The Promise in the Air
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The Promise in the Air

Written by Emilie

Topics: Life

I just gave my roommate my 30 day notice. Hooooly this is happening!

There’s something about the end of a monster project. You may feel a profound sense of loss. You may wonder why you can’t relax and enjoy your free time the way you “should”, and you may find that free time quickly transforms into depression.

Multipotentialites don’t get off on “free time.” We get off on creating.

We’re lucky though. We have so many interests that the next project is usually right around the corner. You might not know what it is yet, but it’s coming. Or maybe you have a long list of new passions you’ve been wanting to explore but haven’t had time for until now. Pull out that back burner list. What makes your heart flutter?

Making the Shift from Mourning to Excitement

This is when the shift happens. Suddenly the free time is no longer depressing. It’s filled with promise– like falling in love or the change of seasons.

I have a long list of projects that I pushed aside in September to focus exclusively on the release of Renaissance Business. I literally shifted from plate-spinner mode to a sequential scanner (pursuing interests in sequence, as opposed to simultaneously). It was what I needed.

But I’m ready to move on to the next project(s). I’m so ready.

Back to Portland

I spent most of September living at home in Montreal. But now it’s back to real life, where things aren’t so comfortable, where cute strangers bike over to chat, where I’m pushed to grow and be independent and get out of my shell. Back to Bollywood dance classes, community orchestra and Clue tournaments at Three Friends.

On the work front, I’m gearing up for a month of amazing projects– booked solid with new coaching students I can’t wait to meet, getting back to the television pilot, some new design work, and yes– preparing for a road trip down the coast to Southern California in November!

And so I gave my roommate my 30 day notice today.

When I return to Portland after Christmas, I will be upgrading to a home where I can get a schnauzer puppy, something I’ve been dreaming of for years but haven’t had the right “life situation” to accommodate til now.

Real life is happening.


What are you stoked about? Any new projects in the works?

Oh and any Puttypeep who live in the Oregon/Cali region, hit me up on Twitter!


  1. Holli says:

    Road trips are a fun way to get inspired:)

    I felt all of what your describing 2 weeks ago. It was a few days after a big community event I helped coordinate. I felt so down. Almost like I was full of grief. Then, I realized that it was probably because I wasn’t so busy all of a sudden. My life had changed to a being a mother of school-aged children. I have 2 days a week now where I’m not on Mommy-mode for several hours. It hit me that perhaps I was too busy to feel the shift until the big project was over.

    So, I made plans for projects I wanted to complete. Two days later, I got a call for a writing project. I will get paid for the first time in 3 years to do something I love. Nothing huge, we’re not moving, but it will help out our growing food budget (a 5-year-old can eat about twice as much as a 4-year-old).

    Happy Scanning!

    • Emilie says:

      I’m so happy for you, Holli! Truly, that’s awesome. Isn’t it great how the opportunities come when you put yourself out there? Imagine if you hadn’t started Holli with an i. :)

      Shoot me the URL when your first article comes out. I’ll definitely check it out!

  2. Brian Gerald says:

    Woohoo for California road trips! I’ll be in LA the second week of November, if you happen to have made it down that far by then, let me know!

    • Emilie says:

      Oh man… I doubt we’ll be that far south by mid Nov, but I’ll keep in touch for sure. And you definitely have to send tips in terms of stuff to do. (You’re one of the few people I know who loves that city. I want to see it through your eyes!)

  3. Conni says:

    Ah man, good on you Emilie!
    God, Portland seems to be the place to be these days! Feel like all the cool dudes n dudettes (bloggers I mean) are out there! Really makes me wanna come n check it out..

    I’m super stoked on my blog project still.. Hope to launch in a few weeks. Your book gave me another push in the right direction and also a bit of a kick in the ass. So thanks for that. I’ve said it many times now, but you really did do a great job with it! I owe a big part of my blog project to you, that’s just how it is!

    I’m also taking on my first freelancing project (I work in PR&Social Media Consulting full time and want to go solo next year), which is cool, excited to see how it’ll go!

    All the best with your plans!!

    • Emilie says:

      Hey Conni,

      You should definitely swing by Portland sometime. I can’t get over this place. It’s just so friendly and weird and fantastic.

      And congrats on the blog and freelancing! It makes me really happy to hear that RB helped push you along. I’d love to check out your site when you launch. Keep me posted please!

  4. Whoo hoo Emilie!
    Renaissance Business only just launched and you are ‘upgrading’ your pad, way to go girl, sales must be gooood *smiling*!

    I just dropped my copy onto a stick to read the second half in the UK, whilst visiting my folks. It’s a great work so far (and I have even printed out the worksheets to complete!)

    You should be proud!
    Stay well

    • Emilie says:

      Thank you so much Ian!

      Haha… I was itching to upgrade, and then yeah, the launch went over pretty nicely. So that, in combination with this road trip, was enough to get me to pull the trigger. Not sure how it’ll all work out when I get back here in Jan, but I have faith that I’ll find a way to make it work. :)

      Have fun in the UK!

  5. Rob says:

    Schnauzer puppy! That’s a big step! Before you know it, you’ll have three of them, you’ll be taking them to training school, buying them toys, and worrying if they’ll grow up to be good adult schnauzer dogs. :-P

    In all seriousness, all of this sounds great Em. I’m glad to hear about the road trip down to Cali. That’ll certainly be an adventure!


    • Emilie says:

      Omg the thought of three schnauzer puppies made me really giddy. :) I’m more of a one-pup girl though. But I do have a name picked out and everything (Grendel… Hated having to read Beowulf 20 times in school, but always thought Grendel would make a good name for a little gray schnauzer. Aw.)

      Nice hearing from you, Rob! *hugs*

  6. Tim Webster says:

    If I’ve got down time (more than a few hours is rare) I feel really empty. ‘So uhh.. what’s next?’ Sitting still is not something I do very well. Of course, the past 2.5 years have pretty much been a constant stream of new projects so I don’t really remember what it feels like to have ‘nothing to do’. The last time this happened was about 3 years ago, but I remember looking forward to not having much to do, then when I ACTUALLY didn’t have anything to do all I wanted was to pick up a bunch of new projects.

    I just launched my first product (ever!) on Friday which went really well and my business partner has most of the control at this point. Since that project has died down slightly I am looking forward to finishing up and preparing for a big, fanciful, trumpets and parades and fireworks and balloon animals type launch (hopefully!)

    Coming back home from Vegas definitely has me looking forward to getting to work on my ‘next steps’. I realized while I was out in that city that I’ve created a life that even Las Vegas cannot tempt me away from. Feels good!

    Oh, and enjoy your trek down the coast. That is something I’d love to do in the near future. I’m thinking that I’ll split from the WDS and rent a very fast car with no top and drive at top speed down route 101/1 – it just sounds like something that needs to be done! Enjoy yourself!

    • Emilie says:

      Looking forward to having nothing to do and then actually experiencing it and feeling empty, is something I’m intimately familiar with. I used to feel it at the end of every semester of school. Exams would end and I’d spend about half a day watching DVDs on the couch and then want to cry.

      Holy wow, congrats on the first product launch Tim! (I can relate. ;) Where can I take a look at it?

      And I’ll see you at WDS 2012! We definitely need to organize another multipotentialite meetup. Like last year, but much BIGGER. Woot!

  7. Drew Jacob says:

    Congrats on the change, Emilie. I know the feeling and I love heading off at the beginning of a new big project. Drop me a line if I can help in any way.

    • Emilie says:

      Thanks Drew. It sounds like you’re having a grand time with your new roommate. I hope we find a way to cross paths again before next June.

      Nice hearing from you.

      • Drew Jacob says:

        It’s iffy whether I can get out there before then, but it would make a great side-trip. Right now I am realizing I will probably have to give away my WDS ticket because, most likely, the Great Adventure will depart before WDS happens. I don’t want to zip off by plane in the middle of the big walk. But we’ll see!

  8. deb says:

    Ah, road trips. Ah, big life shifts. Ah, a schnauzer puppy. What deliciousness Emilie. So much fun (and wicked inspiring) to read your schtuff. Way to go you. Enjoy the trip, enjoy the shifts and enjoy the PUPPY!

    (the pet love of my life was the chipster – the mini-schnauzer i grew up with. sometimes i still talk to her – specially when i drop food on the floor: “yo chipster … a treat!”) (methinks the spirit version of her tail wags like crazy in the cosmic soup when i do that …)

    • Emilie says:

      Aww Chipster! There’s nothing quite like the love of a schnauzer, eh? You know what I’m talking about. I grew up with a mini-schnauzer named Duffy. He was the best dog in the world. I’ve been waiting and waiting till the time was right to get my own. Always been in school or traveling, but now it’s time (almost).

      Oh and the other thing is, whenever I see a schnauzer on the street, I consider it good luck– a sign that I’m on the right track. They’re like little, bearded, good luck omens. :)

  9. I’ve been considering a move to Portland, but I’ve heard that it’s not really all that great. Okay, I “heard” that on various Portland message boards – not from anyone I know.

    Tell the truth – what’s it really like there? Worth moving to?

    • Emilie says:

      Ha WHAT?! Portland is the most amazing place I’ve ever been!!!

      Portlanders do love to exaggerate how bad the weather gets, but that’s only to keep people away. I’ve heard that they don’t want outsiders to know how really great this city is.

      And it is great. In every possible way.

      Friendly, creative, cheap, healthy, beautiful, intelligent, progressive, nature… It’s got everything good and very little of the bad.

  10. Cotton Candy says:

    First, congrats!! Being able to live on your own, & in a house instead of some crowded, loud apartment building*, is AWESOME! Go Emilie! I hope I can achieve the same (living in a house in Portland, with a thriving online business & community) within the next year. (Within the next 5 months would be best really, but it seems unrealistic.) I probably won’t buy a puppy though. This past spring I was given the dogs we got when I was a teenager, so I’ve already got myself some furry babies. :)

    *I know not all apartments are loud & crappy, but I’ve had some unpleasant experiences

    I’ve noticed that creating is what really lights me up too. :) I’ve got plenty of things to work on right now (in fact I had to stop writing this comment to jot down some ideas for one of my secret projects!) so any long period of “free time” is actually caused by depression. It means I’ve hit a wall of resistance saying I can’t do this, & I’m upset & spending a few days moping around.

    I seem to fall into the sequential scanner mode, but I’ve got a Renaissance Business project in the works that will hopefully allow me to be a little more of a plate-spinner.

    Have fun on your road trip! & I look forward to meeting you & Grendel! :)

    • Emilie says:

      Thanks C.C.

      I’m definitely looking forward to your arrival in Portland as well. It’s really fun when your goals start manifesting and real life begins to match up with the “ideal life” in you’re head. You’re well on your way.

      Very excited to see your Renaissance Business. Let me know when you launch! xo.

  11. Clio says:

    THIS is good news!!!

  12. Denise says:

    Excited for you! I am dying to leave the east coast.. and I’m not much of a traveler, but I’d like to change that.

    And I totally relate to the “depressing free time”…

    There’s some anxiety when I’m working on a project and when it’s done, instead of relishing in relief…. I wonder what to do next.

    Looking forward to whatever else you start to work on!

  13. Allison says:

    Grendel : it’s perfect. :D

  14. Emily Rose says:

    Seems like around every corner something is going on in Portland! I feel like I have the need to visit in the sometime future :)

    My plans are revolving around so many things I would have a hard time pinning them down into a comment!

    To say the least, Oct and Nov have been very productive for me behind the scenes! ^_^

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventure!

    <3 Emily Rose

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