Uke Rock Star & Multipotentialite Krista Muir Talks Fear, Dream-Pursuit, and Sound Babies!

Uke Rock Star & Multipotentialite Krista Muir Talks Fear, Dream-Pursuit, and Sound Babies!

Written by Emilie

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Krista Muir is a musician, visual artist, embroideress, ukulele festival director, belly dancer, and creative instigator, among other things.

Also known by her alter-ego Lederhosen Lucil (a German-accented mutant who sports blond-braids and rocks out on vintage keyboards), Krista is truly a modern day Renaissance wizard.

Today Krista joins us for a heartfelt discussion about fear, passion and dream-pursuit. She also shares some personal stories, like the time she nearly fell apart on stage after getting a bottle cap whipped at her face in the middle of a show!

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Your Turn

Do you have overlapping and interdisciplinary projects like Krista or do you tend to keep your interests separate?


  1. Jen says:

    That was a really cool interview; definitely resonated a lot with the thoughts shared on fear and resistance. And thanks for playing one of Krista’s songs at the end; it was nice to have it right in the interview (even if I know I can also click on her myspace — call it digital laziness). Thanks, guys!

  2. Rob says:

    Great interview guys! I need to catch up with more of your podcasts! They put a smile on my face in the morning! =D

  3. Holli says:

    This was not only a lot of fun, but really insightful to hear how Krista has been juggling her talents and pursuing her interests. I liked hearing that she hasn’t learned everything yet and is willing to recognize when she needs to narrow things down and focus. Totally understand the need to clean in order to focus:)
    Loved the song at the end of this. My two year old listened with me, and after the first three seconds said, “They are dancing.”
    Thanks for providing such a cool example!

    • Emilie says:

      Aw I’m so glad you and your little one enjoyed it!

      I agree, it’s nice to hear from someone who’s made it work, or at least is MAKING it work.

      I’m a huge fan of Krista’s music and really everything she does! She’s so inspiring and I thought she’d be perfect for the show. Can’t wait for the new record either. (Looking forward to receiving my 7″ in the mail!)

      Thanks for the comment Holli. :)

  4. Conni says:

    Lovely interview, guys! One of my favorite part was where Krista talked about the concert where someone threw a bottle cap at her and how she responded to her feeling of insecurity and fear, and totally turned the whole situation around. Pure awesomeness.
    Well done on bringing another multi-potantialite into the show with an interview!
    Really enjoying the podcast by the way – put them all on my iphone and you guys accompany me to work and around Berlin every day right now. Just so you know, you two go to some cool places with me ;)
    And thanks to your website, your podcast and the book…my vision of my blog is slowly coming together. A bit more every day. There are so many resources on how to build a blog and a business and blabla, but after suffering from information overflow, puttylike is the one I’m going for right now. I feel like I’m a true multi-potentialite in every sense and I share so much stuff you write about. Anyway, hope to be ready for launch day soon!

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