The Puttyshop

The Puttytribe

Are you looking for a supportive community of multipotentialites to help you build a life around ALL of your interests? The Puttytribe is a safe space for multipotentialites of all ages and levels. We brainstorm, co-work, help each other out with support and advice, collaborate and learn from one another. It’s a really special place, just for multipotentialites (we have over 500 members). Are you ready to become a puttypeep?

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Renaissance Business: Make Your Multipotentiality Your Day Job

A guide to turning ALL of your interests into one digital business. Renaissance Business takes you step-by-step, through the entire process of creating and launching a digital business; from figuring out your passions and crafting an overarching theme, to thinking up a title, tagline and design, to growing and selling through your community.

Unlike most material on business, the RB approach takes a uniquely multipotentialite perspective. Instead of “overcoming” your desire to do many things, we’re going to use your multipotentiality as a foundation for your business. It’s what will set you apart and make your community thrive.

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Branding for Multipotentialites

Multi-Passionate BrandingA four-week course designed to help you explain what you do and who you are, when what you do/are is many things. Learn how to identify your Why, come up with a good name, create a compelling story around your brand, and create mouth-watering visual design that perfectly resonates with your audience and feels true to you. The course is packed full of actionable content, and is specifically designed with the complex, multifaceted business (and individual) in mind.
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Multipotentialite Shirt

Are you a proud multipotentialite? Want to show the whole world AND secretly broadcast your superpowers to the other multipods in the room?

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