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Emilie Wapnick inspires youth and adults alike to embrace their multipotentialite nature, and provides them with tools to integrate all of their interests into their lives.

A passionate and engaging speaker, she delivers presentations to colleges, high schools, and organizations.

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Topics Include

How to combine multiple passions in one career, what it means to be a Multipotentialite, how to support multipotentialite kids (for parents and teachers).

What Others have Said…

“Emilie has a unique presentation style.  As a multipotentiate, she has the ability to connect with every person in the audience: students, parents, educators and administrators. With the use of humor, stories of struggle and success, and a sense of understanding, Emile provided parents and teachers with strategies and ideas to engage learners who are multipotentiates, or to re-engage disenfranchised learners by understanding that these students have great potential that needs to be nurtured.  Parents and teachers who attended Emilie’s presentation shared that she was one of the most refreshing, honest and “real” presenters they have seen in a long while.”

– Blanche Kapushion, Director of Gifted and Talented Department of Jeffco Public Schools, Jefferson County, CO

“Emilie’s talk & workshop were phenomenal: energetic, engaging, and informative. Both helped expand students’ and community members’ ideas of their own potential. Additionally, she did not only talk in theory; she also provided a solid framework for concretely exploring multipod identities.”

– Renata Gerecke, Vice President of Operations at Pomona Student Union

I saw Emilie speak at our Jeffco Gifted and Talented parents’ evening seminar, (which I was attending to support my 9-year-old). Saying that her talk blew my mind would be a gross understatement. I literally called all my closest friends – my boyfriend, my best friend, my sister, and both my parents – on the way home from the talk to share my epiphany. It was like a light suddenly went on and all those things I had labeled “flaky” or “indecisive” were suddenly shifted into a positive light. Thank you so much, Emilie!

– Chanel, Audience Member, Golden, Colorado

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