Win a Free Ticket to Everything Conference!

Win a Free Ticket to Everything Conference!

Written by Emilie

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Hey multipotentialite friends,

As you know, our very first multipotentialite conference is taking place in Portland, Oregon, in less than four months!!!

I will be there, stoked to meet all of you in person.

We only have a handful of tickets left. The first wave of tickets sold out in just over 24 hours. Right now, 81 of the 100 tickets are gone.

The final 19 tickets will be released on Tuesday, June 11, and they will be first-come, first-serve. If you’d like one of them, be sure to head over here and click on the red button that reads “Get on the waitlist”.

The Contest

Now for the fun part. :)

We’ve decided to give away one Everything Conference ticket ($599 value) to a worthy multipotentialite. This ticket includes admission to all ETC events, including the conference, welcome party, meet ups, etc. It does not include accommodations or travel expenses.

If you already purchased your ticket, you’re still eligible to enter the contest. If you win, we’ll simply refund the cost of your ticket.

How to Enter

To win a ticket to Everything Conference, simply leave a comment in the space below this article and answer the following question:

Why is Everything Conference exactly what you need in your life right now?

The deadline is Sunday, June 2, and the winner will be announced next week.

Good luck, Puttypeep!

Emilie Wapnick is the founder and creative director at Puttylike and The Puttytribe, where she helps multipotentialites build lives and careers around ALL their interests. Unable to settle on one path herself, Emilie studied music, art, film production and law, graduating from the Law Faculty at McGill University. She is the author of the award-winning book, How to Be Everything (HarperCollins), and her TED talk has been viewed 6 million times. Learn more about Emilie here.


  1. Claire says:

    I was told to specialise. ?

  2. James says:

    Reading How to be Everything changed how thought about myself and my career.

    It led me to make the (right) decision to say goodbye to a line of work that I had begun in years ago with lots of excitement. Though I had learned a ton, made many friends, contributed to people and organizations I cared about, and built a name for myself, I knew for some time that my heart wasn’t in it anymore. But it’s what people knew me for, and I had loved it once and I was still helping people, so I held on. Learning about my multipotentialite nature (and other multipotentialites!) helped me act with compassion for myself and finally decide to say goodbye.

    Since I cut the cord, so many doors have been opening for me and I’m experiencing so much more peace of mind and inspired thought.

    I’d like to bring this experience and lesson with me to the conference and meet other multipotentialites in my favorite major city (and former home!).

  3. Harley says:

    Emilie’s video changed my life. I can’t wait to meet so many like minded humans from all corners of the planet and give them the opportunity of meeting me! The conference will be absolutely buzzing, wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t raise the vibration of the planet with our combined talents…

    Thanks for everything you do.

  4. Pietro Cavallo says:

    Hello Emilie!
    I need to join this conference cause i am still not able to connect all my interests and desire in my life, it seems that my answer sometimes is next to me and another day is far far away from me.
    I am a 3d artist with interest in card magic, tarot reading, fitness,cooking, spirituality, marketing and business,ecology that try connect everything or some of them trought a startup to help people and the world. I want to serve the people and help our planet :)
    Could be really helpful for me Emilie!

  5. Mia says:

    Why is Everything Conference exactly what I need in my life right now?
    Because I just have no idea of what to do, what to start with, where to head to… And Portland, OR, meeting inspiring people who won’t judge or find multipotentiality weird seems to be a good idea.

  6. Kathy says:

    I love living and sometimes, I imagine being alive long enough to read every single book in the library! Having said that, I struggle daily with accepting that for me, when I reach a level of competence in something, I’m ready for the next challenge. On a professional level, this isn’t how society works, leaving me feeling as though I’m somewhat of an aberration- I’d just like to find reassurance and guidance that a life lived this way is still a good one! And it’s okay to skip from biographies to fiction to mystery in my ongoing quest to do as much as possible.

  7. Keely says:

    I was thrilled with the feeling of having found my people when I first heard Emily’s Ted Talk. Big changes in my life over the past year have me at a point of reevaluating my many and varied interests and which one(s) to focus on and nurture in this phase of my life. I love learning, and the description of the Everything Conference sounds like heaven! I would love the opportunity to connect in person with fellow multipotentialites!

  8. Emily Stewart says:

    I’m a freelancer and I work from home. I don’t get a lot of opportunity to interact with other multipods in person, and I think I could really use one like the Everything Conference. It’d be a chance to reassure myself that I’m not alone and to get insight and inspiration into how to pursue everything I want to (when there’s a constant pressure to pick one thing).

  9. Consuela Esseboom says:

    I’m an INTP 5w4, if that means anything to you. I’m also gifted. Jackpot, right? In some ways yes, I see the world through the eyes of possibility and wonder. However, I have struggled my entire life to get a handle on the amount of information coming into my mind and the depth with which I am wired to process every single bit of (sensory) information.

    My mind is an ongoing tornado of ideas, fads, theories, concepts and storylines. Everything is interesting, until I have gathered enough information and feel I have become a theoretical expert on the subject. When I reach that point, I have to find something else to stir my pot.

    Because I am interested in so much at the same time, I have become a Jill of all trades. I have a BSc in Psychology, a BA in Theology and an MSc in Cognitive Science. I am the host of my own web series, have written several books, I perform spoken word poetry, I currently work in HR as an Organizational Psychologist but do design work on the side because I became interested in Adobe Photoshop one sleepless night and started designing logos for imaginary companies.

    I love that I’m passionate about so many things but I am an expert at none. It gets to me often. To be completely honest: it scares me. There’s always this nagging feeling that if I can’t stick with anything or do too many things at once, I’ll end up going in circles and up going nowhere or worse: ending up in the same place. At least going nowhere would let me wander and I’d enjoy the journey.

    I really want to attend the Everything Conference to connect with other multipotentialites, just to feel sane again and hopefully get some insight into how to navigate all of my awesomeness.

    So, can you help a multipotentialite out?

    Consuela Esseboom

  10. Marie-Pierre Provencher says:


    My name is Marie-Pierre AKA Marie-Multi!

    I am 38, I am a mom of 2 boys, single…because I am actually waiting for Bradley Cooper to notice me.

    Some relevant facts:

    – I always thought that the crazy thought in my head was anxiety, until I discovered that it was creativity. ?? OMG!

    – My life began the day I gave myself the permission to do everything, in a society who value specialist.

    – I play piano and I really like the “skittles” candy.

    – I am fascinated by intelligence. When I try to talk to people who I admire, I get really silly and/or smily.

    – I create weird word in English because I speak French.

    For my profession:

    1- I am a leader and founder of a women’s community to help them focus their ideas and merge their interests to explode their potential and multipotential creativity.

    2- For 20 years I have a visual creations company specializing in photo editing and digital retouches. I am visuel NinJa and social media coordinator.

    3- I have a fitness company, I coach one on one and I teach group classes.

    4- I also organize personal development events.

    I am and will soon become the Quebec French reference in multipotentiality! So it’s obvious to me to be present to Everything Conference and to bring my value and inspire me.

    With all my gratitude,

    Marie-Pierre Provencher

  11. Julia junghans says:

    The Everything Conference is exactly what I need right now because I am at a point in my life where I am constantly deciding if I want to stay in my current field and how to fulfill my other interests at the same time. I am always inspired by the puttylike posts and knowing there are other people like me is a thrilling prospect! I hope to see everyone in Oregon!

  12. Jean-Philippe says:

    I’ve been fascinated by multipotentiality ever since I came across Emilie’s talk a couple of years ago.

    Now, I am currently at a crossroads in my life. In the last few months/years I’ve been through severe physical and mental health issues, then the start of a “spiritual awakening”; and more recently I’ve lost my girlfriend, then quit my day job and old apartment. A lot of movement and changes are happening, yet the only things that remain are the ones that truly matter. Variety and curiosity are two of them.

    I am more excited than ever to be taking on new adventures, discovering new places (always wanted to visit Portland!), meeting like-minded people and uncovering my calling(s?). I hope that ETC can help me be a phoenix and rise to the highest levels of joy.

  13. Amish Patel says:

    I’ve just found out that I’m a multipotentialite. All my life I was so worried that what would I do and I am the only one like this but after watching the TED talk I was so happy to know that there exists a community filled with people like me and hence I cannot wait them to meeeeet!.

    Amish Patel

    P.S. : I’m Broke

  14. Dan Hartman says:

    The Everything Conference is exactly what I need right now because I’m in the business/creative rut where I can’t navigate this space that I’m taking up, trying to get people to understand how my mind works with getting things done. I’d love to be around people who’ve conquered this space and have ideas about how they made it better for them, working it to their advantage!

  15. Candace Sheppard says:

    Speaking as a multipotentialite & full time creative, I can say that environment is everything when you want to build to the next level. There’s nothing like being around the energy of others that just “get it” and are totally cool with letting you be AND become at the same time. I can’t imagine being there and not walking away changed and ready to create more of a difference. Not just in my life but in the lives of others I come across. I want to spread the love just as much as I receive it while in attendance – without making peeps uncomfortable. Lol. Would love to attend, participate & support us all while watching the first history making conference for “us” go down. Ready to absorb Everything and more!

  16. Emma Hultin says:

    After one year as my own I’m still struggling to balance different parts of me in one offer.

    “How to be everything” was a game changer for me and my bets are that this conference will take me to the next level of myself. As a person who goes all in, I’ll make sure to bring all my experiences to conference to contribute an awesome experience.

  17. Emelie says:

    People around me say that it is simple to solve the “puzzle of life”: one just has to reduce the number of pieces.
    But what if it is impossible to do so? I cannot think of anything (except for cleaning my apartment) that I don’t want in my life. I want to know everything about the Roman empire, play table tennis, write haiku poems, arrange after works for all my friends, play the violine, become an associate professor etcetera etcetera. :) I can accept that I am a generalist, and try to be a proud one. But I feel lonely sometimes and would love to meet soul mates at a mutipotentialite conference! :)

  18. Rick says:

    I’m at an age where I wonder how much new to expect in my life, and yet I know there are always more interests and experiences to pursue. I can’t imagine this not being the case. Such has been my life. This Everything Conference right now might help provide perspective into why I’ve sought so much diversity in my pursuits all these years and so often had trouble fitting in. This conference might help me move forward knowing that my way has been the right way and around people I can relate to but who know there are many paths to be walked within one life.

  19. Aaron Kimbrell says:

    I would really like to continue to learn about multipotentialites and experience the comraderie of all the speakers and attendees together.

  20. Valerie says:

    I am so glad to have found like-minded people! I had been feeling so lost for many years until I joined a certain artist’s blog where I found out about multipotentialites and the rest is history! I am a life-long learner and the Everything conference has so much to offer me! Plus the many people I get to meet is a big big bonus. I currently am needing a bit of direction to focus on as life seems to have come to a stand still.

  21. Jennifer says:

    Finding this group of multipotentialites has been so reassuring during my most trying time. I recently made a major move -literally- and it’s been so challenging finding work, and work that I actually like. I believe the Everything Conference would allow me the opportunity to network, connect, and explore possibilities with like minded souls. I see this as something that is exactly what I need to help regain some focus and direction in my, what seems like, merry-go-round life.

  22. Marie-Pierre Provencher says:


    My name is Marie-Pierre AKA Marie-Multi!

    I am 38, I am a mom of 2 boys, single…because I am actually waiting for Bradley Cooper to notice me.

    Some relevant facts:

    – I always thought that the crazy thought in my head was anxiety, until I discovered that it was creativity. ?? OMG!

    – My life began the day I gave myself the permission to do everything, in a society who value specialist.

    – I play piano and I really like the “skittles” candy.

    – I am fascinated by intelligence. When I try to talk to people who I admire, I get really silly and/or smily.

    – I create weird word in English because I speak French.

    For my profession:

    1- I am a leader and founder of a women’s community to help them focus their ideas and merge their interests to explode their potential and multipotential creativity.

    2- For 20 years I have a visual creations company specializing in photo editing and digital retouches. I am visuel NinJa and social media coordinator.

    3- I have a fitness company, I coach one on one and I teach group classes.

    4- I also organize personal development events.

    I am and will soon become the Quebec French reference in multipotentiality! So it’s obvious to me to be present to Everything Conference and to bring my value and inspire me.

    With all my gratitude,

    Marie-Pierre Provencher

  23. Nick says:

    I found you and your website after watching your Ted Talk one evening. I then read through a lot of your articles and was so happy to find a community that thinks just as I do. I am in a time during my life where I have been feeling so lost and confused but knowing there is a group of people with as many interests as myself is very calming. I always thought I was different jumping from interest to interest, but now I know that being different isn’t such a bad thing. Being able to go to the Everything Conference would be such an amazing experience: to meet new people and learn more about their lives and to hopefully make some life long connections. Even if I don’t get to go this year I plan on attending in the following years!

  24. Josiah says:

    I found Puttylike and Emilie after searching for “too many interests” on Google a couple years ago when I decided that I wanted to start making steps to leave my corporate job as a Mechanical Engineer, and thought I would need to somehow pick just one interest of mine. I have still not been able to quite get there, though Ive had good momentum on a few projects and have “mapped out” countless other ideas but just havent been able to quite get where I want. The Everything Conference could be just the thing to push me past any barriers I have. From networking opportunities, to learning from other multipotentialites who have been in similar situations, it sounds like just the thing I need.

  25. Jessica says:

    Hi Emilie! Here’s why ETC is exactly what I need right now:

    I’m in the midst of a transitional time in my life, having recently finished graduate school & moved across the country while trying out different gigs and projects. I have lots of ideas about which type(s) of work I want to be doing and how I want to identify myself to others (artist? scholar? entrepreneur? writer?), but I’m feeling very “not quite there yet.” And funny enough, I’m now realizing I’ve been “not quite there yet” nearly my whole life! Going to the Everything Conference this year would mean jumping in with both feet before I feel ready. It would mean setting aside the age old excuses once and for all and embracing who and where I am at this exact moment. It would mean getting acquainted with the state of vulnerability I so often try to squash and giving myself permission to share my whole self with “the world,” messy midway work/life transition and all. The chance to change my mindset and put myself out there would have a huge impact on my life, and I’d hope that by connecting with other multipods I could make at least a small difference in somebody else’s life.


  26. Marie-Pierre Provencher says:

    Hellloooo! Sorry for my English :)

    I think that assisting in the conference will change my life. I will take every moment to keep growing and inspire me to change for the better. I am at a turning point in my life, and looking for answer that one of you have. And maybe, one that I have for one of you. The strength that all these Multipotentialites have together! Mind blowing!

    I will try as most as I can to enjoy and live every Kimberly of the event. To talk to other multipotentialite, to help me and other, because we can finally feel that we are belong somewhere.

    The fact that the event it’s far far away make it hard for me to assist, but I will do whatever it take. Because I know it’s gonna be a life changing experience.

    Thanks ?

    With all my gratitude,

    Marie-Pierre Provencher

    • Martinee says:

      @Marie-Pierre Provencher,

      Allô Marie-Pierre,
      We need to connect…we are neighbors and both French…Youppi!
      I’m happily reading your comments…
      Maybe we can figure something out as there are still some tickets left & I can share my airline discount :-) Martine

  27. J says:

    I would like to go to the conference and hang out with other people who think like I do. It’s hard to explain to non-multipotentialities that I like a hundred different things, and love learning about new stuff all the time.

  28. Yaritza Barrientes says:

    I know I’m pretty young, but already I’m struggling with who and what I want to be. It’s definitely taken a toll on me. It’s exhausting not knowing what I want to do for the rest of my life. When I heard about this conference I got excited knowing that I could be somewhere and get accepted at any point in my life and meet other fellow Multipotentialites. Knowing that their could be even more knowledge and tools to help me get through this phase and for once set my mind on to one thing and my family could stop worrying about what I’m gonna do with my life.
    I know the conference isn’t magically going to fix me, but i know it’s going to guide me to where I need to be as long as I put myself to do it.
    To whoever wins, Have fun!

  29. Josiah says:

    I found Puttylike and Emilie a couple years ago after searching for “too many interests” on Google after deciding to start taking steps to quit my corporate job as a Mechanical Engineer and thinking I needed to focus on just one thing. I haven’t gotten to where I would like to be, though I have had good momentum on a few projects and have “mapped out” countless others. Everything conference could be the thing I need to help push me past any barriers I have holding me back. From networking opportunities to learning from other multipotentialites that have been in similar situations. The opportunity sounds amazing and I feel like it will help me to put myself out there and truly realize some of the goals I have had for awhile.

  30. Zhan says:

    I’m a student of Architecture in London graduating this summer and excited to start a career with a lifestyle designed as a multipotentialite! In the first place, several years ago Emilie’s talk helped me with my decision on what to study. My interests ranged from civil engineering to filmmaking and psychology. I chose architecture as this degree offers me a wide range of skills and creative thinking, and opens doors for different career paths, and I’m really glad I did, as it opened up many different sides of my personality! Now I have also seen a different side of the profession, being very demanding of time and energy. And although in itself it can accommodate a ‘group hug’ approach being so related to different disciplines, the general lifestyle of the industry still limits the free time available for my other interests such as music, sports, performance, teaching/social work. I’m at a stage right now which requires me to make important decisions and life choices again, and I want to live a happy multipotentialite life, making the best of me for the society and pursuing all of my interests. Having read Emilie’s ‘How to be Everything’ recently, I would like to first try the Einstein approach, as I feel it would suit me. And I would love to meet likeminded people and listen to their stories and learn from each other, exchanging our experiences. I’m a proactive and outgoing person, and the Everything Conference for me is a very exciting opportunity to progress and give back to the community! Thank you.

  31. Yulduz says:

    Dear Emily Wapnick,

    I am from Turkmenistan, recently graduated from high school. Volunteering at American Corner Turkmenabat, I have organized several workshops and presentations related to the US culture as well as several professional development projects and workshops.In March of 2019, I have lead the 3-day project under the “STAR: Science, Technology, Art Rolling” title. As this project was designed to widen visitors’ outlook about new opportunities for interrelating science, technology and art and applying these fields in the 21st-century workforce, I have conducted several activities related to my activity and on one of these events I have demonstrated Ted Talk Video-“Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling” – the video that amazed me along with other 51 visitors to be familiarized about the new idea of the ability to mix all the interests and create something new. So concerned about my future career, I did not know which major I have to choose as at school I really loved all those science related subjects as well as sociology and history. Furthermore, I have decided to start at community college for its affordability and mainly to discover more about my interests and then make a double major at 4-year university. Thus, this conference will be the immense opportunity for me to get acquainted with other multipotentialites and definitely cultivate my scope of knowledge with more information that will impact greatly on my future educational and career pursuits.

    Thank you so much for your continuous inspiration!

  32. Reading ‘How to be Everything,’ calmed me down and helped me feel something close to normal for the first time in my life. My mom once said, “I don’t think you’ve ever finished anything in your life,” and she didn’t mean it as a compliment. It has been several years since reading ‘How to be Everything,’ and attending the Everything Conference will be the jolt I need to do something with my potential, to move forward. I moved to a brand new city six months ago, after landing a very safe job in academia. I play rugby, something I’m completely new to at 30+ years old, and have been searching for a way to engage my hands and heart – through volunteering or art. I always want to be growing and learning, and this conference provides that opportunity.

  33. Robin says:

    I quit my corporate job of 11 years to follow my dream of traveling the works. I spent 7 months traveling across 4 continents and 11 countries. I knew instantly Travel was what I wanted to do, just had no idea how to sustain it. This year I’ve been all over the places with ideas and what to launch. I’ve finally found something that incorporates many of my ideas and would love to connect with other multipotentialites at the conference to learn from them and how they balance it all.

  34. Psm says:

    Steven Wharley calls me a “Self-Help Artist.” I love supporting people in visualizing what hey cannot see. I also love creating beauty for others in so many ways. But I am an outgoing people lover EnFP who MUST have people. — It has been years and years that I have lamented and had some movement but still my wings have not pushed through the crysallis to be strong and fligh with clarity. —- And yet I love all of these options and ways of possbility living. — I have left corporate America in January and now as I do self care the fear is coming in of what is next. Business and false evidence appearing real are threatening.
    What I do know is I want and need people to thrive to support. As an ENFP it is required and as I am living on savings at the moment in my planning this gift would make a difference in my life in so many ways. I am in Seattle and hope you will consider my story. Something wonderful is about to happen!

  35. Zach says:

    My current fork in the road has many, many tines. The everything conference will bring together many perspectives, exciting energy and new relationships that can help me go after what’s next and help others do the same!

  36. Kaymi Franco says:

    The Everything Conference is exactly what I need right now because I just graduated and I’ve been having a ton of trouble figuring out what my next steps should be. When I first heard about this community in a career counseling webinar at my college I was super intrigued. I decided to look it up and browse around the website and I thought it was so awesome that I’m not the only person who struggles with being good at a lot and craving knowledge and experiences from a lot of different jobs. It has made “picking” one thing hard for me and seeing your TED talk and reading some of these articles really helped me realize that I’m listening too much to what I think I’m “supposed” to be doing and not to what I want to do. Im brand new to the community and am still trying to figure things out, but I think this conference would be a great way to help me get more into the community and discover more about myself! I want to attend so badly!! I would love to spend money to come to a conference like this, but I don’t have it right now so this would be a great way for me to be able to go. Either way, I will see you at one of those conferences in the future, even if it isn’t this one :)

  37. Becca says:

    Four years ago, after being a stay at home mom for a decade, I decided to revisit my strengths and interests and reenter the workforce. I took the LSAT, but wavered about it and still can’t decide if I want a law degree or an MPA. I became active in the non-profit world and usually have 3-4 projects at any given time, but haven’t found a way to combine them. When I stumbled across your TED talk it opened a window of understanding and appreciation to myself. With 5 young children at home I am learning to value my time and know that I can’t continue to stretch myself in so many places at once. Attending this conference seems like a missing piece for me to move forward in a more focused and confident way.

  38. Hey Emile,

    Thanks for offering this amazing opportunity, I think your work on multipotentialites is groundbreaking; your posts have changed my life and given me permission to celebrate my career diversity and I now have the confidence to bring it all to the table. I live and work in the UK, I run a small not-for-profit co-working and enterprise hub with a focus on supporting people through career transition or returning to work after time out through ill health or caring duties. So many of the entrepreneurs I support are multipotentialites and have developed businesses that combine their diverse skills. I love being able to tell them about PuttyLike and see their eyes light up when explain that there is a now a term to describe their ability to have multiple careers and interests. I will be in Oregon during the conference staying with friends in Eugene; unfortunately I missed your early bird offer and with all the other costs for the trip I wasn’t able to stretch to the full cost of your conference. I would love to attend the Everything Conference to learn more, meet you and fellow multipods and on return spread the word in the UK.

  39. Sonja says:

    When I first learned about the concept of a “multipotentialite,” I cried. I sat in my car outside the grocery store, reading a book on the topic with tears flowing because finally, something out there was able to explain the way so much of my life had felt.

    A lot has changed for me since then, and I would love to meet others in real life who identify as a multipotentialite!

  40. Micaelan Halse says:

    I’m Dean and co-founder of a College that is changing the face of the healthcare industry, and we’re doing it by avoiding siloed thinking and cross-disciplinary insights. I submit my appeal as a Potterdom multipod haiku:

    sorting hat, pick me
    for gryffinclawslytherpuff –

    & then, for variety, as (Monty-esque) python code:
    # Puttypeep ticket entry application program in Python
    print “If you let me win this ticket\nI promise not to lick it\n…much (I mean I’d be delirious with excitement after all)”

    I can also submit a 2 minute animation or an APA-compliant short academic paper or a photo of confectionary-based entry on why you should offer me the free ticket, if you like.

  41. Libby says:

    Reading “How To Be Everything” set me in motion 6 months ago. Since then, I have quit my full time job (and the commute!) to embrace public speaking, start a podcast (learning as I go with audio design, recording, producing, promotion), write about travel, play guitar, and navigate the flurry of ideas that I wake up to daily.

    What was once a scattered career has become a work of art, and the timing of the Everything Conference would hit perfectly to help me navigate how best to help people travel with intention and do what I love most: connect, learn and celebrate EVERYTHING! I think it would be really interesting to create an audio project that tells the weekend’s story.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  42. Sarah says:

    All of my life, I’ve been a reluctant multipotentialite. I learned three instruments, had 14 part-time jobs, and studied a really hard language (Chinese) before I graduated college. When I got to college, I switched course three times, hoping that I’d find the “one true calling,” in architecture, or international business, or figure drawing. Eventually, I stayed true to my path of “global studies,” which allowed me the freedom to be in the space of international studies, jazz history – and anthropology. I’m now not doing anything I thought I’d be doing (though I do frequently draw on the lessons I had in jazz history class:)). I switched careers almost every year in my twenties. I finally found my “tribe” in instructional design – because it is a field that requires the designer to learn about new topics constantly in order to create something, and, to be successful, a designer must be curious about new topics. The field itself is constantly changing. Inspired by the UX design movement, many of us now call ourselves “learning experience designers.” Instructional design is also being influenced, more and more, by design thinking practices. For those with the freedom to spend time in this space, our ideas can be provided through the lens of our learners, making an even more impactful experience. At the same time, I find it frustrating, because the stability I’ve always craved just isn’t available for the contract/consulting work (i.e., the new stuff). I have just made a transition from a full-time, steady job in the same topic area to the murky, less-of-a-sure-thing consulting spanning ALL the topic areas, and I’m so excited I took the leap. At the same time, I crave community and being around others who are curious, open-minded, and welcoming – but the learning experience design space means a lot of time spent alone, creating online experiences and being in front of a screen (in general). So, I naturally want to start a podcast about in-person community! I’d love to feature this conference and my own journey in discovering niche, in-person community spaces on my podcast, and winning this contest would be the fire under me to really get it started. In the months leading up to the conference, I’d feature presenters and attendees. I’d use my curious instructional designer lens to feature the aspects of the conference we’d all learn from, and hopefully, there would be momentum and learning before the conference, so that we could all have deeper experiences during the conference.

  43. Darcy says:

    I love my career in medicine and have loved the various projects that have come out of it but I am at a point where I realize there are other skills I have and other areas I want to explore.

    Much of what I have seen at the heart of illness is a lack of connection and love. The new blog I’m working on with my partner feels like an extension of this and a brand new path.

    The conference is coming at a perfect time as both he and I are exploring how we shape the next few years if our life to best maximize our varied interests. We have really been feeling a need to connect more with some like minded individuals and this conference could not come at a better time!

  44. Andy says:

    Having been sometimes helped – and sometimes hindered – by my management of my multipotentialite skills, I need more than ever to learn to make my skillset to serve humanity, the ones I love, and myself.

    At this time, I am going through a transition I would never wish on anyone: my wife has stage 4 cancer, and I am her main caregiver. I need to craft a career or (combination of careers) around her treatment schedule (and the care I have to give her, such as cooking, cleaning, etc.).

    Upon my wife’s cancer diagnosis, I immediately saw I needed to show up as the absolute best version of myself. More than ever, I need to find ways to contribute value to the human race (hopefully, in exchange for the funding so we can keep paying for her cancer treatments).

    Current finances now make it impossible for me to attend the Everything Conference. However, if something were to change, and I COULD attend, it would give me a major boost forward: I would find clarity around my mission, ultimately being able to help my wife and – once again, to make the contribution to humanity that I so deeply desire to make.

    Thank you.

  45. Lisa says:

    I’m a blissfully divorced mom of 6 girls. Over the years I’ve been Girl Scout Troop Leader, an Event Coordinator, a restaurateur, a Cosmetologist, Director of Operations, a Homeschooling mom, an Unschooling mom, a Web Content Agency owner, I’ve authored around 14 books and designed/published over 300. I’m currently a full time student at University of Washington hoping to maintain interest long enough to get a law degree (words and rules are my favorite thing). There’s a HUGE intersection between the worlds of unschooling and multipotentiality. I’ve shared your video with so many people.

  46. When I first discovered that I was a multipotentialite I felt like for the first time in my life I had permission to be who I am. I wish I would have known about this when I was much younger. It would have saved me a lot of grief. I have gotten myself into so much trouble whenever my mouth tries to keep up with my brain. I never seem to tire of learning and researching. I am so thrilled to have found my tribe. I want to discover what the Everything Conference is all about and hopefully form some lifelong friendships with people who really get me. Thank you Emilie for creating this auspicious event.

  47. Sandra Young says:

    The opportunity to attend a hub of like-minded and like-hearted people is so exciting to me. The conference sounds highly interactive and offers the chance to come forward as our authentic selves, our whole selves, rather than fit in the box of the day. I hope to not only learn from others but to be inspired as well in what sounds like an “unconference” led by the attendees. My copy of How to Be Everything is dog-eared as it has been loaned to a few people who have used it well. To hear and see Emilie speak in person would be so very meaningful.

  48. Clara Cobb says:

    I think I will always be working to find a space where I use my “journalism – law – education – graphic design – public administration – art” degrees and skill, but as I begin to manage multipotentialites just like me, I think this is the exact place where I could not only connect, but also share knowledge with like-minded people at the conference and my colleagues at home.

  49. Mariette Goddard says:

    I’d love to connect!!! A virtual meeting would be a dynamic way to forge my efforts to organize my focuses. I just know something will click there!

  50. Kelly says:

    My word for the year is “serendipity.” The conference coming to life near where I live seemed very well timed. :)

  51. Sarah says:

    I’ve experienced two “passion” careers and several smaller avocations and now am at a place where I’d like to do some intentional work about what the rest of my working life will look like.

  52. Margaret says:

    Being in community with others help me feel like it’s great to be the way i am!!

  53. Douglas Tsoi says:

    Hi! I’ve had a multipotentiate career of being a lawyer, Quaker boarding school teacher, community activist, sustainability officer and education and training manager. That was before I started Portland Underground Grad School ( and now School of Financial Freedom ( I’ve always got new projects (a gratitude dojo) in the works but in a transitionary period trying to figure out what really will interest me in the next few years. Hoping the conference will spark something!

  54. Nz says:

    I never knew the name for what I was until I saw your Tedtalk when I went back to college. I was a multi-potentialite all along, and at this stage in my career I think I am just getting started. I would love to win a ticket to your conference.

  55. Shelley says:

    The Everything Conference is an event that I DREAM of attending–and here’s why: I don’t want to waste another second of my life in a ‘mind-prison’ of my own making–so that the second half of my life can be AMAZING. I want to meet the people who are doing Their Things. I want to see what the possibilities are. Also, I just love learning stuff.

  56. Abdul ISIK says:

    I wanna do everything and this is the conference of it

  57. Beverly Lau says:

    I was excited to hear about the ETC conference, but I was afraid to buy a ticket because I really don’t want to show up and find out I’m an impostor multipotentialite. I’m afraid other people’s “projects” are bigger and better than mine. I don’t really have projects; I just do a lot of things in a lot of different disciplines. It would be cool to find a place to belong and finally feel comfortable for the path I’ve been carving for myself.

  58. Stephanie says:

    Emilie, your TedTalk made me cry and feel like I wasn’t alone. Since the introduction, I’ve been diving into the idea of Multipotentialism and “Scanners” and all the other terms for people I feel I deeply identify with. The celebration of this taking over the shame in my life has been a profound experience.
    Being able to meet with like-minded peeps would be a dream.

    Much love for the work you do!

  59. I discovered the term “multipotentialite” while struggling with the frustration of being diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 60. I had been identified as gifted in elementary school, but never understood what that meant. All I knew was that I was not like most people and simply got accustomed to trying to blend in (unsuccessfully) wherever I was. After a lifetime of joining groups, only to discover I didn’t really fit, I had accepted feeling like an outsider & was pretty convinced that I was never going to find others like me. Imagine my surprise when I came across Emilie’s work and heard about the Everything Conference. The best part? I just moved from Los Angeles (I’ve lived there my entire life) to Portland, OR. Seems like it’s meant to be.

  60. Joanna Marie says:

    This is so exciting! I would love to be able to attend the conference and get to know more multipotentialites, particularly to discuss some current projects and my current career path dilemma that I’m trying to work through. Getting some perspectives from other puttyfam would be really helpful for me, and I hope I could provide value and friendship to others as well!

  61. David Moscoso says:

    Because even knowing that I am a multipotentialite, I still can’t find my place on Earth.

  62. Nicole says:

    This conference would be just right for me now because I feel overwhelmed. It all seems like too many balls to juggle at once and I’ve not enough energy or clarity to move forward with intentional direction successfully. My fingers are in too many pies and I’m starving. No one I know seems to understand. At the conference I’m bound to connect with people who do.

  63. After 15 years, I’m on the cusp of figuring out how to incorporate my careers as a musician, arranger, Peace Corps Volunteer, camp counselor, non-profit co-founder, outdoor adventure educator, photographer, editor, producer and facilitator. I’m hoping to bring my experience and life lessons and contribute wholeheartedly to the Everything Conference, while learning from as many other multi-potentialites about what is and is not working for them.

    I am always seeking new ways to build up resiliency and adaptability for myself, and for others – to support them in finding their way on their path no matter what life brings their way. What better place to learn, connect, give and receive in this way than what sounds like an incredible conference, with the most resilient and adaptable types of people around?

    This conference is coming at exactly the right time in my life, and I hope to be able to attend and experience everything and everyone in one place. Good luck getting everything prepped and ready.

  64. Why is Everything Conference exactly what you need in your life right now?

    Hello Emilie, Thank you for allowing me this wonderful and amazing opportunity!

    I am a visual artist and graduated from a great art school in New York. As an undergraduate student, I was encouraged to create a plan B; which made logical and rational sense. However, I didn’t understand plan B, because of my intuition, the vision I was following was a deeper calling. Coming out of art school is a challenge because you’re asked to be patient, and tenacious with resiliency.
    Even though I feel that I haven’t yet received my full critical financial success as an artist, I am more than my identity as an artist. I am a visionary multipotentialite, as I live a life of new creative potentials. This conference will allow me to see other people and myself with a broader perspective.
    As I pursue my dreams, passions, I no longer have to feel alone. I have shared your TED Talk with my peers and counselors as they now no longer see me as a scattered creative who doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. This conference will afford me a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and connect with other multipods the true nature of our multi-purpose dimensionality.
    Thank you for sharing your unique gifts with the world!
    Christopher Lee Martin

  65. I am a 56 year old multipotentialite. I have “struggled” with this all my life. Lol

    I have had over 5 different art studios, three different partnered companies and 4 different solo creative efforts as a freelancer consultant.

    I was the first artist in my state to use a Mac, the first artist to be an Apple media consultant in my state too. I was chosen to be on two HGTV shows “that’s Clever” to have my art work sculpture showcased. My small media agency was chosen over IBM and beat them out to get the contract to do the first Olympic internet site for a division of Time Magazine.

    My firm was awarded the first ever contract for our state to roll out the new Mercedes suv for the car plant facility… and the list goes on… blah, blah, blah…

    But my adhd and dyslexia are constant struggles and the last two recessions kicked my ass and in both situations I lost everything… I mean absolutely everything, my house, my cars, my studios, my employees, my art, my dreams, I list hundreds of thousands of dollars, time, investments, reputation and careers.

    It left me very, very broken. And overtime I gradually got back on my feet. I moved from the South where I had my studios and started fresh in Portland, started teaching college as an adjunct for photography and design again and slowly freelanced again,, then I had to take a side job as a bus driver for Trimet to help pay the bills… no one wanted to hire me anymore as they thought I was too old. And now I do it full time but want out so bad. Sitting and driving 10 plus hours a day is killing my creative soul.

    I need help getting out and want to try once more to do all my creative studios efforts again, but this time with a very highly focused approach gained through all my decades of past experience.

    These include publishing my two photo book techniques in a specialized photo technique involving fiber optic lighting and light painting as well as my body human project for better sex education for youths and teens about our body parts and what’s “normal” to confront the lies media tells us. I do this based on 30 years of shooting models and people and listening to their body shame stories. I know the lies the media tells because I was in advertising for decades. I know the lies photoshop manipulates too since I have used photoshop before it was even called photoshop.

    But I need help breaking free again and the courage to try yet again after getting the wind knocked out of my sails twice now through recessions and life. I need to combat the lies that my age does not matter any more and that I should just go quietly away let the younger generation have all the creative fun.

    I am so tired of dumbing down my resume again and again and again just to be given a chance and not told your too experienced.

    Help… this 56 year old man still has another half of life left and wants to kick creative ass!

  66. Anjali Mathai says:

    I can use support in going many directions at one time, as all my directions are strengths.

  67. Shobhit Jagga says:

    Everything Conference! The very idea and the thought behind it is amazing. This really seems to be an opportunity to share your feelings, interests and stories to people who can understand them, who can provide their valuable suggestions and can even share similar and related life experiences of them. A varied view of thinking and acting in different dimensions and spheres of life provides an insight to imagine yourself and act accordingly whenever you have a choice to make.

    It would be highly remarkable to be able to be with people who are like you unlike the diverse world where your ideas and multipotentiality might not even matter.

    This platform would play an important role in shaping my future.

  68. Michele Cipressi says:


    My life has been TRANSFORMED by the concept of being a mutlipotentialite and I share the knowledge with others who are always GOBSMACKED. I wish more parents understood the concept! I’d love to get my proverbial ***t together and offer workshops for parents on understanding their multi potentialite kids etc.
    This would be perfect for me to help me synthesize my talents so that I can offer them up to the world.

  69. Daniele says:

    I stumbled on the term “multipotentialite” only a few weeks ago while searching “guidance counseling for adults” on Google. I remember it caught my attention because the person who mentioned it said something along the lines of figuring out how to give purpose to your varied experience and passions. When I then Googled “multipotentialite” I found Emilie Wapnick and for the first time in my life, I realized that I wasn’t weird or wrong or flaky for not feeling like I had one true calling. I’ve done everything from baking to fashion to graphic design and I’m now working in a law firm (which is nowhere near where I want to be).

    I feel like I’m in a time in my life where I really need the guidance to help point me in the right direction. I feel so overwhelmed by figuring out what my next step should be, wanting to move forward and not knowing how, and this conference couldn’t come at a more perfect time. Right now, I can’t spare the extra cost for the ticket to this conference but winning would make a huge difference for me!

  70. Dan H. says:

    While looking for inspiration and clues to how I might get my life on track I came across your TED talk via TED Recommends. It made total sense, and after taking the Quiz the square peg (me) had finally found its round hole (Puttytribe) to fit into. As far back as junior high when “The Question” was put to me in a serious way, it’s always been difficult to say what one thing I wanted be or do. I knew what I wanted to be, now called a Multipotentialite, but I had no idea how to do that. I have always admired those who were able to commit to a thing see it through and seemingly never be bored even after they had reached the desired success, but it just isn’t me.
    Since graduating college the main goal of every career aspiration has not been about a job fulfilling me, but does the lifestyle fulfill all my other interests. This is a great challenge to sit in an interview and know that I really just want to have a flexible enough schedule and not be broke to go do all the other things that interest me. Everything from ecology, conservation, coaching youth sports, woodworking, continued education, and reading for learning and for fun. Being someone who thinks of the multiple connections of human interaction and how there is never a single action and reaction, all things are connected and feed off of one another has allowed me to work with diverse groups of different sizes. Whether it be coaching high schoolers, working with a small group of career minded Type A’s, or large group that spans a broad spectrum of education and motivations, connecting people to a common goal is where I feel most comfortable. Life has brought me here with the question of what to do next? The last two years have included a new child, a cross country move and multiple plans not coming to fruition. I am here now with a rejuvenated sense of determination that my previous distractions are not a flaw but a benefit that need to be cultivated. If given the chance to attend the Everything Conference I hope to give as much as I receive in whatever way is possible.
    Thank you for all you do!

  71. Grace says:

    For me the Everything Conference is that place where you can finally connect with others who are just like you and feel inspired and guided by those who have harnessed their multipotentialite energy into a career and life that is sustainable. I’ve been in several careers over the years- art, actuarial sciences, software engineering- and I just left my extremely amazing job to figure out how best to carry out my life with all this energy in me pulling me in so many directions. I would love to attend and just take it all in from others who are just like me.

  72. Lena Garkman says:

    Because I have, at last, found my mental home, a place that explains me and my personality both to myself and others.

  73. Jill Suzanne Shipman says:

    Hello Emilie and All,

    I am a multipotentialite through and through. I have a background in both the arts and sciences. I have worked in geology, volcanology, geophysics, and have just also completed a degree in Film and Performing Arts, where I have done projects ranging from theatre, film acting, writing, and visual art. When each project closes I feel I am once again at a crossroads trying to gain clarity in the direction I will take. For most of my life this has been a time of stress and even guilt feeling pressured to be a specialist in one thing. Now through discovering the multipotentialite community, I see this is actually my greatest strength. I would love to attend the Everything Conference and the timing is especially important for me right now because I am once again at a crossroads and need help from a like-minded community on how to move forward from here while learning how to confidently draw on all my talents.

  74. I was thunderstruck when I first viewed Emilie’s TED talk and learned there was a word that described my improbable career. It was also validation that I’m not the only one. Who knew?

    How I used to cringe at the 2nd half of the old adage, “Jack/Jill of all trades; master of none”. The first part always felt right, but the second part was just plain dismissive. If you fellow multipotentialites are anything like me, I’ll bet you’re quite proficient, if not expert, at what you do.

    I’ll be 65 years young in July and as stoked as ever by new challenges and ways to make a difference in this messy world.

    Participating in a conference with a tribe I can relate to might be just the thing to lead me to the next chapter of my journey.

    Here’s another TED talk that speaks to me: “What baby boomers can learn working with Millennials –and vice versa”, about age diversity.

    It’d be a gift to be in the same room with ya’ll.

  75. Karen G says:

    I would so love to go to this conference! I am interested in, well, everything, so it’d be awesome to spend time with other humans who are as well. Most of my friends and family don’t understand why studying 87 different topics (and having 87 overflowing bookshelves related to said topics)makes sense to me – it’d be nice not to have to explain all the connections, but rather, just see someone’s face light up and hear them say, “I get it, same!”

  76. Shelley says:

    The Everything Conference exactly what you need in your life right now because I have tried to be everything unsuccessfully.

    I am a jack of all trades, I can fix almost anything (except my car), I have a degree in education but have many self taught degrees that have led me to hotel management, coaching, property management and self employment. I love working but have not been able to dial passions into one career.

    My unsuccessful path to be everything has been frustrating and I need your help and guidance.. :-)

  77. Emily Alameda says:

    I just graduated college after switching majors, adding minors and I learned about the putty like community after my school counselor showed me the Ted talk explaining what a multipotentialite is. I feel like I am in an uncertain space in my life right now and I don’t have a job yet. I think this conference would be a great way to explore possibilities for my next steps.

    I feel pulled in so many directions but this opportunity seems like a great one as I continue down my path of self exploration and as I begin my professional journey :)

  78. Bruno says:

    I want to be everything… and I want to be everywhere!

  79. Anjanine L Bonet says:

    I’ve always been the kind of person who is happier doing a number of different things rather than honing in on one. I’ve been working piecemeal as a violin teacher, musician and singer, pet/house-sitter and tutor, picking up other things as needed or as they come up. I built a great friend family of people who didn’t judge my style, but really embraced me.

    But then, as my father’s health was failing, I decided it was time to move closer to my biological family, leaving behind everything I’d built. Now in a major transition, still trying to find regular work, I’ve been feeling the pressure to specialize and come to a singular path. I oscillate between feeling frustrated and inadequate. Over the years, I’ve definitely acquired the skills to do office work, etc, but I’m not sure I’m interested enough in something to do it full-time, especially if it means sacrificing so many of the things I love to do. For a while, I’ve been wondering if something is wrong with me. How come I can’t seem to do what most other people I know can?

    Enter the “Are You a Multipotentialite?” quiz. I took it on a whim, and wonder of wonders, I am, and things started to make sense. But now what? I think being able to attend the Everything Conference and meeting other multipotentialites would give me the inspiration and confidence I need to figure out how to really be myself and make a real life, not just hand to mouth.

  80. I’m a multi-faceted artist AND also own an Insurance agency with my husband. First of all, I’m proud to be able to say that i’m successful on some level with a balance of those two parts of my world. I’m also so grateful for being a business owner and everything that I’ve learned through that… but if you really break down that first sentence, the two parts contain so much more than just artist & insurance.

    Being a “multi-faceted artist” = graphic designer, painter, sculptor, marketer, teacher, etc

    Owning a business “with my husband” = Wearing many hats and doing a job that is not one that I really want to be in… but I value the experience of relationship building, becoming a confident salesperson, etc

    I’m always searching for something, and as an artist, questioning everything. BUT having just entered my 40s, while I still feel and look like i’m 28… I have much more to give and feel like i’m being held back from my greatness in a way that I’m sometimes scared to admit.

  81. Danni says:

    This conference is exactly what I need right now, not by the slightest exaggeration, because I am at a point where I am embracing my multipotentiality. Growing up, I had been told always, that there was one path in life, and one thing you got to be a master of, and one thing that you should focus on doing your best at. My mind has been trying so hard to find that one perfect thing, that one aim that would give me all the happiness I desired. But there never was any one thing that did it.
    This website, being on Puttytribe has led me to slowly shed the notion that I need to have one main goal in life. It has pushed me to accept other parts of me, the creative side, the curious side, and the side dying to learn more about the world. This has led me to be okay with the notion of having multiple careers, and being more accepting of my own self as an individual. It has led me to not hate myself anymore.

    The conference would give me an opportunity to explore the world of talented individuals who would relate to my mini rant above, and people who have achieved great things leading their multipod lives. Getting to know them, their lives, interests and talking to a bunch of awesome people, and explore the awesome ways I too, could harness my multipotentiality would be a dream come true!

  82. Whitney says:

    What an amazing opportunity! Thank you for the chance to come and join you all in Portland. Working through the good and bad of being a multipotentialite has been an interesting journey. It would be a delight and a help to have an opportunity to talk with others to see how they are coming to terms and using it to craft an amazing life.

    It’s what I need in my life right now because I finally, FINALLY was able to step back and see a pathway to living a life firing on all the random cylinders that I have! I’d love some guidance and help, and I’d love to offer what help I can to others.

  83. Ruth Ames says:

    The everything conference would be perfect for me. I am a teacher at a small charter school that specializes in conservation science. I teach math and science though my background is in music, theater and history. I love the way the small school challenges me to draw on my very diverse skills and interests. Teaching is a constantly changing profession that keeps me on my toes. I’m constantly having to reevaluate the strategies I’m using with my students.

    In addition, now that I’ve been in the classroom for 5 years, I’m looking to how I can expand my profession in the future. I don’t know if that means looking into administration, starting my own school, becoming a teacher leader within my union, my district, starting a consulting business, or writing and doing research in the field of education. I am want to hone and expand my multipotentialite self to harness the most of each of these areas.

  84. Clare says:

    I’m a an inflection point in my career. I’ve been climbing the corporate (marketing) ladder for the last few years and finally landed a senior level position, with a senior level salary attached. And it’s a nightmare. Everything about it is out of alignment. I’m stressed, angry, and resentful all the time. So I’ve decided to take the leap and fully embrace my multipotentiality for the first time in YEARS. I’m taking a big risk, giving up security, employer provided insurance (huge for me as someone with a chronic health condition), and making myself, my dreams, and my GIFTS a priority. The timing of this conference could not be better. It would give the chance to connect with like-minded and like-hearted individuals who are walking an unconventional path. It would give me a date to work toward to have this next iteration of myself “marketable” by then. And it would give me an excuse to visit one of my absolute favorite cities and communities.

    There are many worthy comments on this post, and I am so thrilled that so many multipotentialites will fill one fabulous space. I hope to be among them!

  85. K says:

    Everything Conference is exactly what I need in my life right now because I am at a crossroads in my career with no direction. I’ve spent all my working years so far working at a job I don’t like in order to aggressively pay off the student loans I got from a degree I didn’t want. After over seven years, I’m finally about to be debt-free and have space to focus on what I actually want to do. But since I spent so much time doing what other people want me to do, I don’t know how to figure out that out or put it into action. All I know is that I want it to be a mix of very different things. I’m looking to find support, ideas, and community at ETC in order to find guidance towards my next step in the life I really want to live.

  86. Erica says:

    Yesterday. I graduated from college and am about to step forward into real life. I’ve known for two years that I’m a multipotentialite, and I have a million ideas that I’d someday like to implement, some as careers/jobs, some as hobbies, and some that could take any number of paths. As I’m sure every college grad knows, leaving school after years of a clear path is terrifying as much as it is exciting, especially as a multipotentialite who is interested in so many things. Puttylike has been the only source of multipotentialite mentorship I’ve found in my life so far, as I have goals of becoming an entrepreneur, but lack any sort of real life interaction with bloggers and entrepreneurs who share my interests. The Everything Conference would be a chance for me to meet and connect with other multipotentialites and entrepreneurs, and maybe help me find some concrete ways to make my dreams a reality. I feel like I’m on the precipice of something, but I can’t codify my thoughts into exactly what it is, or what I want. Maybe being able to hear the stories and meet real life people who know exactly what I’m going through is what I need to push me over the edge and alow me to live the life I want to live.

  87. Guilliean says:

    I’m feeling choked by my lack of motivation but I don’t know how to proceed. I need this to help me focus my restless energy.

  88. Hello!

    Why is the Everything Conference EXACTLY what I need in my life right now?
    Well, for one, I find I identify with this non-category category SO MUCH that for the longest time it made me feel like an outsider. But this conference? It seems like a collection of “outsiders” finding their way to the inside. Until just the beginning of this year I’ve been on a hamster wheel of failing to launch something and TBH, I’ve sort of blamed it on my multipotentialite tendencies. BUT – that’s been my crutch. I’ve FINALLY, just NOW, kicked that crutch to the curb and although I AM a multipotentialite and forever will be, I am on a mission to master my SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) and launch what I love.

    Selfish reasons: I feel like this is an Island of Misfit Toys that I could dig hardcore. And ya know what? That’s RARE for me. So meeting a buncha my tribe in person would be super rad. I’m also in a bit of a funk with some bad news in the family health department, which triggered a lovely depressive episode for me. Yayyyyy mental health!

    Hopefully non-selfish reasons: I would love to help anyone and everyone I possibly could in any way I possibly can. I just became a certified Life Coach and I am SO EXCITED about trying to help change the world for the better in any way that I can.

    And yeah, that about sums it up. Other than it would just be a SUPER DUPER RAD EXPERIENCE overall, but like, that’s a given, yeah?

    Cheers to creating,
    Jessie Britely

  89. Tracy says:

    As a self professed generalist, I’d love to come and learn EVERYTHING plus network with ‘my kind’ of people. What an awesome opportunity. ?

  90. When I was a little girl growing up in Oak Park, Ill (just outside of Chicago) there was a show my dad used to watch on Saturday morning called Different Drummer. I don’t remember much about the show but I do remember part of the opening credits said “For those who walk to the beat of a different drummer” I think hearing those words as a young kid were prophetic because it is what I done and how I felt my whole life. I was usually one of the only African American kids and almost always the only kid with a disability ( cerebral palsy which mildly affects my speech and gait) I grew up knowing I wanted to be an actor and I am continuing to pursue that dream (most recently appeared on S.W.A.T.) but I also love directing, producing and exploring ways to use performance and expressive arts tools and strategies to eradicate disability and mental health stigmas and limiting beliefs through my EduTainment Production Company The Rainbow Butterfly Cafe. I have always felt like an outsider even as an actor because of how I define success and my dreams and goals always extended beyond my desire to act. It was hearing Emilie’s TED Talk and reading her book How To Be Everything, that I feel I finally found my tribe. I would love to come to the conference not only because of what I can learn and to meet some really awesome people but also hopefully what I can offer too. I do a lot of teaching around issues of diversity, inclusion and resiliency and perhaps that is something I could offer as well. The Everything Conference, just seems like a perfect opportunity to network, learn, share and hang out with other cool people who also walk to ‘a beat of a different drummer.

  91. Growing up, people thought I was crazy because when they’d asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I’d always say I wanted to be a pilot-musician-composer-photographer-artist-bilingual-teacher-puppeteer who works with technology… all at the same time.

    Well, fast forward 40+ years and I have finally managed to combine all of my interests, hobbies and skills to become “DroneSinger” – the “Weird Al” of drones, world’s #1 creator of parody songs about drones. I use music, humor, puppetry, and digital/social media to bring attention to drone issues and culture while encouraging people to fly safely and responsibly. I leverage this “fame” to provide STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) youth education, teacher professional development and educate the public on drone technology, research and use.

    So, my childhood dreams obviously came true, though it was because I didn’t listen to the critics but rather, followed my own multiple paths.

    I used to think I was very different and unique, and still do. However, hearing about you, Emilie, “multipontentialites”, Puttylike and the Everything Conference, has opened up my eyes to see I am not alone. There are others like me out there. I new they probably existed. I just didn’t know where or how to find them. Now I know.

    Connecting with fellow multipotentials at the Everything Conference would be life affirming and perhaps I could even help others live up to their full potential.

    In any case. Great to know my tribe is out there. :)

  92. Mary Dunn says:

    I need to find my tribe.

    It’s difficult to do when you have so many different irons in the fire. I was a cosmetologist for several years, then I became a teacher (elementary, ELL, then 7th-grade math… even within a profession, I was all over the place). Then I was in an accident that left me temporarily disabled. I then decided to do what I really wanted to do and I began blogging and coaching. I then got into real estate (which I am doing now) as an avenue to owning a retreat where I can hold my own group coaching events. I speak competitively and excel at humorous speaking. I sing and deal with stage fright. I dabble in guitar… and draw… and write… oh, and cook…

    Did I say I need to find my tribe?

  93. Marcus says:

    Because we can do so much more together!

  94. Sarah Curtis says:

    Why is Everything Conference exactly what I need in my life right now?

    After watching this TED Talk – I realize I always living in self doubt, making excuses, and I’ve never really been sure what I am good at. I’m 33, and feel like i’m stuck. Everyone tells me the 10 million things I am good at but never think of myself that way. I’m energized by interacting with people and making people laugh and being around those who make me laugh. Every career test or aptitude test tells me I should be a minister and I thought that was absolute bananas. No way in heck did I think this was a legitimate path and totally put that out of a realm of career paths to pursue. Right now i’m in a career in technology and at times it seems like it’s stealing my soul.

    I have always felt that I have no idea what path to take, what talents to explore. All I know is that I want to make impact on the lives of others and make people happy. Never been able to answer what I want to be when I grow up. I can list the different things I wanted to be: a pastry chef, artist, athlete, social worker and i’m pretty sure people think i’m loco.

    I’m messy, sporadic, and have random spurts of creativity . My room is covered in art supplies and random projects, and books with random subjects. I believe this opporunity will lift me up, and feed the need positivity. I know that I have more to offer than I am giving myself credit for. This conference will help me light a fire under my butt and give me the courage to pursue my passions and make a difference. I’ve been in the dumps lately and I think this will help get my fire back.

  95. The Everything Conference IS VERY MUCH WHAT I NEED RIGHT NOW!!! Being a single mom with a son in college, I am kind of stuck working full time (I’d like to change that thinking) and I cram all my additional jobs and interests in around what time is left. So in addition to my job where I am developing and supervising a children’s services program from the ground up, I do wine and spiit tastings at festivals and stores, waitress and as you’ll see on my website, Confidence Coaching for Teens. PLUS I’m a mom (my favorite job). I could not afford to attend so I am so excited for the chance of winning a ticket!!!! PLEASE, please please.

  96. Natasha Black says:

    I’ve been judged – hard – by people who “love” me for not committing to one thing. My self esteem tables hard because I absorbed the criticism deeply. I’m emerging, and being with others of similar thought process – I’m waiting impatiently!

  97. The last 1.5 years I have been truly exploring my multipotentialite self. I made a change from being an academic researcher to being a startup-er. I worked for a startup for the first 6 months and now running my own MedTech start-up as I am getting to learn how it works. What I realised along the way is I have always been a person with a “side” gig. I am a blogger, dancer, podcaster and aspiring writer. I think this is the perfect opportunity for me to meet people and get inspired to start a proud multipotentialite! I also have many great idea I feel will take form if I go to this conference.

    Running a bootstrapped startup does not let me afford tickets to the conference at this point in time. Hope I get considered for this conference


  98. Hi ?
    I am a teacher, entrepreneur and artist. Last year I launched HAPPY thighs, because I was lacking a proper solution for my thighchafe. Next week I have my first art exhibition at my home. See instagram @tovehoglundart I also LOVE my students. Can I really do everything?

  99. Lee says:

    The Everything Conference is exactly what I need right now because after biking from NYC to Seattle, spending 6 months at a yoga retreat center in Hawaii and falling in love with Portland a year ago while biking all over while attending World Domination Summit, I just moved here this month and I’m ready to make my dreams come true! I’m training to be a health coach while working as a tour guide and I’d like to start my own wellness tour company focused on grounding in nature. I’d like to tie together all of my experiences and interests of 30 + years in food service, photography, wellness, primal movement, foraging wild foods and fermentation. Community is so important and I know I’d also find more of my people at this conference. Thank you for the opportunity!

  100. Mary Konovsky says:

    I’m currently at a transition point in my life, and I am perplexed about how to move forward with making a contribution and using my skills and talents to their highest potential. I’ve not really had to confront this issue previously, because I was a forever student and a college professor, an occupation that allowed me to do so many things and call them all part of my job. Now, I’ve left that occupation and need to carve out a new way. I realize, that I am an introvert, that I need to reach out and ask for help. And so I’ asking you for help to attend the conference.

  101. Dorly Neto says:

    Being multipotentialite is no longer easy, and it is even easier when you were born in Brazil, raised in a poor family with few opportunities.

    Being multipotentialite made sure I was in a better social position than my family today. He has guaranteed me good jobs in startups and a varied knowledge in music, art, business development, oratory and writing. Still, I did not think I was focusing and missing opportunities.

    I want to be at the conference to meet more people like me with different backgrounds and to continue learning. I want to bring this knowledge back to Brazil and help other people who have gone through the same situation as me.

  102. Mel says:

    Why is Everything Conference exactly what you need in your life right now?

    Hello! I was recently on the phone with a friend of mine, and I was sharing with her that lately I have been feeling like my main vocation has been feeling like the totality of my identity lately. That is when she mentioned the Putty Tribe! I am a practicing asylum lawyer who has been running a 100% grassroots funded project the last 4 years to represent asylum seekers pro bono here in the United States. I was living on the southern US/Mexico border doing this work for the last 2 years, and just moved to NYC earlier this year to build a base for myself as I continue to travel for work and otherwise. I definitely enjoy my work as an asylum lawyer, and also moved to NYC to take root in other interests I have! Now that the cold winter has passed, I am looking forward to more opportunities to do just that. :)

    I was a classical piano major my first year in college, and was the piano accompanist for musicals in high school. I also love improv! The arts is a big part of my life. I took another improv class upon moving back to the East Coast. My first job out of college was teaching junior high, and I am excited to be teaching my first class as an adjunct this summer for a masters program in community organizing. I also was a community organizer for many years working on campaigns—electoral, legislative, and more. I also recently did some background actor work for a television show in the Northeast—a very interesting experience, and the food was also good, hehe. I look back at everything I have typed, and it’s true that I have loved it all.

    As many people seem to be sharing, I felt the pressure to specialize in one particular thing, and after discovering your website—and book—I felt a sense of relief. I am a generalist! A Putty Peep! Instead of feeling the anxiety of “needing to pick one thing”, i am thinking about how I can do all the things I love to do. It feels really exciting and liberating.

    Particularly in the book, it was helpful for me to pull out what it is about these different pursuits that have commonalities about what drives me:

    *I love being part of a lateral team that works together to achieve something positive and impactful—from an election to putting on a play or musical!
    *I’m an ENFJ (I’m actually right between E and I, but lean more E)—and working one-on-one with people in sincere and engaging conversation is one of my favorite things to do
    *I am someone who also does well in experiencing new things and environments. Over the last 4 years, I’ve spent time in 15 major regions/cities in the United States, and have learned so much about my country. I am grateful to have the privilege to hopefully be able to experience more soon, hopefully internationally.

    I have been really super focused on asylum work for the last 3-4 years, and only recently have started to lean more into my other multipotentialite areas. The thought of a conference to meet other like-minded people is incredibly exciting, and it’d be amazing to continue building community of other Putty Peeps, but learn strategies and tactics on how to be an effective multipotentialite overall. PDX is also beautiful! :)

    Since vocationally at the moment, I am a scrappy, crowdfunded public interest lawyer, I unfortunately wouldn’t be able to attend the conference without a significant discount. If selected, I would certainly make the most of every minute at the conference! Otherwise, I plan on joining the virtual community once there is a spot available—hopefully this June.

    Thanks for reading/for your consideration. It’s also been super cool to read some of the other responses here, and I continue to derive a sense of community from that all the same!


  103. Barb Klein says:

    The Everything Conference is just right for me at this time in my life because the energy and synergy of coming together with a group like this will help me get more clear on my next steps with my work and energize and support me to bring forth the impact I am here to make! Plus it’s my year of “Why not?” So, why not!? Thanks for the chance to win a ticket!

  104. Mia Grace says:

    I need a spark, to be honest. To feel inspired, to connect with real humans in real life. I am frozen in time, as age creeps up on me. The time is now, but I could sure use some spark! How can I offer yoga, art, writing, technology to help women to be real, to be all of them, in a world that blocks, restricts and denies femininity? How can we do good in the world, real good, not driven by commerce but by love for the Earth? How can we show men the way? I, like many, have so much skill, experience and talent. Paralyzed by options, I need help to start. I need a spark.

  105. Antonio Livingston says:

    I am 49 and staring 50 straight in the eye. I have yet to walk in the fullest of all my potentials. Design. Art. Guitar. Percussion and others. To be around people of the same mindsets with multiple focuses would help me focus. I would get some insight on how others grow in their potentials—what strategies are they using. Just to meet others out there. What knowledge I could ascertain and bring back to those in my community. I start so many things…. I want to learn how to finish and not just finish, but finish strong.I would be able to help others finish strong too.

  106. Jaylynn says:

    the path to succeed ! Please I live a few hrs away and could totally make it! Focus

  107. Carey Ardner says:

    Because its exactly everything! I need the: tribe, connection, understanding, empathy, energy, identity, dedication, creativity, reflection, challenge, mentoring, leadership, passion, encouragement, mindfulness, community, opportunity to help, healing, courage, agency, and peace. And I’m sure I forgot so many others :) Send that ticket my way and Ill elaborate on every single way the conference met every single one!

  108. Until I heard about the Everything Conference….I’d never had a word for sharing my love and skills in many different ways with the world. Thus, I’ve also never been able to fully share my gifts because I’ve always struggled with thinking that I had to choose one of these talents in order to really succeed. But every time I choose just one of the options, I feel conflicted because I feel like the other is just important and a part of me. So, as a Multi-potentialite I think a ticket to the Everything Conference could serve me well because I really want to connect, learn and share with like-minded peeps that are already living a thriving multi-potentialite life…as well those that are just beginning to start their journey.

  109. Jane says:

    I’m considering a career change and am having trouble deciding what to choose. There are a lot of things I enjoy and like, but no single thing that inspires me above all others. I’m also struggling with feeling like an imposter because I haven’t specialized and there are people who are better at all of these things. I would love to be with people who get it.

  110. Sean says:

    I have recently become a member of the Puttytribe after at least 6 months of playing with the idea and hesitating. After finally deciding to join, whether by coincidence or by a shift in my personal intention, I made the choice to quit my job and to create my own business/work freelance. The steps are little, there is quite a bit of fear and self-doubt to work through, but I am moving forward. However, I do not want to lose momentum. The opportunity to attend the Everything Conference seems like the perfect chance to delve deeper into my multipotentiality and enrich my trajectory.

    What is missing right now is a deeper sense of connection to other multi-potentialites. Living in France, I do not have a large community that I can connect with in real life. My connections in the Puttytribe have been the first step, but I believe that actually being in a space with other like-minded people and sharing with this group would be an incredibly powerful experience and could open me up to the full possibility of my career, my interests, and my life. My journey has just begun, and I am so excited to be going down this path. Thanks for taking the time to read my entry, and I hope to see you soon at the Everything Conference!

  111. Adele says:

    I want to attend the Everything Conference because I want to connect with like minded people who are multipotentialite like me. I have been struggling finding work for 3 years now since graduating from college and I am at a crossroad in my life. I believe that attending this Everything Conference will allow me to network with individuals and many different fields and this conference will allow me to get closer to what I want to do in my career. I have always been interested in many things in my life ever since I was a kid, so when I came across Emilie Wapnick’s Ted talk on YouTube talking about how its ok to have many interests was an eye-opener for me because all my life I have had a hard time trying to focus on just one thing. Overall this conference will allow me to get outside my comfort zone and be one step closer to finding my career path.

  112. Andrei says:

    The Everything Conference sounds so cool! I’d love to be able to attend because it fits in perfectly with my life. I’ve lived and worked on 4 continents and done everything from genetics lab work to photography, journalism, IT, been an entrepreneur, and finally settled on web development as a passion and career option. That’s on top of the dozens of hobbies I’ve enjoyed: longboarding, slacklining, rock climbing, rappelling down office buildings, sailing, urban exploring, drone photography, and learning languages. Before discovering the term multipotentialite I felt kind of lost but you’ve given me a new lens with which to embrace my intellectual curiosity and focus my energy. Thanks so much! If I could come to the conference I’d really enjoy meeting other multipods and learning more about the diverse pathways to success.

  113. At 34 years old I finally decided that I couldn’t decide what to specialize in for a college education.
    My youngest of three daughters (who gave me the opportunity to stop being a cashier when she was born with only one hand) went to junior kindergarten and that left me not knowing what to do with myself.
    I had always been interested in my local art and design college so on a whim I applied. I got in to the general arts program where we got to explore a variety of art mediums.
    During a project we had to study a Ted Talk. That is when I found you. Your Ted Talk blew my mind. That was me! I am a multipotentialite. It was so relieving to finally find a group of similar people and stop feeling like a whimsical person who can never be happy as a drone.
    Thank you.

  114. Emily says:

    I would love to attend!

    I just started reading “How to Be Everything” and feel like it’s speaking directly to me. I’ve been in a career rut since I finished up grad school a few years ago, and would love to learn how to get excited about my potential again. That’s why I would love to attend the Everything Conference. I have a myriad of skills…I just don’t know what to do with them! It would be a dream to meet others like me, and see how exemplar multipotentialites weave their skills and experiences together to be professional powerhouses.


  115. Sonia Loredo says:

    I vividly remember the sleepless night I came to know Emily’s Ted talk. Being in a Job that wanted my soul and surrounded by people I couldn’t relate to, I had fallen into anxiety and depression and was in a kinda very low but eye-opening ground-breaking time. I often used Ted talks to feel more connected, and one day, after diving into Liminalims, The New Renaissance Human,…, I found Emily. As I watched her, struggling a bit through the talk, so optimistic, so energetic, so No what you expect, I on the couch, phone over my head shinning, started to recognise myself and understanding why others couldn’t relate to ME. Since, whenever I feel utterly disconnected and want to feel proud of what I am, I watch the Video again. Then when my personal life took a turn, and I felt even more lonely I tuned into the community and The Everything Conference was announced. BIG SMILE ON MY FACE. This is exactly what I need to move towards my next STEP: TO BE SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE WHO GETS ME AND TO WHOM I CAN GIVE SO MUCH TOO. AND I MEAN PHYSICALLY SUROUNDED. I need the eye to eye contact and the feeling of people to connect deeply. I have started a quest to Show-off the real me and can’t think of a more encouraging place to go super-deep and let go than the Everything conference.

    Besides,to meet Emily in person would really be an honour and a milestone for me, and it seems quite possible.

    I’m Spanish, currently living in Madrid, so it is quite a trip from here. I have been struggling to put together the money to get there: private English lessons, selling off things, Coaching, while starting a DIVERSITY COACHING BUSINESS. I am almost there BUT TO HAVE THE TICKET FOR FREE to the most interesting Event ofthe year and For my birthday ( 13th of September) I wouldn’t ask for anything else this year, it will definetely make it possible for me.

    JUST WANT TO THANK YOU F0R THE CHANCE! Whether I can finally make it or not I know it will be a success.

  116. Chris says:

    I need the Everything Conference because, judging by this comment thread and other visible signs of digital love for Emily’s work, I’m not alone. I want to connect in the real world with this tribe of other humans who have maybe-too-many-passions/talents/interests but are determined to make it all work…somehow. I believe in the uniqueness of each individual, and I believe some really cool stuff can get created by us multipotentialites…and there’s probably a multiplier effect when you get all of us together in one room. I want to be a part of that! Ultimately, it’s about personal growth and contribution–I want to realize my potential in all its multifaceted glory and make something worth sharing with the world. Community is super important in helping us realize our potential; this could be that community for me–I want to see. I’m a musician (multi-instrumentalist…obviously), recording engineer/producer, writer (currently prolific in my personal journals but with a heavy interest in screenwriting), certified yoga teacher, certified teacher in an SEL program in schools…oh, and I teach kids math, which is my current primary source of income…and, to be honest, I really want to make a movie someday. So, yeah. Anyone out there wanna connect?

  117. I stumbled across the term multipotentialite via Emilie’s TED speech only a couple months ago. I was in a career transition and it was rough. This video which led me to this community helped me to help identify who I was. I have always prided myself as a generalist, but I have always felt that it does not exactly describe how I feel. I have used this term and blog to help describe who I am to others, but now I do not know how to continue cultivating my multi-passions. This conference will help me learn how to continue to actively work on my multipotentialite status and allow me to bring this to my current industry helping startups.


  118. Joe says:

    HI Everyone,
    As a long term multi-potentialite life is too short and complicate to “find that one thing that drives you” With so many of my colleges locked into knowing just that one thing ie: which hormone triggers a snail to reproduce,or how tidal influences affect river levels, it is refreshing to meet and talk with people who live outside the bubble of scientific dogma. Dreamer and doers are the ones who get things done. We need to let the world know its not the one thing that drives you, it is the interconnection of all things that deliver the big picture to the world. For example look at Emillie’s Photo at the bottom of the page, it is not just a view of our friend but a snap shot in time of our/her culture. Notice the shelves are multi level, the plants are strategically placed, and the table cleared for a new project, or a board game with the group. What we dont see is the computer that generated the photo, and the reflection of each of us looking back.
    We tend to live our own lives of quiet desperation trying to fit into the specialized world when we should be doing what people in the 1800s did to educate and explore all options in our lives.
    That is why i would like to attend the conference, to meet share ideas and expanded not only knowledge but to connect to other who know the call to do it all.

  119. Laura Ulak says:

    Why is this conference what I need right now? Well, I will actually be in Oregon during that time period, so it seems a little serendipitous, but the main reason is that I need to meet my people. I need to network and take classes, and be creative with like-minded folks. I have spent far too long worrying about what others thought of my ability to go from thing to thing, that made me feel shamed and inadequate. I am trying to embrace the unique things about me, and help reframe my life in a better, more positive and productive way. The last four years have been difficult. At one point, someone asked me if I lived over a Hellmouth, or had pissed off a God, because I had the worst luck of anyone they knew. Unlucky or not, the only person who can change my life is me, and when I discovered that there was a community of people like me, it blew my mind. And as they said in “When Harry met Sally” (paraphrasing), “When you figure out what you want for the rest of your life, you want the rest of your life to start right away.” I don’t really want to wait till September, but if I got there any earlier, there would be no one there, lol.

    I also live on a pension, and this would be the only way I could afford to attend this year. I’m a little late to the multipotentialite party, so if this conference happens again next year, I could potentially save up for it. But for this year? This is my chance. If I get to attend the conference, it would be amazing. But if there is someone who needs this more than I do, I am glad they get to attend and benefit from it.

  120. John Smith says:

    (take 2! I’m not sure if my original posted)

    I started out as a multi-instrumentalist playing piano and viola at the 6-12th grade fine arts school I attended as a child – which is where, at the tender age of 13, I decided that I wanted to write music for videogames. So, it was up to me to balance playing piano, playing viola, and teaching myself to write classical music with teaching myself about computers and electronic music production. My childhood dream and studies led me to studying piano and viola at the collegiate level, but my side-project – learning entrepreneurial practice because I was sure our economy would demand that I have those skills – led me to adding personal studies on top of that. I read Ramit Sethi, James Altucher, Derek Sivers – countless articles and blogs — I got accepted to an entrepreneurial summit as a roundtable leader, interned at the video game television network in their SEO department

    designed and wrote music for a crowd-controlled music based video game I premeired as a performance for the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid, Spain — moved to one of the world’s best contemporary music schools to study electronic music and video game music formally, joined _their_ inaugural entrepreneurial course, freelanced as a game composer and sound designer, made _another_ crowd game for a performance at MIT

    and lately I: started a love blog and business with my partner, started a for-hire game studio and landed our first contract, and signed a contract to work with a musician and friend that my new label is funding.

    When I talk about these things, or when I ask about advice on how to present myself, what I get is .. skepticism. Even though I have experience in all of these fields, people just either don’t buy it or don’t ‘get it.’

    I’d love to spend some time around people who get it. I’d love to enrich their lives and see how they enrich my own. I’d love to help form a community of inspired, excellent people.

  121. Linzi Le-creator Martin says:

    To respond to … Why is Everything Conference exactly what you need in your life right now? … I’m changing a word. Need is out, desire is in.

    My desire is to help design and create sacred spaces, with and for others. A sacred space allows for pausing. Taking pause moments allows for that spark of inspiration to creep in.

    The Everything Conference is holding the sacred space for us sparks to listen, to be heard and create something bigger than ourselves.

    My desire is to be part of that in my life, right now.

  122. Danton says:

    I want almost nothing

    from the everything conference,

    but an opportunity for opportunity.

    And I want to be me and be happy.

  123. Irene Mekus says:

    Hello all!

    Getting my first “real” job led me to Emilie’s book, I was struggling with the lack of satisfaction at my job and still am (not as bad now, but different job essentially the same story). It helped me make sense of what I was feeling, while everyone else seems so happy in their chosen career paths. In college there was always variety, I could try, explore, learn, but the “real” job world lacks what I seek. I feel like sometimes we are afraid to seek more and people will internalize the complacency to dismiss us by saying “that’s just the real world”, or “life’s not fair”. I SEEK MORE, and this book empowered me to boldly know I can!

    Even when I have a job that interests me, it zaps my spirit to think that “this is it”, this is what i’m going to do the rest of my life. Six years ago I remember writing essays for the college application process about where “I saw myself in 5 or 10 years”. I found my response consistently revolving around the idea of the “Renaissance woman”. The ultimate goal for me would be that “Renaissance woman” a person with many talents or areas of knowledge and interests. It made so much sense to me that this would be the ultimate goal but my excitement to embody the renaissance woman never seemed to elicit much response from counterparts. I am highly motivated to develop my abilities in many areas, but sometimes it feels like I’m trying to build a skyscraper with stone tools. Finding Emilie’s book last year after I graduated college unfolded what I had been unable to verbalize when I felt lost and unsatisfied with my then job .

    The specialist mentality, the starving of creativity, the deadening of motivation and the other reasons we “have to” stick to the specialist mentality all contribute to the lack of mobility that I as a multipotentialite crave. In college creativity was encouraged but it is such a stark contrast when you enter the work world, creativity let alone most critical thinking knowledge is not utilized to enhance most anything and is squandered as a resource. Slowly we resign ourselves to this just is the “real world” and soon grow complacent and too tired to know what we want or should seek (I explored this more in a book titled: Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman-excellent book but a whol’nother discussion for another day). As complacency grows we just widen the crevice that hampers our motivation, now couple that with the specialist job being your source income/healthcare and many just can’t overcome the “risk” of making the big move to chase what they seek. It fascinates me to think about how the creativity meter is America would transform if your job was not your source of healthcare instead of working full-time just to get healthcare, many could instead jump that as a barrier and multiple part time jobs could become the norm for not only us multipotentialites but anyone who wants to flesh out more aspects of their existence.

    I think the work you are doing is profound! I would love to attend this conference, but even if it is not this year surely one in the future! Thank you for inspiring!

    –Irene Mekus

  124. Kenzie says:

    I did it – I resigned from my job as a software product manager! For three years I eagerly soaked up completely new knowledge on software development, design, management, human resources. Then I felt like moving on to new territory – it was hard to resign because who does that, after just reaching a solid proficiency in a completely new field?! A nervous but optimistic multipotentialite does, because there are a million other things I want to smoosh together!

    I’m packing my belongings into my Ford hatchback plus a 5×5 storage unit, and driving out west to sate some of my other loves, sustainable farming and road tripping, while I figure out how to create a multipod business out of music performance + composition + hiking and backpacking + environmental sustainability + collaboration. Volunteering on farms and not paying room and board will help me cover my expenses for a while as I start to figure things out, and we’ll see where it goes from there!

    I’ve always wanted to put something into the world that would encourage people to connect more with themselves, with their fellow humans, and the natural world. I’m thrilled for this next chapter and know that the best way to get inspired and motivated at this juncture is to be around a bunch of other multipotentialites who have already created businesses out of multiple passions – or are in the process of doing it!

  125. Deb says:

    Hello Emilie + multipod team,

    About Me: My lime-green library card makes a bold statement: “I’m an Information Ninja.” True it is. Ever since I borrowed a copy and listened to your How to be Everything audiobook, the idea of becoming a full-fledged PuttyTribe member hit my want-it, need-it, goals list. I saw myself as part of your multipod family Emilie. So many concepts resonated deep in my soul, chapter after chapter.

    The title of your book drew me in but the contents cemented by newest title of Multipotentialite. I claimed it. Hey, I even throw it around in networking circles.

    I took your test last year and scored “Simultaneous” – my sleeping octopus heart creature was awoken. I do have cool superpowers! Thanks for reminding me. In fact, my dreams & goals are bigger than the megatall Burj Khalifa building in Dubai.

    When my love affair with your book began, I started construction my new personal foundation. A foundation that allows me to be more me. A foundation that now rejects old remarks like “What, you’re changing careers again?” or, “Why would you want to do that?” I kicked those lingering comments out of my head & kept the more useful knowledge and skills.

    Pick Me: Why do I want to join a group of like-minded Puttypeeps at the Everything Conference? Selfishly, because I need to grow in spirit and further develop more of my wondrous ideas. I’d like to nurture them and see them turn into something tangible rather than just thoughts and ideas. Little by little, of course.

    In my soul, I know that groups that focus on positive, collective thought-forms help us to achieve spectacular and seemingly impossible results. I strongly believe I’ve got a lot to offer. Face-to-face interactions are always more powerful and genuine than the written word. I see myself at the Everything Conference chatting it up with fellow Puttypeeps. Listening, connecting, gathering, and offering. Mmm.

    In the past, I’ve engaged in random networking and it left me feeling wasted. From those experiences, I recognize the power of connecting with true peers who bring fresh ideas and kind-hearted support.

    My to-do list of life is long so I don’t sit around thinking about what I’ve done but what I haven’t done. For decades, I’ve set yearly goals. In 2018 my label was: Uplift, with a subtitle of Drop what Others Think. Now that I’m ready and willing to be disliked, my label for 2019 is: ASK. Hey, here’s a question: Why not pick me to attend?

    From my shadowy side, I’ve mastered procrastination. Being with the PuttyTribe would encourage my accountability to self and help others with this all too common trait. I want, need, wish for more Puttypeeps in my life to help me see my path a wee bit clearer. I want to give and get support.

    That sums up my desire to attend the Everything Conference. I get a positive vibe from the regular social media interactions and I want more. Huddle me! It’s time I turned up the heat on a few of my back-burner projects.

    On a final note, I was born in the Year of the Pig. I added wings to my pig cuz I am soaring higher than ever before in 2019.

    In gratitude,
    Deb the Keener

  126. Surya says:

    Hi everyone! Like many of you, I’m at a crossroads in my life. I’ve also had my fair share of rough patches and sink-or-swim situations, which has taken a toll on my self-esteem (I’m so used to believing I’m not worthy enough that I almost didn’t enter this contest – and it’s Sunday 2nd June, 9.32 p.m. here).

    Everything Conference is what I need in my life right now because I need help with finding my place in this world, and in return I truly hope to be of help, too. I want to leave with newfound hope in tow and a sense of community, wondering at the myriad possibilities ahead rather than shrinking from a daunting future.

    Not only would the free ticket cover the 5000 miles between the venue and me, but it would also feel like a warm, encouraging hug (-: Would you be willing to help me write an amazing new life chapter?

    Fondest regards,


  127. Terri says:

    I have struggled most of my life with the realization that I think different, look at the world different, embrace work differently, and have this uncontrollable desire to keep learning. I have yet to meet anyone that I believe to be a multipotentialite.

    A few months back, I quit my full time job because it went against my grain so much it was making me emotionally and physically sick. I am now re-evaluating everything in my life and not only is it time for me to make a career change again, but it is time for me to create the second act of my life.

    I believe that the Everything Conference will be a great place to help with my do-over process, to connect with like minded people, gain wisdom and inspiration from others as to how they deal with their unique gift, and have a lot of fun at the same time.

    Lastly, I would really like to meet you, Emilie. Your book has come at the perfect time in my life! The Universe definitely had my back.

  128. Nishra Almen says:

    I need to come to the Everything Conference
    because I need to synergize with other multipods ASAP!

    I am ready to share my gifts, and I want to share Everything.

    I live in a cycle I call CELL–acronym for Create-Explore-Learn-Love.
    I need to create daily in order to stay happy,
    and I dream of creating together with other puttylike people,
    inventing big and small things that improve the world.

    I feel that our kind are few and far in between,
    and that it takes a ridiculous effort to find each other —
    finding that sense of belonging, and like-minded people to work with.
    Thanks to Emily, it’s now easier than ever.
    However, having extra many interests and pursuits,
    and uncountable pulls towards different directions,
    time is extraordinarily precious.
    Meeting a kindred soul though,
    creates an instant connection that may last for a life time,
    and as a multipod craving to connect,
    I can’t think of a better place to be
    than the Everything Conference.

    I’ve found the prospect of attending this event utterly inspiring,
    so following is a little song I wrote as a tribute to it,
    and to all my fellow multipods expressing themselves on here.
    I’ll post a video of my playing it in a couple hours when I have piano access.

    N.A. 2019-06-02

    They tell me I’m scattered
    They tell me I can’t make up my mind
    They tell me I can’t stay focused, that I’m wide open
    To Everything that comes my way

    I have so much passion, and I fashion many hats
    It isn’t that I lack direction, I just gravitate
    Towards the intersections

    Cause I want to know
    I want to go where my heart tells me to go
    And I want to grow
    So I’m not drifting, I’m shape shifting

    Everything I am
    Everything I do
    Everything I oversee
    Is Everything to me

    Everything I know
    Everything I love
    Everything that I can be
    Means Everything to me

    They think I have no direction
    They think that I flake when things get hard
    They think I need to choose a course, learn to close some doors
    And say: if I don’t choose, I’ll lose it all

    But I have to be
    Everything that comes naturally
    And I have to see
    Cause my one true path, is of the polymath

    Yes I have potential that is multidimensional
    I’m not indecisive, I’m deciding wisely
    To go deep but wide, embrace my many sides–where the worlds collide

    Everything I am
    Everything I do
    Everything I oversee
    Is Everything to me

    Everything I know
    Everything I love
    Everything that I can be
    Means Everything to me

    If there was only a place where Everyone was like me
    A magical place of potentiality
    A gathering where our souls convene
    I can be Everything I want to be
    I’d encourage the rest, and let them be seen
    We’d figure out, what Everything means
    And what we’ll make, with all we do
    Then we’d have the cake, and we’d eat it too

    Everything I am
    Everything I do
    Everything I oversee
    Is Everything to me

    Everything is key
    Everything I’ll one day be, and
    Everything with its synergy
    It’s Everything I’ll ever need
    It is Everything indeed
    Everything to me

  129. Amy says:

    I recently discovered Emilie’s TED talk, this site, and the abundance of information and community that stems from it. It’s been a beautiful thing to discover this tribe. Simply reading the comments on this post, I know that this community is a place I want to learn, grow, contribute. I’m currently in discovery mode, and The Everything Conference would be an incredible way to move from discover to action!

  130. Martinee says:

    I would just love love love to win that free ticket, what a great opportunity & a nice thought,
    merci Emily
    As a true multipotentialite, I’m writing this very close to deadline…
    As a true multipotentialite, money is tight sometimes and it is THE only reason I’m missing the Conference this year…
    To be present would mean that I could share, live, that being a multipod is the greatest gift of all as it gives us access to the ‘Fountain of Youth’; I’m a tiny bit over 65 and I have energy, heart, ideas, projects and even some says the look of a much younger person… And I truly believe it is because I have a multi potential mind ! Yeh! Good luck to all, Martine xo

  131. I love being a pioneer and attending first-time events with people who share my values and some of my challenges. Excited to connect with like-minded community members in an intimate setting. Oh and Portland is super fab too!

  132. Kristin says:

    When I watched Emilie’s Ted Talk, I immediately recognized myself. I throw myself into new passions with vigor, soaking up new information, teaching myself new skills, and then moving on to the next passion. I currently host a podcast, and I am at another cross roads, another “I could do ANYTHING,” moment. And I need to meet some people like me and get some inspiration for which EVERYTHING I should pick next!

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