How to focus, finish, and maintain momentum while switching between your interests


Ah, isn’t it lovely having so many different interests? I mean, on any given day, there’s so much you could be doing…!

You could practice the harmonica, write up that book proposal, read more about the theory of cognitive dissonance, work on your new business, work on your other new business, sculpt a masterpiece, research the ancient ruins of Carthage, write a children’s book, or learn CSS to customize that website you’re building.

Has your heart started pounding yet?

Being a multipotentialite is wonderful, except when it comes to actually getting all of those great projects done. Then it can be a nightmare…

Productivity for Multipotentialites: The Video Course

Productivity for Multipotentialites is a complete productivity system for multipotentialites. Throughout the classes, you will be introduced to a number of practices and rituals to help you integrate all of your passions into your life, without the stress.

This Course is for You If:

  • You start working on one project, only to get excited by a new, brilliant idea and then switch your focus, constantly feeling like you’re never accomplishing anything.
  • You struggle with prioritizing your projects, juggling them, and balancing the long term with the short term goals.
  • You lose interest in your projects long before they’re finished.
  • You have a hard time fitting your projects in among all of your “real life” obligations, like family or work.
  • You find it difficult to motivate yourself to do the work, and find that having the ideas and imagining them is much more fun than actually following through.
  • You’re monumentally disorganized and have unfinished projects blanketed across your desk/bedroom floor.
  • You have a difficult time telling the difference between a fleeting obsession and a lasting one, and end up spending a lot of time and money, only to quickly become bored.
  • You want to do everything now, and end up completing nothing.
  • You feel paralyzed and overwhelmed by everything on your plate.

A Different Kind of Productivity, for a Different Kind of Person

Nothing against the specialists, but if you’re a specialist, this productivity course is not for you.

There are plenty of systems out there that will show you how to focus on one thing and then send you on your way. This course, on the other hand, is designed for multipotentialites who have no interest in suppressing their many passions, and want the tools to do it all.

Productivity for specialists tends to look like this:

  • Focus on that one project – and nothing else – until it’s done.
  • Keep your projects separate.
  • Don’t work on too many things at once.
  • Keep your eye on the prize – if it doesn’t get shipped, all your efforts are wasted.

Productivity for multipotentialites, however, looks very, very different. A multipotentialite who attempts to use the above tips will find themselves bored, frustrated, and not getting anything done. (Shockingly enough, boredom and frustration aren’t a recipe for productivity!)

Healthy productivity for multipotentialites looks more like this:

  • Budgeting time so that you can work on your projects
  • Working on at least 2-3 projects at once – the energy from one feeds into the others, and keeps you going
  • Having a way to keep track of your many, many ideas so that you can come back to them later
  • Sometimes stopping in the middle of a project, even if it doesn’t actually get “shipped” – you’ve got what you came for, after all

But then, that leaves us with more questions…

  • How do you find time to work on all of these different projects?!
  • How do you keep from getting distracted in the middle of one project with a shiny new idea?
  • How do you tell the differences from the projects that aren’t mean to be “finished” (in the conventional sense) – and the projects that are, but you’re succumbing to Resistance?
  • How do you prioritize your projects, and keep track of both the long-term and short-term ones?

Who Are We?

Michelle Nickolaisen

Michelle is a writer, entrepreneur, teacher, & project wrangler extraordinaire. Her current projects in process include a line of Kindle guides, this class, a line of physical notebooks and planners, a digital month-long tea retreat, and creating a project bootcamp to help others wrangle their projects. Constantly being asked how she gets so much done prompted her to start writing & teaching about productivity and work systems, and well, here we are!

Emilie Wapnick

Emilie Wapnick is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, coach and the resident multipotentialite at She also plays the violin, studies Bollywood dance, is developing a television pilot about teenage reincarnated Roman gods, and occasionally does some freelance web design. She has studied art, music, film production and even has a law degree. If there’s anyone who’s had to figure out how to fit all of her interests into her life, it’s Emilie.

What’s Included in the Course:

1. Four 60 Minute Video Lessons

Throughout the course, you will learn:

  • How to stretch your time and find time you didn’t know you had, so that you can fit in ALL your interests
  • How to finish your projects to a level you’re satisfied with and stop spinning your wheels or running in circles
  • Multipotentialite-friendly organizational tools, tips, and tricks to feel less overwhelmed, more productive, and have an easier time working and staying focused
  • How to get more work done, spend more time on your different projects and passions, and work more effectively
  • How to deal with resistance, overwhelm, and multipotentialite burnout

Note: Audio recordings of the lectures are included as well.

2. Support, Feedback, and Accountability

  • Access to a private Facebook group, for asking questions and receiving support from your fellow multipotentialite classmates
  • The Facebook group is also a wonderful resource for being held accountable as you adopt new productivity rituals and routines into your life

3. Step-by-Step Workbooks for Each Class

  • Four detailed PDF workbooks that guide you step-by-step, as you apply the concepts to your own life, and squash any overwhelm that arises.

Bonus: The “Made to Stick” Recording and Workbook

A two-hour video class during which you will learn how to incorporate your new productivity practices into your life and how to make these changes actually stick. The class covers:

  • Why most attempts to add new habits into your day fail (there are several reasons!)
  • How you can add habits into your day without resorting to sheer strength of willpower to keep ‘em there
  • How to use habits you already have to add new habits
  • How to use habits to reach your goals
  • The 4 habit supporting factors that make adding habits much easier when you know how to use ‘em
  • How to keep up your habits even while you’re traveling or when your routine gets shaken up

The Investment


Order Productivity for Multipotentialites

Your multipotentiality should be a source of inspiration and fuel, not overwhelm. It’s time to get this productivity thing handled once and for all, so that you can explore all of your interests freely, and actually feel good about it.

The Guarantee

We are committed to your satisfaction with this course — and we want to make sure it’s a fit for you. If for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied with Productivity for Multipotentialites, let us know and you are welcome to a 100% money back guarantee. Your refund will be issued within one week to your credit card.


Got questions? Shoot an email to or

See you in class!

– Emilie & Michelle

What the Multipotentialite Community is Saying…

“This class was worth it’s weight in gold for me. I’ve always had trouble keeping my blog going because I had trouble consistently creating. After hearing Emilie talk about the three Cs and keeping them separate, I’ve been very intentional about doing so. This class has changed how I work and think! Heck, I think I just finally nailed down my theme and tagline for the website that’s been bumping around in my brain, all thanks to applying the tips you two shared. So grateful!”

– Carolee Flatley-Scott

“Overwhelm was always my biggest challenge; never really getting a grip on what I should be working on at any given time. But something I have found really helpful is something we talked about, I think it was in the Focusing class, and that is to determine 1 to 5 projects that are priorities and work on them first (I chose three projects and they are very manageable with the limited free time and energy I have). The other ideas get planted in the Idea Garden for digging up later when the time is right. Also setting time increments (I allot 1 hour of focused time for each project, each day before moving onto the next). Each of my current Priority Projects is being worked on in increments and I feel like I’m making progress while not getting bored with working on just one thing.”

– Doug Smith

“This course gave me new ideas about how to get more done while honoring my curiosity. I especially appreciated your techniques for creating morning rituals and separating the tasks of creating, connecting, and consuming. I’ve always felt overwhelmed by the broad options in front of me, and now I feel like I can better control my time and energy.”

– Lesley Forman

“This class has completely changed my perspective of productivity, success and even myself. Productivity for Multipotentialites was like “coming home.” It not only brought me back to my true nature but gave it a long overdue “pat on the back” by validating and embracing it. Now, my approach to work, play and life itself has fallen into an easier, softer rhythm that’s paradoxically but delightfully more productive – and infinitely more joyful. THANK YOU!!!”

– Lori Mac Gregor Liddy