Happy 3rd Puttyversary!! Get Your Multipotentialite Tools for 50% off for the next 48 hours
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Happy 3rd Puttyversary!! Get Your Multipotentialite Tools for 50% off for the next 48 hours

Written by Emilie

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Greetings multipotentialites,

I can’t believe it’s been three years! I wrote a little reflection piece about the day I launched Puttylike and what was running through my head. You can find that below.

But first, as promised, the Puttyversary sale is now live. For the next 48 hours, you can pick up all of my products at 50% off their normal price. Get ’em here:


When you check out, enter the discount code “puttyversary” (without quotes). The sale ends on Wednesday, September 25 at at 11:59pm Pacific.


Now I just have to reflect for a moment.

I remember hitting that button, the big red launch button. It was one of the scariest moments of my life.

I didn’t know if people would care, if they would laugh, if they would think my ideas were ridiculous.

But I hit the button anyway, telling everyone I knew, everyone I could think of about my new project, a website called Puttylike.

Then I promptly left my tiny Danish dorm room and walked through the streets of Copenhagen, distracting myself with whatever I could find, a movie, a book store, whatever.

Until I had nothing left to do but return home.

Surprisingly, hoards of angry haters hadn’t burned down my website. In fact, while I was out walking about, I had received several comments, messages and emails telling me about how inspiring my new project was. (This isn’t to say that I haven’t received any criticism over the years. In fact, I got a rude comment as I was writing this piece right here. It’s just that the negative comments are few and far between and the positive ones are so plentiful and amazing that I have no doubt in my mind that it’s worth it.)

Puttylike started out small. For the first few weeks, there were about ten people on my email list, mostly people I knew in real life, friends and family. But I wrote to them every week. I took my blogging seriously too. So seriously in fact that one of my classmates in law school once asked me what on earth I thought I was doing. I seemed to care far more about this little website than studying for exams. She was right.

When you have a cause that means a lot to you, you must risk being thought of as a fraud or being hated or being laughed at. You must put yourself out there.

Thank you for your continued support. It means the world to me.

Happy puttyversary to us all!

Your pal and fellow multipotentialite,


p.s. Thank you all for the amazing contest entries. Some of your comments made me a little teary-eyed, and it was an extremely hard decision for me. I wish I was able to choose more of you. I do hope that those of you who weren’t picked decide to join the Tribe anyway, because I would love to connect with you in there and see how your multipotentialite life evolves with all the support and resources.


  1. Em says:

    Happy Puttyversary! (forgot to wish you in the contest post :))

    I’m so glad you made it happen even though the hard comments and hard times. I’m so glad you followed your cause and thrown yourself into it. Not only you helped me belive that my life can actually happen without having to choose one path, that I can try out whatever I feel like at the moment and completely change the direction now and then without feeling lost and confused or letting anyone make me feel that way (now that I know that there’s so many of us, noone can take the knowledge away from me and I feel like I have all of those multipods beside me whenever I’m confronted with someone who doesn’t get it).

    But you also make an awesome example to everyone. I find it so damn inspiring to watch this arise and it makes me think of what are my own causes and how to connect with more people who feel the same way, and even though I always was a lot like “I don’t care about the bad comments, I truly believe in this and I will fight no matter how riddiculous it might seem to some people ’cause there are those who get it”, I just find it really reassuring to see that you have already followed the same path and it worked out for you. Your cause is something little different than what I want to fight for but that doesn’t matter, the message does. You really need to get out and pour your soul into it and people will follow and you will help them. That’s amaizing thing to do. That’s what I want.

    I’m so getting the Productivity, I need to work on that :D

    • Emilie says:

      Thank you thank you, Em. your comment made my day. I am so grateful that you’re a part of this community and I absolutely cannot wait to see all of the amazing things I know you’re going to build. xo.

  2. Hey Emilie! Congrats on the three years!!! I’ve been watching your site from afar for more than a year probably if I really think about it- and I was in love since the first article I read. I am just getting into blogging myself and leaving comments. I just wanted to congratulate you on such a wonderful blog that resonates with multipotentials/scanners on so many levels. You said things that were inside my head. (And it helps that you’re a good writer!) Anyhow, this sale is so generous and I am looking forward to sharing ideas and stories with you on the inside. I really enjoyed meeting you via google hangouts and look forward to more awesome work from this beautiful site.

    • Emilie says:

      Jesicka, I’m so glad we’ve finally connected. You’re awesome and inspiring and I’m so glad you’re getting out there, pushing yourself and putting your ideas out to the world. Looking forward to more hangouts for sure! Thanks!

  3. Christen says:

    Happy Puttyversary!!

    I’m new around these parts, but I’m so impressed with what you’ve built here and I abolutely love it, it’s obvious that you help a lot of people by being so generous with sharing your own journey. Congratulations and best wishes for everything you do in the future :)

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