Reflections on Two Years of Puttylike, and a 24 Hour Birthday Sale!
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Reflections on Two Years of Puttylike, and a 24 Hour Birthday Sale!

Written by Emilie

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This Wednesday, Sept 26 marks the two year anniversary of Puttylike. It’s hard to believe that two years ago I was nervously pacing around my studio apartment in Copenhagen, preparing to bring this thing to life.

I was determined to make it work. I was NOT going to make “logical” use of my law degree to become a lawyer. I wouldn’t settle for a job that didn’t make my heart sing. There were days when I worked ten hours in my little room alone to build this site. It was an intense and amazing time. I felt almost possessed.

Anyway, here we are, two years, 212 blog posts, two books, dozens of coaching students, one video course, and one membership site later. With each new project, I’ve pushed myself a bit further into discomfort.

My latest project is of course, speaking. I just set up my speaking page and my seminar in Portland is coming up in a few weeks. In the upcoming months, I’ll also be finishing my new book and looking for an agent.

But two years ago, none of this existed.

If you are thinking about bringing a vision to life but it feels too grand and overwhelming, remember that every creation began as an idea in someone’s head.

Start by tackling a small project to gain a sense of achievement and momentum, celebrate, and then use that boost to move on to a slightly bigger goal. Two years later, your life might just be unrecognizable.

The Birthday Sale

In celebration of Puttylike’s two year anniversary, we’re having a massive 24 hour sale. During this time, you’ll be able to pick up Renaissance Business and Productivity for Multipotentialites for 50% off the normal price.

The sale will begin at 12:00 am on Wednesday, Sept 26 and end at 11:59 PDT.

Your Turn

How has your life changed in the last two years?


  1. Jo says:

    Awesome, Emilie :-) It’s so great to look back and see how far you’ve come. An inspiration :-)

    I’m actually doing a post on something similar next week, for my birthday, like Sarah did for hers. Last year I was feeling down on my birthday so looked back and wrote down everything I’d achieved in the year, and that cheered me up a bit. I got out that piece of paper the other day and was shocked at how little I’d written. This year’s list is going to be epic in comparison. And next year’s? We shall see!

  2. Josh says:

    Congrats Emilee. Puttylike and the tribe are a great inspiration to my own life. Thanks.

    As for me, my life has changed in my mindsets, being more public with my creativity, getting into business thinking, and having a serious relationship. Like you said, more and more discomfort. But a GOOD discomfort.

  3. Janet says:

    “I was determined to make this work.” Yes I think that’s the key. Cheers on your blog birthday!!

  4. Lori Stalter says:

    Happy Birthday Puttylike and congrats, Emilie for living your dream these past two years. I wish you all the best in your new endeavor.

  5. Holli says:

    Has it really been 2 years?! I guess I jumped into the fun a bit after you started, and can say it has helped change my life.

    I was puttering around with a blog, and now I have two with direction {which I love}.

    I felt alone in many ways because all my friends had jobs or careers or were full time Stay at home parents. I wanted something to do that was my own and could channel all my creative juices into something tangible. Now, I have a community I can reach out to and ask for feedback and help {puttytribe} as well as a super cool accountability group. And, I’ve even started my own little in person group here in Seattle, all thanks to the confidence boost I’ve grown into from around here:)

    So, thank you for “birthing” puttylike!

  6. Thea says:

    On January 2nd, Expected Aberrations will be two years old. I joined Twitter last year in October, and started Arpeggios for Writers last Christmas. Due to Twitter, I discovered Puttylike either late last spring or early last summer, which led directly to a huge surge in confidence, resulting in things like becoming consistent in my blogging (something I’d always wanted to do) and writing a novel for Camp NaNo in June. I stopped dancing around the issue of faith and finally started talking about the most important things in my life. On the twelfth of this month, I published my very first anthology, an accomplishment that results from starting Arpeggios, finding Puttylike, and also eight years of writing for the love of it. And that novel I wrote in June? It’s the first of a series, and I’m currently in the middle of editing it.

    Two years ago, I was in my very first month of university. When I had been in elementary, I’d thought that, after graduating from high school, I’d start living my dreams. The only reason I wasn’t doing it then, I thought, was because I had to finish school first. So, two years ago, I was disappointed that I wasn’t living my dreams yet, but I gave in and accepted that there was another delay that I hadn’t anticipated when I was younger. Because I wanted to get a doctorate, I would have to wait ten more years. Ten more years of “When you’re older”, of disappointment and ignored dreams. It sucked.

    I am so glad that, on the first day of this year, I decided to stop being trapped by everyone else and start living. Start demanding of myself the quality of life I knew I was meant to have. And then I discovered Puttylike, and all you utterly wonderful people, and realized for the first time that I don’t have to do it alone and, suddenly, it became easy.

    So, Emilie, there you go. A very happy birthday to Puttylike, and a huge thank-you for what you’ve created here. I never could have been where I am if it wasn’t for this website.

  7. Coralie says:

    Happy Birthday and congrats for creating this! this si a daily source of inspiration to me! I look forward that you open again the door of the Puttytribe toe be part of this awesome community :)

  8. Lakshmi says:

    Congratulations on completing two awesome years and all the best for the future!

    Keep up the good work. It is truly inspirational!

  9. Dana Sitar says:

    Congrats, Emilie! Excited to see what comes next :)

  10. Sharise says:

    Congrats on your two year biz anniversary Emilie! Thanks for putting yourself out there & inspiring us for the past two years. :)

  11. Claire says:

    Happy birthday to Puttylike and thanks for this discount! Your story is an inspiration for newbie entrepreneurs. Been wanting to try Renaissance Business – this is just in time as I’m planning to build my personal brand on October. I have marketing experience and know what makes a good brand but I’m stomped when it comes to my own branding because of my varied interests. Hoping Renaissance Business can help me there. =) Looking forward to reading it!

  12. Ash says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and congrats!
    I came across your site a couple weeks ago and just bought your RB book. My whole life has been a mess due to having too many interests and trying to do something with just ONE. I’m so glad you took your many potentials and created this for all of us!
    I’m plugging along to get my two sites launched (just couldn’t smoosh the love of paisley in home decor with my main gig of teaching MuseMancing) but…at least it’s been smooshed down to TWO and not twelve…;)

    So, my goal? is to tell you what my life is like on my second anniversary! :)

    Rock on Emelie!

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