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Start Here

Welcome! Here are some common questions for the first time Puttylike visitor:

1. What is a Multipotentialite? Am I one?

Check out the Terminology page.

2. Who’s the Multipotentialite Behind Puttylike?

That would be Emilie Wapnick, and if you’d like to learn more about her, you’re going to want to swing by the About page.

3. What does “puttylike” mean?

Puttylike (adj.): Able to embody different identities and perform a variety of tasks gracefully

For a more detailed explanation and the full story of how it came about click here.

4. What Should I Read First?

Glad you asked. Behold a list of popular and influential Puttylike posts. This list is intended for those of you who have arrived here spontaneously and want to start by reading the essentials instead of sifting through the archives.

These articles should give you a good sense of the Puttylike philosophy and what our community is all about.

On Multipotentiality and the Puttylike Philosophy:

Popular Posts:

Work, Business and Self-Employment:

Focus, Productivity and Switching between Your Interests:

Fear, Self-Doubt, and Building Confidence:


“What do you do?” How to Introduce Yourself when you’re a Multipotentialite

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