Step Up, Multipotentialite Rock Star!
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Step Up, Multipotentialite Rock Star!

Written by Emilie

Topics: Confidence

This is a guest post by Jason Fonceca of SpiritSentient.

Most people don’t realize that celebrities had many areas-of-interest as children. They hopped from interest to interest, on their own schedule. Period. If their circles didn’t support them, they didn’t care, they created new ones. Many of them spent time isolated, alone, or distant from family (see: Angelina Jolie) because they took a stand about their multiple passions and would not be swayed.

Yep, that’s right. All those big celebrities with alllll their impressive accomplishments?

They’re just like you. They’re multipotentialites.

Do you think they didn’t dream in their teens and 20s about having their own clothing line? Or restaurant? Or perfume? Or album? Of course they did. They are creative. They are dreamers. They had people try and force them to narrow down their loves, and they refused. Sound familiar?

Some of the world’s most visible and expansive celebrities, started out as big-dreaming multipotentialites.

And this is great news! It means we multipotentialites have some pretty public role-models, and it looks like we have the option to be materially successful on a world-stage.

Sort of.

Here’s What Pisses Me Off

Most creative-types I know — those with many passions — will not only grudgingly listen to people telling them to “choose one”, but if they do manage to follow Emilie’s awesome advice and embrace their varied interests, they do it on a small-scale.

Okay, maybe… maybe, they`ll try a medium scale.

It pisses me off that I don`t see more on a large scale.

It could be argued that there’s a reason only a few do it big, but that doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that I want to see more multi-interest people doing it. I love my people. I love the ones with lots of interests, and I want to see them be powerful role models for the next generation. That means they need to step up. That means you and I, all of us, need to do our part to either raise up someone who’s willing, or to dream big and do it ourselves.

You know what`s really fun for me? Talking with movers-and-shakers, and world-leaders and celebrities looking to do more. I feel such a rush of energy talking to these people who came to earth eager to take us all some place new and wonderful. I love it. I want more of it. I want my multi-passionate friends to talk in similar ways.

Here’s the thing, there are a ton of creative, artsy, multipotentialites in our cities who do the opposite.

As if they’re scared, or like they don’t realize they have celebrity-juice running in their veins, waiting to express. They do. At least on a bigger scale than they’re used to. They have all the right ingredients. For almost every person I hear who wants to start an art gallery or yoga studio, I can feel it behind their words. They have even greater dreams, but choose not to express them.

How many multipotentialites do you know that really, truly, “Dream Big” (or admit to it)? There’s a gap, it’s begging to be filled.

This post is intended to light a fire under you. To kick you in the ass. To inspire you to greater heights and to realize that not only is it okay to dream big, but you have a leg up on many people. Leonardo Da Vinci and Ben Franklin were historical multipotentialites, and they dreamed big. Many of today’s celebrities — same thing. There are speakers at TED who’s interests, skills, and accomplishments are diverse and well-integrated.

You can fill the gap. You can be the big-dreaming multi-passionate ones.

If you want to start small, or take small steps, it’s cool, I get it. But if there’s even a seed of ambition in you to expand your reach and leave a legacy, I encourage you, please focus on that. Nurture it. I’ve seen more than enough ‘settlers’ and life-long baby-steppers, thank you.

I Want Even More: I Want You Praising Yourselves

They say you can’t get from others what you can’t give yourself, so give yourself some praise and respect.

I want you to be more confident. Even a bit cocky. There is room in the world for cockiness, and there is certainly room for it in the multipotentite community. (To help with this you can use my confidence-building Life Purpose exercise, or Emilie’s Overarching Theme exercise, which I’m guessing you’ve already seen.)

I want you aware of your value. Are multipotentialites creative? Yes. Multi-passionate? Yes. Gentle and afraid of conflict or bucking the status quo? Sadly… often.

You have talents in many areas, you have a unique blend of skills. You can blend worlds like a fucking boss.

The Non-Multipotentite Example: Let’s say there was an engineer named Andy. Andy was super-specialized, and closed to almost all other disciplines. Would he be able to easily communicate with and uplift an artist he meets, speaking the ‘starving artists’ language and embracing their creativity? Maybe. He might, but I dunno if you’d want to bet on it.

The Multipotentite Example: Let’s take a multipotentite, named… Leonard. Leonard has a love of invention, a love of business, and a love of art. He has rabidly pursued each, whenever he felt like it. He knows all the terms and understands the values. Would they be able to communicate with and uplift an artist, enlightening him/her about business and invention but in a language that the artist understands? Damn right he would.

Multipotentialites are amazing universal translators, among other things. They’re bridges between worlds, and they make tons of money, wield tons of influence, and affect tons of change if they step into this role. Jay-Z was able to unite hip-hop and rock. He was able to bring hiphop out of the ghettos and into the corporate boardrooms. Two communities that almost never would’ve blended if it weren’t for his myriad passions.

Jay-Z was torn between one path, dealing drugs (note: he has romanticized drug dealing himself in many interviews), his passion for rap and his passion for clothing/fashion/brands.

Guess what, this industry-changing mogul now owns over 16 businesses, is married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, and never once compromised any of his passions. He put it all under the Jay-Z umbrella, using his rap to promote brands + clothes, while using his ‘hustle’ to peddle his music, even going so far as to create his own record company to do so.

“So they made light o’, my type o’ dreams – seem dumb
They said “Wise up, how many guys-ah you see making it from here?
The world don’t like us, is that not clear?” “Alright,
but I’m different, I can’t base what I’m gonna be off a what everybody isn’t,”
They don’t listen, just whisperin’ behind my back,
No vision, lack of ambition,
So wack!” – Jay-Z, So Ambitious

This is a man who would follow his path no matter what, even if that path said “Pursue Multiple Interests And Succeed.” Which he stepped up and did.

Celebrities Do What They Love, And So Can You (So Do It!)

Richard Branson doesn’t have an impressive degree or lots of letters after his name. He has his finger in a million pies, many of them crazy and out-landish, and his whole business is based on this.

As a middle-class British kid with dyslexia who nearly flunked out of one school and was expelled from another, he left school at 16 years of age, with the goal of building a national magazine to protest the Vietnam War. Sounds a lot like a dreamy, creative, ‘scatter-brained’ multipotentite, no? As Richard says, he was just following his heart and “doing what young people do”.

“My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them…from the perspective of wanting to live life to the full, I felt that I had to attempt it.” – Richard Branson, Autobiography

He always follows his heart, and always has fun, no matter what interest he’s currently pursuing. Now he also learned how to stick with an interest long enough at a time for it to flourish instead of hopping forever, but hey, one step a time, renaissance-star.

“Virgin looks after your needs throughout your life. Virgin goes against the normal business philosophy of going after one segment and focusing there. Rather, Virgin finds areas that ‘need to be shaken up a bit’ and does just that, improving life in various sectors. The reason I think we’ve strayed (from one sector to another) is that I love learning about life. I see things in life that aren’t being done quite right, where we could go in and make a difference.” – Richard Branson

Who can beat that? He runs his entire corporation like a multipotentite. Brilliant. Talk a bout setting a bar, and giving all us creative types something to shoot for.

Here are some other multi-passionate celebrities who refused to settle:

  • Martha Stuart – Blended what seemed to be a bunch of separate ‘specialties’ (gardening, cooking, crafts, fashion, business, etc.) under one umbrella.
  • Brian May (Queen’s Guitarist) – Started out in astrophysics, left it to focus on music for a ‘while’ and then went back to astrophysics, now he’s a chancellor at Liverpool University.
  • Viggo Mortenson – He sings + composed music for Lord Of The Rings. He’s a professional artistic photographer and abstract painter, one whose work gets featured in galleries, and he has a poetry portfolio reaching back 15 years – written in three languages, and Mortensen is conversational in four more. Oh, and he founded a publishing company.

Now you have your call to action — Dream Big, Be Confident. You have your role models, historical and present day public leaders who you can learn from and absorb. You have a supportive community and people who want you to succeed. No excuses.

P.S. I’m not saying this applies to everyone at Puttylike, or anyone really. I’m speaking from my experience, which is that multipotentialites need to rock more than a little harder. For sure.

You know if this applies to you. You know in your heart if you could be stepping out more, being more visible. (And I’m not excluded! I’m not nearly as big as I dream, but I keep holding on to it. I expect it to happen, and I’m always taking substantial steps. I use celebrities as my role-models, at least for scale, because who gets scale better than them?)

Your Turn

Anyway, thanks for letting me share, and speaking of sharing, I’d love to know what you thought about this in the comments – it can be the start of your celebrity :D!

Jason works with creative entrepreneurs who feel talented but not-quite-successful, helping them live wealthier lives. He speaks, writes, and blogs at and offers depth-based art & success-coaching. He’s been featured on Building Digital Empires, The EcoCentric Guide and IntuitiveSoul Radio. Follow him at @spiritsentient.


  1. simone says:

    OMG! My head seriously just exploded. Wow, wow, wow. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear.

    Other ass-kicking big-shot multipotentialites?
    Hello, Barbara Sher! James Franco. My soon-to-be-extremely-famous friend who just signed a quarter-mil book deal, who secretly feels not like a “real writer” because she, oh, also happens to be an astounding violinist, organist and has a frighteningly sharp head for business. My husband, who is an Ivy League math professor but also is an amazing pianist and has secret dreams of becoming a movie director.

    I’m sure I can think of so many more. Oh my god, this is so fun! How big am I going to dream? So much bigger than before! Thank you for this!

    • Emilie says:

      Isn’t Jason’s piece amazing?! I reread it last night when I couldn’t sleep at 3am and it totally kicked me in the ass! Suddenly I was thinking on a much much bigger level with Puttylike. I’m envisioning like, in person think tanks where multipotentialites come together and dream up brilliant startups and other projects.

      Puttylike doesn’t just have to be about “overcoming” our struggles. It can be about THRIVING too. Innovating. Creating masterpieces. I’ve encouraged a bit of that with Renaissance Business and in some posts, but I need to take it further.

      Thank you, Jason for the fire!

      Also Simone, it was so interesting for me because I received your guest post submissions on the same day. They were both so beautiful, and had completely different tones! Jason’s was a bold kick in the butt, and yours was sensitive, subtle and emotional. I love yours just as much and can’t wait to run it in a few weeks. But the contrast in tone was just so striking. Amazing (though not surprising) what talent there is in this community!

  2. vfonz says:

    Total 100% pure inspiration!!! And anyone with a passion for just about anything will be able to draw energy, fire and confidence from this powerful message!!!! And for anyone still looking for guidance/tools/coaching to kick-start their own multi-passioned creative journey, head on over to and hook up with Jason for some dynamic personal success coaching! Massive thanks Jason for continuing to share your excitement, your passion and your gifts with the world!

    • Amen! I’m feelin’ the love, and I love it :)

      I’m glad you mentioned my coaching: my most recent session was with a musician who had no direction and was throwing his creative energy away on ‘black-holes’ in his life. We got him redirected and now he’s on fire and takin’ over :D

      His brand is Hot, dirty, philosophical pop.


  3. Lesley says:

    I was just about to keyboard-mash since that was the only way I could express myself after reading this but then I realized it might get flagged as spam hahah

    AWESOME post, Jason! Consider this ass kicked.

    And keep your eye out for it.

    Er… well, keep your eye out for my stuff, and me, not just my ‘better side’ haha. ; )

  4. Denise says:

    This was VERY well worth the read. I love the real-life examples you took the time to explain – and in an awesome way! Thanks for the motivation :)

    • Thank you so much Denise!

      I pour my heart and soul into every word I deliver to the world, my standards and intentions are off the charts, and it feels fantastic when they’re received well.

      We’re a team, and your feedback creates more awesomeness, thank you!

  5. Dan says:

    This is really something.

    You made “huge” and “world-changing” and “celebrity” sound like “possible”. Almost “inevitable”, given the effort. That’s no small feat.

    I just have one word: Bravo

    Thanks, Jason.

    • Absolutely my pleasure Dan, thank you so much for weighing in!

      This is a great community and it’s people like you, willing to speak up and contribute that Create The Success.

      And I like to it all shines through because I know they are all ‘easy’ ;)

      “What has some people unfolding in epic greatness in a 30 year lifespan, and others unfolding in quiet desperation for 60?”

      I’ve spent my life studying the world’s greatest success stories, and I’ve found they all follow a similar recipe.

      To them, huge, world-changing, celebrity IS inevitable ;) Keep rockin` man!

  6. Manal says:

    Yup, this is awesome! We definitely need to step up and have all star status… We keep things going around here!

    Thanks for sharing. GREAT motivation to take action!


  7. Dale says:

    Great post cheered me up on a Friday. I didn’t know Brian May was chancellor of Liverpool University. Other celebrities who inspire me include David Bowie, Kate Bush and Brian Blessed

    • Great to hear, Dale! Thanks so much for commenting!

      Brian May blows me away :D And I’m glad you mentioned Bowie — he’s an example of a phenomenal multipotentialite, continually evolving his brand and identity in ways that can (and did) alienate many fans — but he succeeded continually, regardless.

      Rock on!

  8. Holli says:

    Swoon. Seriously, this piece is pure gospel to the Multipeeps!

    We just added Branson’s Audo-Biography, Losing My Virginity, to our library, and I am even more intrigued to read it:)

    Thank you for sharing such a variety of examples.

  9. Awesome Holli! Woo, I’ll start a new book, the gospel of J ;)

    Glad to hear you got Branson’s book. Derek Sivers shares some excerpts from that book that are absolutely mind-blowing! I love it!

    My pleasure, thanks for contributing!

  10. Harrison says:

    Awesome post Jason. I needed that kick in the butt, to jump-start several projects I wanted to do. And you’re definitely right with some multipotentialites (like me) who only do things on small-scale. It made me realize, I should try to take it on the larger scale.

    Again, thanks for sharing your “great thoughts”!

    • Great to hear Harrison! I love hearing people really amped to flow down their path. Succeed away, superstar :)

      I’m sure everyone here would love to hear about your projects when you’re ready to share :)

  11. jennifer says:

    GREAT post! I try to always dream as big as I can. I am in the process of transitioning my blog/business to encompass all my multipotentialite passions. I have a huge list of dreams for it… and I know I will accomplish them all!

    PS. Emilie, I’d so be down for a real-life multipotentialite meet up.

    • I’m thrilled you got value from it Jennifer, and your feedback is just as important. We’re all a team! :) I love big dreams, and I know they’ll be achieved, success is assured ;) Rock on!

  12. Sweet! I knew about Brian May, but not about Viggo Mortenson!

    Fighting the resistance is a bitch, thanks for the pep talk.

  13. Douglas Eby says:

    Thanks for a fascinating post. Viggo Mortensen has commented, “Photography, painting or poetry – those are just extensions of me, how I perceive things, they are my way of communicating.”

    Some other examples of well-known multipotentialites:

    Jamie Lee Curtis has written a number of children’s books. Jane Seymour is author of several books and art kits, and is an accomplished and widely published painter. Bryce Dallas Howard has credits as a vocalist for a movie soundtrack, and as a producer, screenwriter and director. Jeff Bridges has released an album of his music.

    From the info page for my book Developing Multiple Talents: The personal side of creative expression.

    • Douglas! Awesome additions to the list man!

      I find many celebrities will dig into multiple creative fields, what’s interesting is the scale of their achievement + recognition when they diversify :)

      Great domain name BTW.

  14. Wow, I have to say just reading this post I feel EXTREMELY anxious! And having this knee-jerk GET OFF MY BACK AND LET ME DO IT MY WAY!

  15. oops i hit a button i didn’t mean to. i think i was going to say something else and i can’t figure out how to delete it…anyway, this post seems like it might be directed at EXTRAVERTED multipotentialites. it seems like a very extraverted, type A way of doing things. i myself am a rather strong introvert, and tend to take things slowly and carefully, and i have difficulty accommodating a lot of heavy, continual exposure to people, and i’m really not a work-the-room, big personality “rock star” type. i wonder if this image is maybe a little limiting for other styles of multipotentiality? i think quieter ways of living this lifestyle are just a valid. i thought it was interesting what a strong, negative reaction i had to this post. i loathe being pushed or having someone on my back telling me how to be, and this felt like that.

    • Hahah… Keirstan, this such an awesome, honest response. I love it.

      What’s interesting to me, is that nothing in this article was intended as a command, or a push — and the majority of viewers absolutely adored it.

      It was meant to be about things that I’m passionate about, and things I’d like to see.

      What made you read all the way to the end? What inspired you to comment?

      Introvert or extrovert, everyone can still play big, or bigger. If you’re comfortable personally, with the level you’re playing at, no problem :) The world needs people who are comfortable at their level, and this article wasn’t for you.

      As a side note: if you don’t want people ‘on your back’, you *may consider* (this is NOT a push, only a possible suggestion/solution) avoiding headlines that start “step up” and if you want to live a quiet lifestyle, perhaps avoid headlines with trigger words like “rock star”.

      Something to consider, if you’re interested in attracting material more suited to you.

      Either way, it’s a pleasure to meet you, and I really appreciate your fresh perspective. I think it’ll help any other introverts who swing by as well.

      [grin] Rock on, unpushable, on-your-own-terms, introverted quiet-life-liver! :D

      • Oh I’m pretty much reading all the Puttylike posts. I thought maybe it was a post for musicians (which I’m not)–I sort of like reading things about people in other disciplines. I generally like to read all the way through to see if there will be something else to qualify what I just read or if maybe I misunderstood it. I have a hot button (i.e., issue) about this–I used to have a friend who made no bones about feeling “sad” about my life (which I was pretty proud of!) because I hadn’t done “more” (or something different? something that she personally found impressive?). She also denigrated other people around her for not reaching her goals for their lives (she was pretty sure she knew what was best for everyone). Your statement about being “pissed off” about people having medium sized goals reminded me a lot of her (hence the knee-jerk, “DUDE, get off my…”), and her tendency to group people in categories of “setting the world on fire” (whatever that means) and “sad.” (Well, what if I set my affinity group on fire?…)

        • Good, there’s a lot of great value here on PuttyLike, Emilie is wonderful :)

          I fully support ya — read whatever suits ya, for sure.

          I mean, I’m glad you did read: we got an amazing discussion out of it. I meant to brainstorm ways you could read stuff that thrilled and fulfilled more (in case I didn’t do that — hehe :P)


          The story of your friend is very enlightening. I’m confident I have different intentions + attitudes to her, but I can understand how one might find reminders :D

          The thing about believing what we read as gospel, is that it’s a double-edged sword. It allows for discussion, debate, and honest conversation but it also can confuse everything. Language is a funny thing.

          I have an image, a brand, a persona: a “rockstar urban shaman” who stands for “timeless, sexy success”.

          This brand translates into cuss words, emotionally charged writing, and other sh**-starting ‘offensive’ things.

          Does that mean I:
          a) masterfully use the tools of thoughts, language, and emotion to move people and get them to change their lives for the better


          b) That I’m an asshole, pushing people around, and telling them how to live?

          • Emilie says:

            Just to add my two cents, I think it’s important to remember that there are a variety of different types of multipotentialites out there. One of my goals with allowing guest posts on Puttylike, is to help give a voice to those different perspectives.

            Of course, I don’t want to offend anybody either, so I’m sorry it felt so violent to you, Keirsten. I know that wasn’t Jason’s intention. I think he was genuinely trying to empower, not criticize.

            It was actually interesting, because I received his article on the same day as Simone sent me this one:


            I loved how radically different they were in tone. They each spoke to me on a different level.

          • lol :) Thanks for weighing in, Emilie.

            I was hoping the large middle section with all the bold:

            “I Want Even More: I Want You Praising Yourselves”

            “give yourself some praise and respect.”

            “I want you aware of your value.”

            Etc. would come across well, and from the majority response, I’d say it did :)

            I love Keirsten’s comment because it’s so honest and looking to explore her ‘strong reaction’.

  16. Cwalk says:

    I just went from being a middle aged failure to a multipotentialite. I have been wrestling
    with thoughts of failure and now I found out I’m actually a success. I can’t wait to tackle the next success.


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