A Multipotentialite’s Guide to Dealing with Anxiety (Plus the Process of Writing and Publishing a Book)
Photo courtesy of Neil Hughes.

A Multipotentialite’s Guide to Dealing with Anxiety (Plus the Process of Writing and Publishing a Book)

Written by Joanna James-Lynn

Topics: Confidence

Note from Emilie:

Hey multipods! As you may know, the Puttytribe is our little community where multipotentialites help other multipotentialites put their many goals, dreams, and projects into motion. We love featuring these projects on the blog, and sharing with you what your fellow multipotentialites are up to. I hope you enjoy this interview that Jo did with puttypeep, Neil Hughes. I hope it inspires you, entertains you, and maybe even educates you a little.

Rock on Neil! So proud of you.

– Emilie

Jo, take it away…


Hi multipotentialites,

I recently sat down with new author, enthusiastic puttypeep, occasional comedian, and full-time worrier, Neil Hughes, and today she’s sharing that interview with you.

Neil is the author of the book, Walking on Custard & the Meaning of Life: A Guide for Anxious Humans. With this book, Neil has combined two huge parts of his life, comedy and anxiety, to create a resource that is helping anxious people everywhere understand their anxiety and stop “walking on custard.”

Walking on Custard Cover - front

Multipotentialites often experience a lot of fear, confusion, and anxiety because of their inability to stick to one thing. I decided to interview Neil about his experience of anxiety and his advice for anyone suffering from anxiety.

However, as a curious multipotentialite myself, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to find out more about what goes into writing and publishing a book. So I also asked Neil about his experience of self-publishing a book as a multipotentialite. How did he get himself to commit to such a big project? Did having lots of skills come in handy? What advice would he give to other multipods who want to publish their own books?

Neil’s book is a fantastic read for anyone who feels alone in their struggles. Neil’s got a knack for opening right up and letting you inside his mind. If you struggle with anxiety yourself, you’ll find his mind works in a very similar way to yours. All of this makes for a very comforting read. Plus, Neil shares all of his best tips for dealing with anxiety. I’d definitely recommend checking it out for yourself.

So, whether you’re curious about how to handle your own anxiety, or you want to learn how to publish your own book, listen in to my interview with Neil:

Check out Walking on Custard & the Meaning of Life and follow Neil on Twitter @enhughesiasm.

Your Turn

Has your multipotentiality caused you any anxiety? If so, how have you dealt with it? 

jo_authorbioJoanna L K Moore (Jo) is a thinker, writer, maker, and doer. She writes about self-awareness and living a life that suits who you are at JoannaLKMoore.com. A multipotentialite through and through, Jo’s also a linguist, a runner, a virtual assistant, the creator of DIY Self-Esteem: How To Start Liking Yourself, and an aspiring LGBT chick lit author.

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  1. Luis says:

    Great interview, guys!

  2. kaloree says:

    Thanks for the interview, it was inspiring. Also what a great book title!

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