll probably be able to tell how much fun I’m having. I think you’ll feel pretty darn inspired after watching this:

(Sorry about the blue hue in this one. I was sitting by the window, and for some reason, the daylight coming in made me look very very blue!)

Check out Amy’s zine, The Good To Know Project, Issues #6-11, in this year’s Multi-Passionate Must-Haves bundle sale, which starts TOMORROW, May 17!!

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  1. Muhammed Abdul-Ghaffar says:

    Hey Emilie, in the future could you make an article on the Trivium Method? I’m quite surprised that I haven’t heard anything about it on your site considering that it is a mental process that greatly aids in the acquisition of knowledge and subjects, not to mention that many polymaths have used a system of learning like this.

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