Multi-Passionate Must-Haves

Does the thought of Choosing One Thing make you feel like you’re in jail? Does your family tell you that you’d do great things if only you’d “focus”? Do you often start a new hobby or project with much enthusiasm…only to lose interest once you’ve made some headway?

Are you afraid that people think you’re flaky, considering the amount of interests you’ve had and pursued? Are you convinced that you have ADD, since you can’t spend more than an hour at a time on one task? Do you think you suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome, always being wooed by the new, brighter thing that’s around the corner?

Yeah, us too.

We’re Michelle Ward and Emilie Wapnick, and we’re multi-passionates.

emilie_shirtmichelle2As muti-passionates, we know that we’re creatives who have lots of different interests and – dare we say it? – passions. Although society tries to tell us we can’t be successful unless we Just Pick One, we’ve learned to see our multiple interests as a blessing and an opportunity as opposed to a curse and a detriment. We’ve used our creativity to build businesses that support us financially, fulfill us emotionally, and allow us to work with thousands of other multi-passionates just like you.

That’s why we created the Multi-Passionate Must-Haves bundle sale, featuring 20+ offerings tailored to multi-passionate peeps worth over $1,000 – for only $97!

The 2015 sale is over, but sign up below to get (minimal) notifications for next year’s sale:


See ya soon!

– Emilie & Michelle