Bring Emilie to Your School or Event

Bring Emilie to Your School or Event

Emilie Wapnick inspires youth and adults alike to embrace their multipotentialite nature, and provides them with tools to integrate all of their interests into their lives.

A passionate and engaging speaker, she delivers presentations to colleges, high schools, and organizations.

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Topics Include

How to combine many passions into one career, what it means to be a Multipotentialite, building confidence, and entrepreneurship.

1. Undeclared for Life: a Seminar on ‘Smooshing’ Many Interests into One Career

Instead of trying to pick one thing and deny all of your other passions, why not craft a career that allows you to incorporate ALL of your interests into your life?

This presentation covers:

  • What it means to be a multipotentialite, a person with many interests and creative pursuits in life
  • Why your diverse background is especially valuable in today’s economy
  • How to craft a career that allows you to explore your many interests through a variety of disciplines and get paid for it
  • Why your multipotentiality will help you make a difference in the world


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