Renaissance Business 30% Off Christmas Sale!
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Renaissance Business 30% Off Christmas Sale!

Written by Emilie

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Greetings from Boulder, Colorado, where I’m curled up by the Christmas tree in my puttypal’s warm condo. This town is snowy and beautiful. It reminds me of home.

To celebrate the final days of my trip and the nearing of my most favourite holiday, I’ve decided to run a Christmas Sale for Renaissance Business.

Why a “Christmas Sale,” and not a “Holiday” or Festivus” Sale?

Look, I’m a jew who celebrates Christmas. I believe that anyone can celebrate Christmas, or Chanukah, or the Day of the Dead (our Christmas has been vaguely Mexican since my mom got into Mexican art) or any other holiday traditions. Take the pieces of the holidays that you like, and integrate them into your celebrations. Make a mishmash. Make it your own. You are a multipotentialite after all.

I happen to adore Christmas, and so being true to who I am, I’m calling this “Christmas Sale,” but it’s a non-denominational, completely secular, totally inclusive Christmas Sale. Just so you know. :)

And so, without further ado…

Have you been thinking about taking the leap and combining all your interests into one all mighty, multifaceted business? Make 2012 the year that you build your platform and start using your multipotentiality to fuel your work and life.

Or maybe you know of a multipotentialite who could use some help combining their interests in a cohesive way and presenting their offerings to the world. Renaissance Business would make an awesome present.

The book will be 30% off ($34.30, instead of the usual $49) from now until Friday, Dec 16 at 11:59 PDT. Just enter the discount code PUTTYCHEER.

-> You can grab it right here.

Enjoy, Puttypeep. And Merry Christmas!!!

xo Emilie

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