Win a Multipotentialite Shirt, a Copy of Renaissance Business and a 1-hour Coaching Call with Me!

Win a Multipotentialite Shirt, a Copy of Renaissance Business and a 1-hour Coaching Call with Me!

Written by Emilie

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Greetings multipods!

Did you catch it? There was a little surprise in the video I posted last week.

Yup, I was wearing one of our brand new, never-before-released multipotentialite shirts.

In addition to all of the festivities taking place during Puttyfest on Sept 23-25, we will be unveiling our beautiful new screen-printed, Multipotentialite shirts!

Here’s a sneak peak of the design:


There will only be 100 shirts (of various sizes) available to order during Puttyfest. However, I’m giving away some shirts (and other goodies) to a few deserving multipotentialites this week, before the festival even begins.

Here’s what you can win:

Prize #1: The “Talk-the-Talk” Package

Win one beautiful, screen-printed multipotentialite shirt and show the world that you are an out and proud multipotentialite.

Prize #2: The “Walk-the-Walk” Package

Win one beautiful, screen-printed multipotentialite shirt plus a copy of Renaissance Business, so you can back up that  pride with real action and combine your multiple passions into one business.

Prize #3: The “Walk-the-Walk with a Hand-Hold” Package

Win one beautiful, screen-printed multipotentialite shirt, a copy of Renaissance Business, and a 1-hour coaching call with me, where we can talk about your Renaissance Business, a project you are working on, or any general/life issues you are having related to your multipotentiality. (Note: I’ve never given away a free hour of coaching before. I know that coaching is normally quite expensive, so I want to give this to someone who will really make use of the help.)

Note: all of these packages will be available to purchase during Puttython. However, if you’d like to grab them for free, you’d better enter the contest. :)

How To Enter

In order to win a prize, post a comment below and answer BOTH of these questions:

1. Which prize package are you interested in?

2. How will winning this prize make a difference in your life?

The contest ends on Friday, September 19 at 11:59pm PST. I will notify the winners by email by the end of the weekend.

Good luck!

xo Emilie

em_bioEmilie Wapnick is the Founder and Creative Director at Puttylike, where she helps multipotentialites integrate ALL of their interests into their lives. Unable to settle on one path herself, Emilie studied music, art, film production and law, graduating from the Law Faculty at McGill University. She is an occasional rock star, a paleo-friendly eater and a wannabe scientist carpenter. Learn more about Emilie here.


  1. Prize #3!
    I’m a Putty-like that wants to wear it, read/study it and get coaching from another Putty-like that is already LIVING IT!

    I want/need this bad!

  2. Sunita says:

    I’d LOVE the prize nr.3!
    Obviously, I’m also unable to select only one of my gifts to focus on to create a business. If I win this prize, I believe I could finally, with your help, get clarity on what an I supposed to do next in order to launch a prosperous, meaningful and innovative business, and get an idea how can I give more – pay back and pay forward.
    Thank you for this awesome opportunity!

  3. When I learned I was a Multipotentialite, I accepted the truth with all my heart. But I realized, I needed to Walk-the-Walk.

    And so I did. In the past months, I did just that.

    But it was difficult. The world was harsh and unforgiving and my heart was filled with doubts and fears.

    So I thought. To win this battle, I needed a Hand to Hold…
    So please, just give me the “Walk-the-Walk with a Hand to Hold” Package :D

    Ever since I discovered Puttylike over piles and piles of websites in the internet, I knew I was at home. I discovered I was not alone and that there was nothing wrong with me. There was a completely different “Everybody” out there who would approve of my choices.

    I may be geographically distant and culturally different from most of the members of this community, I may be a stranger, but the sincerity of my gratitude to the people behind this blog and everyone who supports its cause is overflowing.

    If I ever win the package, if I’ll ever win at least an hour with Emilie, I think we will have a good time :D

    I will be able to know myself better and I will be able to uncover the deepest scanner tendencies behind my head. I know I could use Emilie’s advice as compass to guide me in my future decisions as she did with many of us through her writings. She might just inspire me to start a Multipotentialite Revolution in the Philippines.

    And yes, who doesn’t want a cool shirt with an awesome book? :D

  4. Wilbur says:

    Love free shirts! Gimme gimme gimme! But seriously, I’m quite interested in what you have to say in your book and apply the possible benefits to my life and business!

    “Walk-the-Walk” it would have to be then :D

  5. Hi Emilie, what an awesome giveaway! I’m interested in the walk the walk prize package because that shirt is awesome and because I could really use some help smooshing together my interests to form a viable, soul nourishing business. I think winning your book could really help with that. I’ve been lucky in that it’s easy to be good at almost anything I set out to do but creating a meaningful business that is true to who I am in every way has been my stumbling block time and time again. I already know what my top passions are: helping those in need, art, traveling (full time at some point in my wildest dreams) and teaching laughter yoga. So far I’ve always had to keep those things seperate. Please pick me so I can commence smooshing! :)

  6. Mona says:

    Hi Emilie! I’d love prize package #3 for the hour with you. :) It would make a difference in my life by helping me put into action what I’ve been thinking about for two years now. I know what I want to do, but don’t know how to go about it, and get overwhelmed, then do nothing.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  7. Nela says:

    As a fresh entrepreneur (just survived my first year on my own) I feel a bit frazzled and my attention is scattered to many projects and possibilities.

    I’m an artist, book illustrator, graphic & web designer, writer / blogger, workshop teacher aspiring to create online courses, comic writer, and my latest obsession is boardgame development!

    I would really benefit from learning a process to make sense of all of this and create a business that would unite my many intetests, and I think your book is precisely what could help me with this.

    So my choice is prize #2, The “Walk-the-Walk” Package!

    I already loved your course “Productivity for multi-potentialites” and I’ve been coveting your book for quite a while!

    Thank you for this opportunity! :)

  8. Angele Freeman says:

    Hey Emelie! I am interested in Prize #3. It would be awesome to get a free multipotentialite tee that I can wear to show people who I am and I love to read books on how I can help myself and get to the next level. But most importantly ever since o discovered that I am a multipotentialite, Ive been stuck. I still have yet to figure out how to amalgamate my talents and interests to work with me or for me. I come up with ideas and businesses on a daily and weekly basis but its at an overwhelming standstill. I am 25 years old and a mother of 3 and a half (im expecting a baby in November) so now more than ever I need to get the ball rolling so I can adequately take care of my children and give them the life I want for them. Having a one on one with you would truly help me to see clearer what my potential is and to get out of this hole im in! It would be life changing to speak with you! If not I’d still settle for a free tee :-)

  9. Laura says:

    Wow! I love those shirts. They will get the conversation going. I tell people all the time about your group – and multipotentialite is on my resume.

    1. Which prize package are you interested in?

    Prize #3 the Walk the Walk with Handhold is my favorite prize.

    2. How will winning this prize make a difference in your life?

    As a struggling MP I’ve never even been able to schedule a coaching session with you – yet one you did with a guy named Brian I think – gave me a template that helped so much. And just KNOWING others were out here in the same boat was such a relief.

    I have a gift as a holistic healthcare practitioner, and I’m a writer, and a former NCAA Head basketball coach and I still want to be in the Olympics, and I want to start a program to offer the homeless not just food but inspiration in the form of books and articles and lifting themselves up help, and I want to be multi-lingual and travel the world on a cruise ship. Which job will fund my career?

    I am seeking more organization and focus from an objective person who won’t tell me to “just choose one thing” so coaching will be extremely helpful! And to wear the tshirt proudly will be so much fun.

  10. Hi Emily,

    I would make fantastic use of the Walk the walkwirh the hand hold package. The ground work has been done. I joined puttytribe and am holding my first huddle this morning! I’m a coach, a singer and I love throwing parties and connecting my talented friends. I’ve been soul searching and researching how I want to work with people and how an umbrella of my skills and passions might beautifully blend together. I’m almost finished reading Start With Why, I know who I want to work with and I’m coaching 5 people. Reading your book and partnering with you for a coaching session would be a powerful experience and I’m soooo motivated to have more clarity if vision for my growing business! Hoping hoping hoping. Thank you for all you provide!

  11. Oops I spelled your name Emily instead of Emilie!

    I spelled it like my cousin spells it :)

    Please forgive !


  12. Cristen says:


    I remember one of the saddest days in my education–I was in high school European history class. We were discussing the Renaissance. My teacher said “this was the last time in history when any one person could hope to be an expert in multiple fields.” I felt deflated. I wanted to learn everything–this statement bothered me a great deal.

    At this point in my life I am at a crossroads. My children are finally in school, so I have more time to work. I have chosen several different online careers (and I am balancing 3 jobs…) but I am not sure what is right for me. I have given myself this year to reevaluate my goals (possibly go back to school?).

    I would like the Walk the Walk package. I am not sure I am ready for a “Hand Hold”–I need to know what I want first (I think!). But who wouldn’t enjoy talking to you? :)

    I would love the t-shirt. Before discovering your site, I felt almost embarrassed at times by my constant need to try something new and become a master at it. Your community and e-mails have supported me, and given me advice when I didn’t even realize I needed it! I would wear the shirt proudly and talk about multipotentiality. There are more of us out there that need to be supported, too!

    Finally, thank you for all that you do, Emilie. We appreciate you. Enjoy your year. I hope to join Puttylike, soon. I will take a shoe horn to my schedule someday and join!


  13. Em says:

    As much as all the packages are amaizing, I just confessed to myself that I’m actually currently not in the right place in my life as for pursuing any businesses and projects. I just drift through life happily, easily, I travel and focus on my inner me, my relationship, discovering the world and my own callings and I am deeply enjoying it :) But I am nowhere near the need for any serious guidance right now and I’d much rather see somebody else here getting that, somebody who can really use it. But to be honest, I love that t-shirt! As much as I’m trying to downsize, I still have a thing for t-shirts with motives that say something about me and that are unique, not bought in a big super-store, not worn by everybody else. This one is really quirky and neat and I can totally imagine wearing it everywhere and spreading the word of multipods around the world. If there is any chance that I can win it, I’d jump around my bed happily. If not, I will definitely consider buying it during Puttyfest. There’s quite a bit of things happening around me during that period, so hopefully I won’t get too distracted to enjoy it 8)

  14. Brenda Dobson says:

    Walk the walk package. I have only just discovered that I am a multipotentialite and feel so lucky to have found out why I can’t find that one true path. I have been considering buying your book as I am now in the process of trying to build my umbrella. I have been struggling to figure out just what to do and build in the ability to set down and pick up new interests without losing momentum.

  15. Heather says:

    I would love to chat with you about a way to combine my interests into a business, but I think Renaissance Business is doing a great job already (at least, it’s helped me balance multiple interests that support one another: editing and writing with a side of outdoor ed and working with youth).

    Plus, I love to support an underdog, so I’m going to give prize #1 a little love. Hooray for being out and proud!

  16. Ray Lardie says:

    Walk the Walk with a Hand-Hold, please~

    This month marks my 1 year anniversary in Puttytribe! Finding a tribe of peeps who got me, who weren’t going to waste time telling me I should “pick one thing” and instead (helpfully) pushed me to take the leap has been a major turning point in my life. Joined Puttytribe in Sept – launched my business in Oct – got my first client and a $5k contract in April! NONE of that would have happened if not for the amazing support I found in Puttytribe.

    I’m ready to strut my stuff in an unabashedly multipotentialite way. A sazzy t-shirt and a coaching call to help me decide what’s next will absolutely make a difference– you’ve already changed my life in so many ways, Emilie! (I have a copy of Renaissance Business, so if I gwon another one I’d rather you give that piece of the prize to a different peep.)

  17. Marina says:

    1. Which prize package are you interested in?
    The second one, “The “Walk-the-Walk” Package”
    2. How will winning this prize make a difference in your life?
    I don’t know. I need to read the book first :)

  18. Samira says:

    Prize #1

    I imagine myself walking down the streets wearing this great shirt and some cool guys asking me: `Hey, whats your T-Shirt all about?!´ After my quick witted and funny answer (I have to figure this out before!) they invite me to their gig at this really cool place, where all this interesting people are hanging out and where I meet the perfect Partner for my Renaissance Business.

    Hah! If I´m not winning thie price I´m gonna print my own shirt! :D

  19. Gareth Field says:

    Hello Emilie,

    I’m a multipotentialite who has gone through some changes, and is keeping on going. I’ve been an athlete, artist, scholar, businessman, and quiet leader for my whole life, in essence. I’m bicoastal, ambidextrous, bisexual, and bipolar. I’ve stopped using alcohol, and have been working ludicrous hours at a very physical job, and I think I’m going to be alright, one way or another, but if ever there was a person who could use some guidance … eh, maybe not, there’s bound to be other people who would benefit more greatly from the hour of your time, so, being a bookworm, I’m going to pick door number two. If I doors number one or three open, or none, I’m still going to start a business/movement of my multipotentialite flavor … and now that I’m writing, I’m thinking about how awesome it would be to try and petition to reconnect with Puttylike in general by buying a membership to the PuttyTribe and a book and a tee-shirt with money from this job, if I could after having left it saying I was pretty much a worthless human being … so let me know, doors one, two, or three, the door to the PuttyTribe world, or the door out and I’ll still probably buy a book when this check comes in.

    Much love to all multipotentialites,
    Gareth Field

  20. McKenna says:

    1. I’m interested in Prize #3
    2. It is a constant struggle for me to divide my time between all my interests and it has left me with a heavy burden amongst my health concerns. The copy of Renaissance Business and the consulting session will help me to better organize my passions without spreading myself thin and working exclusively in volunteer positions that drain me physically and financially.

  21. Stacy says:

    I am interested in the whole shebang… walk the walk and the hand holding talk. ;) I enjoy following along with the emails I’m getting, but I feel like I need a kick in the pants to get past the “I can’t do anything because…” syndrome. Let’s face it – tshirts are always cool, books are awesome, and even if we just shot the breeze, it’d be time well spent connecting with someone who understands our apparent schizophrenia mindset. When I first stumbled upon your site and started reading, I called my dad and said “I’ve got it, we are multipotentialites!” It all makes sense now! :D Even just the identifying helped me understand, if not all those around me! Thanks again!

  22. Kim says:

    I would love to get prize number 2! I have wholeheartedly embraced my multipotentialite self – but I have quite gotten myself together yet. I have lots of ideas and huge drive to do something BIG with them, but I could definitely use some guidance and navigation to get on the right path. That’s why I would absolutely love to have a copy of Renaissance Business. I think it would provide so much help to sort out all the necessary hows, whats, and what ifs. And because you wrote it and went through all of it first hand, I know it will be fantastic and spot on!

    I absolutely would love to get a session of coaching, but I don’t feel I’m far enough along in this journey for that particular step yet, and I’d hate to take that opportunity away from someone else who could use it RIGHT NOW.

  23. Sharon says:

    Just want that rocking t-shirt! I’ll buy the book eventually… And while I ‘d love to sit and chat over tea and sing and rejoice with you that the internet allows us multipots to thrive… I think there are others who need their hands held in this journey more than I. So let me advertise for you, wear the t-shirt, and tell everyone I got it from the awesome lady at!

  24. Cynthia says:

    Yay! Excellent news and perfect, perfect t-shirt. I’d love the Talk-the-Talk package, because I already have a copy of Renaissance Business and it has done wonders for my life! Thanks to your blog, your manifesto and the book, I have stopped feeling guilty for having “too many” interests and embraced my passion for learning and discovering.

    The shirt would be a great way to express what I do with friends and colleagues. In fact, I would totally wear it at networking events and co-working sessions. It may catch people’s attentions, induce conversation and maybe help me find other multipotentialites or help secret multipotentialites come out and embrace themselves like I did.

    If there was a “Talk-the-Talk with a Hand-Hold” option, I would totally go for it. It would be great to get some putty-guidance and encouragement. But for now, the “Talk-the-Talk” package would be heaven sent. I would probably wear it to shreds like my mate who only wears his Aphex Twin t-shirt. Not a bad thing at all. ;)

  25. Helen Ladhams says:

    Hi Emilie,
    I’ve always felt different, an outsider, a mixture of intervert and extrovert, a wide range of interests, unable to settle for any one path. Then I discovered you! But while I now feel I have so much potential, I’m stuck, seemingly unable to shift myself on any one of my ideas. I’m not sure if its fear of failure, lack of confidence or the need to get everything ‘right’ that is stopping me but whatever it is – I’m stuck. A stay at home mum now for 14 years, I need to do SOMETHING! And if that something is a way to embrace my ‘multiple potentials’ I would be a VERY happy person! So, I would be grateful for Prize 1, 2 or 3 but I probably need 3 most of all. I need some guidance – badly! If could move on from the place I’m in, I’m not sure there would be the right words to describe how life changing that would be for me and for my family – who are still hoping and waiting patiently for me to find my place in the world. With kindest regards to you and all multipotentialites from Western Australia x

  26. Kirsten says:

    Having so many interests can be overwhelming. An hour of coaching would help me work through some of those thoughts and help me hone my focus. I’ve participated in life coaching before and found it extremely helpful. I’m at a crossroads with myself right now. Trying to decide which path to take: focus on my current career, focus on my derby life, personal relationships, or take a new one. I’m convinced I can do it all but I’m experiencing some decision paralysis. I’ve got great intentions but keep getting distracted. Effective coaching is like magic because it finds little ways of pushing for change so you barely realize it’s happening.

  27. Katie says:

    I’m interested in number two. I’m embarking on some exciting new projects that are taking me outside of my comfort zone. Something to help me keep focused on my goals and be courageous would be wonderful. Thank you Emilie.

  28. MAcy says:

    Oh! This is so exciting!!!

    I am interested in the Prize #3 and I can not believe the timing!!!

    Ever since I found your blog almost three years ago, when I was pregnant and sleepless surfing the web you have been changing my life course without even know it. Reading your posts, not only I discover I was a multipotentiality and I was not alone in the world, I discovered about people who follow their differents passions and built a business out of it, really amazing! So thank you to your inspiration in January 2013 I decided to congregate my talents and become and entrepenuer… It´s been 20 months of wandering (or maybe self-discovering) and just today I finally receive a box of tools to start my business, but I am afraid that it would take me another 20 months to open it and really get out there. I really need someone companion to start, because alone I am slow. Also if I finally get to meet you, I will be able to tell my husband: my friend Emilie said …(I am already doing that but it is kind of weird because I have not met you ?)

    Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone!

  29. Kendra says:

    Hi Emilie! Thank you for all that you do, I hope you are having a great week!

    I would like prize #1, the T-shirt. It would benefit my life because then on casual Friday I can just stand in front of my coworkers who always say “why do they always have you doing so much different stuff, you do like everything here”, no explanation needed.

  30. Danielle says:

    Awesome prizes! I would love to win the “Walk-the-Walk” package. As a forty-something who has only just discovered my multipotenialism, I would wear that gorgeous t-shirt with tremendous pride. I would love to read Renaissance Business; the idea that I could make a living while embracing being a multipotential is so exciting to me. I want to learn more! Given that I’m still delighting in the newness of my multipotenial identity, I think someone else further along in their journey could benefit from the coaching session.

  31. Sandi Lerman says:


    Thanks so much for offering this opportunity! I would love to receive Prize #3. I have been listening to a lot of “choose your narrow niche” advice from various business gurus, but your Renaissance Business model sounds like a perfect match for my multipotentialite personality! Receiving the cool T along with your book and the 1 hour of coaching (so awesome!) would help me gain more clarity about how to smoosh everything into an overarching theme and develop more confidence to step forward on my unique business path. I want to use ALL my gifts and interests to make a big, bold impact on the world so that I’m no longer staying safe, small, and stagnant.

    Speaking of paths reminds me of the Robert Frost poem, “The Road Not Taken” – which seems to be a kind of lament or requiem for a multipotentialite life unlived. So, in honor of your contest, and just for fun, I have taken the liberty of transforming the theme of Mr. Frost’s beloved poem for multipotentialites. Here is the Putty Peep version… Enjoy! :)

    The Roads Both Taken

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
    And happy that I could travel both
    As a puttylike person, I knew I could
    Enjoy as much of life as I should
    No narrow niche for this multipotentialite!

    I knew both paths were equally fair
    And now my chaotic style had a name
    Because of the wisdom Emilie had shared
    No longer feeling goal-impaired
    I gave up all my thoughts of failure, guilt and shame.

    Both paths that morning equally lay
    In leaves no step had trodden black
    Oh, I kept the first for another day
    And now that I live the puttylike way
    I know that I can frequently come back.

    I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Some day ages and ages hence
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
    Plan to take hundreds more before I die!
    And that will make all the difference.

  32. Nikki says:


    So…since I already have the fabulous book, I am still going full out and say that “Walk the Walk + Hand Hold”. Heart the t-shirt design as it such a bold statement and being a multipoti requires boldness! This package would change my life in that I am having difficulties in seeing where my multiple passions intersect with a need/actual service. It is cool that I can always find and attract people who are interested in similar things but to actually create a product/service? I don’t have that.

    If I do win this package, I would love to gift this book to someone here who also requested to have it because the book is such the bomb.

    Good luck everyone!

  33. Matt Clower says:

    I gotta have that shirt – I can’t help it. I’d wear it at home, I’d wear it alone. I’d wear it out, and wave it about.

    An hour with Emilie – that’d be nice! The book, I’d read it twice!

  34. independowendo says:

    Here’s why I need all three: Within the next 6 months I am going to quit the now-very-toxic full-time job I’ve had for going on 15 years, and, with no other fall-back than a towering unblueprinted conglomerated mishmash of ideas and interests and a 3-year relationship with someone who will provide love and–if necessary–health insurance, find some other way to support myself.

    – I need the T-shirt to show disbelievers that I have an official “label” besides just “swirly”, and there is purpose behind the madness;
    – I need the book to reassure myself during sleepless 2:00 a.m. pacing that I am more than just swirly and there is purpose behind the madness;
    – I need the coaching to actually stop pacing in circles and pull this off.

    My resume describes me as “a right-brain creative with a left-brain analytical streak. I’m a
    – kind-of graphic artist with a very rusty database admin/programming degree and a love of problem solving,
    – a science lover who can’t do math worth a poop, I’m
    – curious curious curious and very good a pulling others out of a shell by asking questions but don’t always remember the answers the next time I meet them because those brains cells are now curious about other things, and
    – sometimes I can turn my curiosity into either quirky or technical writing, and…
    – I also seem to be good at turning cats and dogs into contented lumps with a good massage.
    – There’s more. You know how it goes. The pile continues to grow.

    I just came back from visiting a sister who got laid off from her job. She’s got severance pay, unemployment, free counseling, paid education/training towards a new career, and loads of connections. I don’t.

    But I don’t care. I’m 52. I’m tired of helping worthless companies make more money creating junk. It’s time to do this, dammit.

  35. Rebekka. says:

    I really would like to have PRIZE #2: The “Walk-the-Walk” Package.
    The T-Shirt looks great and will get me to not having to introduce my complicated self all the time over and over. The book will be an interesting read anyway, and especially will help me since I’m switching my job over the next few months from mathematician to [probably] journalist or the like.

    [I also would like to enjoy 1 hour coaching with/by you, BUT I already have a good coach AND think that my chances are higher with #2 ;).]

  36. 1. Which prize package are you interested in?

    I like to go for the top, so I’m interested in Prize #3.

    2. How will winning this prize make a difference in your life?

    I’m trying to combine my passions into a business, and while I have a great coach and friends who are helping me, their focus is on one niche, rather than on combining talents and passions. Feeling forced to decide between my passions has caused me to struggle and feel unfulfilled.

    Finding your website has been a huge relief.

    Your offer, The Renaissance Business, and the 60 min coaching feel like a potential breakthrough – which will bring happiness back to my life. And I would wear that T-shirt proudly!

    I would love to use all my passions and talents to help many people to be happier and successful.

    – Frauke

  37. Donna says:

    Hi Emilie-
    I could really use prize package 3. Over the summer I lost my main writing gig and my older daughter went off to college leaving me feeling a bit purposeless and with a fading identity. I have lots of ideas for setting out on a new creative path, but I don’t know how to put them together into a viable career. The book and hour of coaching could save me from slipping back into the temptations of looking for a conventional, boring job just for the sake of grabbing onto an easy identity. I have multi-potentials but at this point I lack the vision for turning them into a life with purpose and creative satisfaction.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. Hey E!

    We all know how awesome it is to win a prize no matter how small or big, right? I absolutely love “Walk the Walk” + “Hand Holding” package!! Let me tell you why…

    Being a MP, we all know the struggles. My friends always tell me I’m “all over the place” and I can never decide what to do or where to start. Now, my ideas for an audacious business range from whole body wellness (I’ve lost 82lbs this year so far) to mental health advocacy (I struggle with depressive symptoms, my son has “ADHD”) to single motherhood to creative writing. Let’s not forget LGBTQ rights, women’s liberation and raising awareness for education in the Black community. I have a big mouth, my voice carries heavily. I sit down to brainstorm on how to collaborate all of my loves into profits and wind up staring at a page of scribble after a few hours.

    I’ve been unemployed for over a year now and I’m beyond frustrated with myself, the economy and the Universe because all I keep hearing is that I need to decide on ONE thing and I don’t want to!! I’d love to have a mentor/coach empathize with my frustrations and help me navigate these crossed wires in my brain! I’d love even more to rock that dope ass MP shirt and shimmy a little whenever someone asks me what it means. I’m proud & grateful to have a mind that can think up some awesome ideas, I’d be even happier if I can bring them into fruition!!

    I appreciate you for giving us a voice, purpose and pride! XOXO

  39. Cheryl Smith says:

    #2 please. When I first found your site and read about being a multipotentialite, I felt a new sense of hope and purpose when it came to the question of “what am I doing with my life?” Since then, I have been mulling over some ideas for a blog and ways to harness my multipotentialite leanings into a side career for now, and eventually into my full-time career. Living my passions and interests is my ultimate goal, and this package would help me move from mulling to building.

    This is a great opportunity that you are offering. Thanks for sharing your talents and the experience and insights you’ve gained with the rest of us!


  40. Elizabeth says:

    I would love prize #3! After 10 years in my current career, which is something I never even wanted to do, I’m pigeonholed. I’m currently experiencing a series of existential crises about what I want to really do with my life. I’m capable of and interested in exploring so many things, I actually feel more stuck because I don’t know which path I should take and if I’ll be happy with the result. And also I have insane student loan payments and I don’t know if I’ll be able to live with the drop in income that goes along with changing careers. Help!

  41. Georgina says:

    Prize #2!

    Not knowing how to mix my interests together in a business is what’s keeping me from actually doing something. Also, it’s one of my main sources of stress. So, if I have Renaissance Business, I will be able to actually create a business and stop worrying because I will have to live on soul-sucking jobs for the rest of my life.. I know it sounds dramatic, but that’s how it goes inside my head.

    Also, that’s a GREAT T-shirt I would definitely wear.


  42. Robyn Stewart says:

    Hi from downunder Emillie!
    Prize number three please – the big shebang and why??
    WellI would love to rock that T-shirt here in OZ wear it loud and proud. The book … although I am 50 years young I NEVER STOP LEARNING and what a joy to learn more about becoming a better moi.
    The coaching. Well you see Emillie I suffer from analysis peralysis big time abd there are some things that I definitely know i.e. a slave wage I can never be again, a creative independent introverted person I am but I also have a great desire to get my products out there to share. My dilemma is focussing on the what as I have a few skills at my beck and call and depending upon the wind on a given day I am drawn hither and thither amongst my ideas. So to be able to focus and actually achieve momentum to put a range of something out there would stop me feeling like Im a nit of a floozy-moo .

  43. Bonnie says:

    I’m interested in pkg #2. I think it will make a difference in my life because I’ve been contemplating joining this community..the book will give me a better feel for it as well as guidance in honing & owning my generally sprawling interests..I also work with a large number of blossoming multis who I can better understand and recommendation this concept & group to if it seems a good fit.

  44. Angela Witcher says:

    Hi Emilie. I would love, love, love the walk-the-walk package. The t-shirt is just very me and the book sounds totally inspiring. Please pick me xx

  45. Élan says:

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! I’d love a chance for prize 3. I was laid off this week and only have about one week left of work. My head is really spinning: I’ve always had a small freelance side gig and have considered going back to school for a totally different career entirely. With my layoff, I have to quickly decide how to live my live now that current career is ending (with federal-level budget cuts, nobody is hiring for my kind of work.) Do I ramp up the freelance business? Go back to school? Pursue some of those dreams I’ve been pushing below the surface? It’s a time of fast transition for me and I think the coaching call would be super helpful at this very moment.

    Keeping my fingers crossed!


  46. Krystyna Weglowska says:

    Heyo Emilie,

    I’d love to get the “Walk-the-Walk with a Hand-Hold” package. I wanna read your book, and put the knowledge I’d get out of it to a good use. The coaching session is what I need to actually start doing stuff. Emilie, you inspire me! I love how positive you are, and I enjoyed chatting with you during one of the Intro Huddles. I needed to suspend my membership in the Tribe (ouch!) but hopefully I’ll get back on my financial feet soon.

    This contest reminded me of the one you’ve announced last year (3rd Puttyversary). It’s been the first contest I’ve ever entered, and I remember being so proud of myself for doing so. Giving myself a chance was my small win. An article on Puttylike was my call to action. I went back to read my old comment. I’ve changed so much since last year. I didn’t realize that before. And I no longer use the nickname given me by my family (Krysia). Growing up is funny. After a year of travelling, and feeling lost, and confused, I’m back in Finland, my first travel destination. Looks like I’m settling down for now. But all of my interests!…

    Emilie, all that time I’ve been following you, and reading your articles, and I’m so grateful for what you do. Puttylike is my favorite travel destination when I need help figuring out what to do with about my multipotentialite. All the stuff you do deeply resonates with me. Thank you so much! :)

    With love,

    PS I really need to update my wardrobe but hate going shopping. The multipotentialite shirt is awesome!

  47. Julie says:

    Dear Emilie,
    My prize preference package is prize package 3: The “Walk-the-Walk with a Hand-Hold” (the alliteration was too tempting to resist!)

    “Walk-the-Walk with a Hand-Hold” will make a difference in my life because I’ve built my wings and I’m ready to soar. A copy of Renaissance Business, and a 1-hour coaching call with you are the final stitching on the wings or perhaps more accurately, flight goggles and training.

    I have known I’m a Renaissance person, scanner and multipotentialite for more than 30 years. I have walked alone on that path, encouraged other scanners (I have given away countless copies of Refuse to Choose) and now have found my peeps at Puttylike. I have years of preparation and effort behind me and the second half of my life ahead of me. My hope is that a copy of Renaissance Business and a coaching session with you will sharpen my vision so that I can use the tools you offer, to do as you have done and create an overarching theme for my skills and interests, build a great community and create constantly. I need help incorporating my skills, talents and quirky multipotentialite nature into a gift for the world. I have a lot of compassion, creativity and experience to share. The challenge is to create a congruent and unified vision and coordinate my “flapping.”

    I would love to work the T-shirt into the flight image too because it is a great shirt, but alas, space is limited. However, I would wear it with pride and invite others to join us at Puttylike. I would like to create a community, as you have done, where people arrive and say “I’m home.”
    Warmest Regards,

  48. Michelle says:

    Ohhhhhhhh snap! It’s a PuttyParty! This is awesome. I’m new to the community (a little less than two weeks I’ve been around, I think?), and I am excited to be here. We had a great intro huddle last night! Okay let me get back to your questions.

    I’d be most grateful for the “Walk-the-Walk” package! The phrase “back that pride up with real action” sold me.

    I’ve always struggled with guilt at having a deep energy and passion for many, many things, to the point where I’ve consistently self-sabotaged any real progress in one way or another. I had finally learned to appreciate my multipotential nature on my own (mostly because everything else hasn’t been working, ha ha ha) a few months ago, and then I found your site.

    Currently, I’m building my “take action” muscle. Any focus / desire I have, I break into tiny action steps and using my Google Calendar as a place to put those down. Then, I make sure I get them done. Day by day. It’s sort of the first week I’ve gotten really serious on all this and I am amazed by the amount of internal resistance I am meeting with! It’s not a resistance where I am pursuing something I should’ve parted ways with long ago, but a resistance that I think is a natural side effect of being way more in my head than I am in the world moving towards a goal or behavioral change. And in a long-term sense.

    I am also amazed by how much BETTER I feel about mySELF by doing things I actually say I’ll do. I’m willing to bet you can relate, Emilie and company.

    ANYWAY! Yes! I would love to walk the walk and get my hands on a cute little t-shirt and a badass book!

    My dream has always been to work for myself 100 percent and it’s inspiring to see that other people are finding a way for all their seemingly random interests to have sex and make a wonderful Renaissance Business baby!

    In short, I believe your gifts will help me do the same. :)

    Happy weekend, everybody! Don’t forget to RELAX…

  49. David says:

    1. Prize #3 Please!

    2. Prize #3 would allow me to step up to be a multipotentialite leader to help others embrace their multipotentiality and bring that out to the benefit of the world – where normally it would stay hidden due to lack of vision/possibilities.

    I had a movement coaching business but I had to stop because I couldn’t run a business until I learned first how to run myself. Then I realized that movement got boring and too one dimensional and I’m much more than that.

    How do I become my ultimate expression as a multipotentialite and how can I help others do the same? How do I maximize the meta-skills needed to bring this out this message (speaking, persuasion etc.) and how do I convey it?

    I know this coaching and renaissance business will help bring clarity and ACTION to that. Your own leadership has inspired mine.

  50. Kay Walten says:

    Since I’m probably late for the contest… I am willing to buy the t shirt, the book, and after I Read the book I may be willing to pay for coaching.

  51. Emilie says:

    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to say how excruciatingly difficult it was to choose the winners. You guys are all amazing, and there were so many worthy contenders.

    I’ve emailed the winners. Please don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get picked. There are still plenty of ways for you to get involved in the community here at Puttylike and get some support on your business/careers/life.

    In fact, you might meet some great multipods at #puttyfest this week! It starts in about 1 hour, and runs till Thursday night. I can’t wait to “party” with you. :)

    xo Emilie

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