Turn All of Your Interests into One Business

Imagine having a business that allows you to focus on many of your interests and use all of your skills on a regular basis.

In Renaissance Business, you’ll learn to use your multipotentiality so that instead of it being an obstacle to income, it becomes fuel for income.

But first, maybe you can relate to this…

My resume reads like it belongs to ten different people.

Music, film, web design, law, business, personal development, writing, dance, sexuality, education– all of these are or have been interests of mine. They come and go (and sometimes come again).

I remember being a little kid, not knowing what I would be when I grew up. I wondered the same thing in my teen years, and again in college. Sure, all of my interests would make for wonderful careers– just not on their own.

Would I have to settle on a “practical job” and pursue my various passions on the side or choose among my interests and just commit to one thing?

Both options made me my heart ache… I knew I could be doing more– that I had more to offer the world.

Renaissance Business is the story of how I brought all of my interests together, and how you can do the same.

“I wasn’t sure I really believed at first that Emilie had figured out a way to help “scanners” create a single business when they have multiple interests and skills. I just didn’t see how she could pull it off. So I was very pleasantly surprised when I read Renaissance Business: the methods she walks you through step-by-step for creating a single business out of the soup of all your varied skills and interests as a scanner or multipotentialite are, in a word, brilliant. She really has cracked the code. I’ve never seen anything like it. If you’ve felt stuck and dismayed because you feel a conflict between your potential and the need to make a reductive decision, you must have this book.”

– Michael Martine, Author and Blogger

Renaissance Business is Designed Specifically for the Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

Renaissance Business takes you step-by-step, through the entire process of creating and launching a digital business; from figuring out your passions and crafting an overarching theme, to thinking up a title, tagline and design, to growing and selling through your community.

Unlike most material on business, the RB approach takes a uniquely multipotentialite perspective. In other words, I will never push you to choose a niche.

Instead of “overcoming” your desire to do many things, we’re going to use your multipotentiality as a foundation for your business. It’s what will set you apart and make your community thrive.

Who am I and How did the Renaissance Business System Come to Be?

My name’s Emilie Wapnick, and I’m a writer, coach and the resident multipotentialite at Puttylike.com. After launching and growing my own Renaissance Business, I began working with other multipotentialites to bring their interests together. Ironically, this technique of bringing interests together cohesively became my “specialty.” I became known as the coach to go to when you DON’T want to choose a niche.

It’s through working with dozens of multipotentialites one-on-one, that the Renaissance Business system developed and evolved into what it is now. I wanted to systematize the process that I take my students through, so that more of you could benefit from it.

Real Life Examples

You’ll find plenty of examples throughout the book that come straight from the trenches—intense coaching brainstorms I had with students, the evolution of taglines and themes, and so on.

Do I Need Special Skills to Make this Work?

Absolutely not. This is about creating a digital platform that runs on the skills you already have. It also doesn’t matter if you have zero web design experience. You’ll learn about various design options, many of which are very affordable/free and easy to implement yourself or with a bit of help, which I’ll show you how to find.

Who this Guide is NOT For:

  • People who are looking for a quick fix or are in desperate financial situations. Building a thriving business takes time and work. If you’re looking to make money instantly, this guide is not for you.
  • Super experienced business owners. Renaissance Business is written for beginners and intermediate scanners. It’s for people who have a bunch of interests but are struggling to link them thematically and attract a community. If you’re already Richard Branson, you probably don’t need this book.
  • Specialists, lol. Though actually, even specialists would get something out of the community growth and launch portion of the book. They’d just hate all the wacky stuff about smooshing together interests.

What if I Already Have a Blog?

Although RB starts from the very beginning, it’s relevant for scanners with existing platforms too– especially if your business hasn’t taken off the way you’d like or you’re having trouble working in all of your interests.

This guide will help you strengthen your overarching theme, craft an addictive brand and grow your business. It’s vital stuff that every multipotentialite blogger absolutely needs to know.

“I’ve seen people paralyzed for years, stuck in jobs they hated because they couldn’t find their “one true calling.” Emilie finally stands for a simple truth: you can and should integrate multiple passions. This book could change the way you think about your work forever.”

– Jonathan Mead, Paidtoexist.com

What’s Inside

Download a free chapter of Renaissance Business

During our time together, you will:

  • Figure out what your current interests and skills are and what your ideal scanner lifestyle looks like.
  • Come up with an overarching theme to bring many of your interests together in a way that makes sense logically.
  • Craft a clever title, tagline and design, that clearly communicate your theme to your audience. We’ll make sure that your people arrive at your site for the first time and know that they’re home.
  • Build and launch your site with maximum reach. You’ll do this as simply as possible, focusing on only the important actions. This section gets into all the specifics, like where to get reliable, inexpensive hosting, what your best design options are and which plugins you absolutely must include on your site.
  • Begin implementing specific strategies to grow a highly engaged community.
  • Begin thinking about what products or services you’d like to offer through your platform.

And with that, I present to you…

Download a free chapter from Renaissance Business

Renaissance Business | $49

  • 103 page PDF that takes you from scratch, through the process of building a business around your interests.
  • 10 pages of worksheets and exercises to lighten the load and simplify the brainstorming process.
  • A launch schedule and checklist to guide you through the most important actions to take before your launch.

  • Free email updates.

My Guarantee

If Renaissance Business isn’t for you, I don’t want your money. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason within 60 days, just email me and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

It’s Time to Make Your Multipotentiality Your Day Job

Here’s the thing: you’re not just a painter or a scientist or a writer… You’re a multipotentialite. That is what you’re meant to do with your life. Stop shying away from your true nature and begin innovating in a way that only you– with your crazy, diverse background– can.

Your pal and fellow multipotentialte,

What the Multipotentialite Community is Saying…

“After working through Emilie’s process, I realized that everything I was doing with my life and writing about online WAS interconnected, but I had been attempting (unsuccessfully) to pull them apart and put them in separate boxes. “What if the queer activists get angry that I’m writing about building a business?” “The director of operations for an environmental non-profit isn’t going to care about my article on how to be an ally to LGBT people!” Emilie convinced me that if I have a clear and compelling overarching theme, folks will stay along for the ride even if some articles don’t apply directly to them.

My monthly visitors have increased every month since launching my Renaissance Business, Lessons in Movement Making and I reached my goal (50 subscribers) in less than 2 two days of releasing my first email course, Strategy + Action.”

– Brian Gerald, briangerald.com

“OK Emilie, I’m super mad at you. You just wrote the book that, oh, no less than 75% of my clients will need, & I’m jealous that I didn’t beat ya to it. OK, scratch that – I’m super thankful that you wrote a book that at least 75% of my clients need, because I know that, when I pass it along, they’ll be getting tons of inspiration, encouragement, and I’m-not-alone-after-all! love alongside brilliant exercises and real-world examples of thriving Renaissance businesses. I’m gonna be so excited to see the amazeballs businesses, blogs, services, & confident mindsets that’ll allow the reader to hone their own Renaissance business based on *their unique* multipotentialite passions. I always say that I’m a believer in An “And” Career (as opposed to An “Or” Career!), and Renaissance Business exemplifies that. Thanks for spreading the gospel, Emilie!”

– Michelle Ward, whenigrowupcoach.com

“Just finished Renaissance Business – loved it! Emilie covers every step of the way, thoroughly and entertainingly, and actually explains her reasoning instead of just saying “that’s how it is” (she also challenges several blogging rules, which I of course loved). This is the only guide I’ve ever seen that covers in-depth what to do if you’re a multipotentialite looking to start a thriving online business & movement, and I’d definitely feel 100% safe recommending it to anyone who came to me asking questions. In fact, I already have a few people in mind who could benefit from reading it!”

– Michelle Nickolason, letsradiate.com

“You might not realize how much freaking THOUGHT goes into creating a cohesive, yet multi-passionate business. Fortunately, Emilie’s got you covered! She’s basically done all the hard behind-the-scenes work and lent you her brain. When I read Renaissance Business, I had so many ‘damn, why didn’t anyone tell me this when I started???’ moments. She really gets into the nitty-gritty of creative process, and I love that she doesn’t just say ‘hey, do this,’ but really explains your options and why certain strategies are important. In other words, finally an author who cares enough to help you find your own way, rather than tie you down with a blueprint and crack a whip over your head. Priceless. It sets, dare I say, a new standard for business strategy books everywhere.

Best of all, it’s tailored specifically for multipotentialites. Lucky you! Read this + bask in the fact that you’ll be starting off with a distinct advantage in the blogosphere. Even bloggers who’ve been doing this for awhile will come away with new insights, so I encourage you to pick up this brilliant book! After all, it’s not just about starting a business, but making sure it thrives in the long run.”

– Tessa Zeng

“I never knew I was a multipotentialite until I met Emilie Wapnick. As a fellow scanner and excellent coach, Emilie is in the perfect position to teach us how we can turn our multipotentiality into a career that we’re passionate about. In Renaissance Business, Emilie eloquently takes the reader from concept to execution with just the right amount of instruction, inspiration, and detail. If you never want to choose just one of your interests to be the source of your livelihood, then you definitely need to read this book!”

– Ethan Waldman, cloud-coach.net

“I wasn’t 100% sure if Renaissance Business was going to be a great value because it was so reasonably priced. On the other hand, I knew that the quality of Emilie’s blog posts and the value she provides for free on a regular basis is nothing short of amazing, so I figured it was worth a shot… and boy was I pleasantly surprised!

I needed something simple that would help prompt me to write so I could untangle my thoughts. And that was exactly what Renaissance Business did for me. I read the PDF from cover to cover and loved how clearly everything was laid out – the worksheets perfectly corresponded with each lesson – and I was able to work through the course in just 2 days.

It was an enjoyable process and was almost like “brain therapy.” It really helped untangle all of my thoughts and ideas in the way that I’d want a coach to in an actual conversation. I felt guided and supported and it helped remind me of who I am and the types of environments that invigorate me. I’ve really enjoyed analyzing my answers :)

For creative and multi-passionate people, I would call Renaissance Business “the course to begin all courses.” It helped me to take action and get started on some of the things I wasn’t yet doing. I can’t recommend it enough, and it’s given me lots of inspiration and insight for offerings I can create in my own business. Thanks so much!”

– Lisa Fiorvante, lisafiorvante.com

“I had SO MANY moments of enlightenment while reading this book! It contained great tips that reminded me of the importance of what I do & how to continue doing it well.

The parts talking about the nitty-gritty set up process of a multipotentialite blog served as a great reminder for me. But the beginning portion of the book (describing multipotentialites & the importance of honoring ALL of your passions/talents) resonated with me most.

It wasn’t until I was reading Emilie’s book that I realized that I am indeed a multipotentialite & have been all my life. This was such a liberating realization, one that I think I’ve suppressed for many years. After reading Renaissance Business, I feel like I’ve been given permission by Emilie to pursue my many passions & be a little polyamorous with them.”

-Ev’Yan Whitney, evyanwhitney.com

“The advice and worksheets in Renaissance Business helped me to combine my passions and interests (art, writing, personal development) into a unified theme. I read the book from start to finish one morning, and by that evening I had come up with a name and a tagline and started working on the design. I launched my blog less than a month later.

I hadn’t heard of a multipotentialite until I found Emilie’s site, but now I seem to meet them all the time. Often they are struggling to decide which of their interests to focus on, in which case I say “why choose?”, and tell them about Renaissance Business.”

– Dan Johnson, rightbrainrockstar.com

“I’ll never forget the day I stumbled on Puttylike. I thought, “passionately curious individuals… a group of people with endless interests… multipotentiality… I must be home… I found my community” As a web designer, writer, activist, world traveler, passion project addict, language hacker (the list goes on!) I used to be lost as to how to put all my passions into one basket of ultimate potential and success.

Emilie’s new book is the culmination of everything you need to know to do that – from the important tiny details to the puzzle-fitting big picture – she lays it all out there with step-by-step insights, solid examples, and action plan worksheets. And as someone that’s personally rocking their own Renaissance Business right now, I can tell you that this badass, inspiring chick knows exactly, and I mean EXACTLY, what to do to show you how to find success, yourself, and a whole lot of passion in your own successful Renaissance Biz.”

– Lauren Rains, themadtolive.com

“I am so incredibly excited!!!!!! This morning, during my morning writing practice, your teachings took hold and I uncovered the umbrella theme.

I could write an epic poem about this experience, but I’ll keep it short. I have worked with business advisors, fellow bloggers and artists, I have tried a million combinations to catapult my interests and I just kept getting hung up.

Your style, your heartfelt trek into the unknown, they have clicked the switch. I know how to wrap it up and communicate it now.”

– Juliana Cleary, peacefulpeacock.com

“I purchased Renaissance Business a couple months ago, and I’m still blown away at the value! It didn’t just help me create a renaissance business plan; I finished the publication with more insight into my personality, tons of inspiration for my new blog, and the direction I desperately needed for the development of my freelance career.”

– Cassie Nolan, alternativebadassery.com

“If you are serious about creating a business and community that connects your multiple passions, Renaissance Business is the perfect companion. I found the questions for self-exploration particularly insightful, and Emilie uses real life examples of entrepreneurs who are living it, tying together their interests with a common thread. I cannot recommend this book enough for those who have struggled (like I have) with creating a business around their ever curious multipod brains.”

– Paul Strobl, confidecoaching.com

p.s. Whatever you decide to do, please don’t deny your multipotentiality. It’s who you are.


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