Big Big News…
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Big Big News…

Written by Emilie

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Hey Multipods!

Emilie here. Okay, I’ve been itching to let this cat out of the bag… Here. we. go.

Next week, Michelle Ward and I will be spearheading the second annual Multi-Passionate Must Haves sale. What this means is that for 72 hours only, you will be able to buy a bundle of 29(!) hand-picked books, courses, and resources that will help you ROCK the multi-passionate lifestyle.

I couldn’t be more honored to contribute my new video guide, Supporting Multipotentialite Kids alongside these amazing products:

  • Bewitch: Cast your Spell to Get the Customers You Crave by Kris Oster ($99 value)
  • Board of Your Life by Tanya Geisler ($150 value)
  • Brilliant Boundaries by Kylie Bellard ($27 value)
  • Business By Design by Megan Auman ($99 value)
  • The Digital Launch Playbook by Joel Zaslofsky ($67 value)
  • Easier Email by Cairene MacDonald  ($67 value)
  • An Effective Escape by Michelle Ward ($9.95 value)
  • Energy Management 101 for Introverts by Tanja Gardner ($47 value)
  • Facebook for Artists by Cory Huff ($25 value)
  • The Fierce Love Course by Molly Mahar ($97 value)
  • Find your very own GPS readings by Sas Petherick ($142 value)
  • The Good to Know Project, Zines 1-5 by Amy Ng ($10 value)
  • How to Build a Blog You Truly Love by Liv Lane ($49 value)
  • How to Say No by Tiffany Han ($25 value)
  • Journal Yo Feelings Out by Jenipher Lyn ($15 value)
  • Journaling Your Awesome Future by Deb Cooperman ($15 value)
  • Launch Your First Profitable E-Course by Halley Gray ($97 value)
  • Life is Messy Planners by Mayi Carles ($40 value)
  • Marketing for Creatives by April Bowles Olin ($27 value)
  • Playshop in a Box by Melissa Dinwiddie ($37 value)
  • Playtime with your Inner Muse by Jennifer Lee ($27 value)
  • Power Play by Amanda Genther ($97 value)
  • The Purpose Paradigm by Laura Simms ($18 value)
  • Sex, Love, Liberation by Ev’Yan Whitney ($27 value)
  • The Soul Fire Code by Satya Colombo ($75 value)
  • Supporting Multipotentialite Kids by Emilie Wapnick ($27 value)
  • The Ultimate Virtual Retreat by Jen Louden ($198 value)
  • World-Changing Writers Workshop by Pace Smith ($297 value)
  • You Again Yoga by Caren Baginsky ($89 value)

The total retail price for all of these products comes to $1999.95. But for 72 hours starting next Tuesday, May 20th, you’ll be able to snag them all for only $97!

And because we feel strongly that the power of multipotentialites needs to be used for good, we’re going to be donating $10 from each sale to Michelle Ward’s team for the Avon 2-Day Breast Cancer Walk in NY. (Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2011 and declared cancer-free in June 2012, and this will be the 3rd year she’ll be walking 39.3 miles with Avon over 2 days with her mother and bestest friends.)

Sound good? Make sure to jump back over here next Tuesday to grab your copy of Multi-Passionate Must-Haves! It won’t be offered again, so make sure you mark your calendars so you don’t miss it forever.

Your pal and fellow multipotentialite,


p.s. If you bought the Multi-Passionate Must-Haves last year, know that all of the products in this year’s bundle are new!

p.p.s. Got any questions? Post them in the comments and I’d be happy to answer ’em. (So excited)


  1. Georgie says:

    Yaaay! My only question is: how will I ever go through all of that AND all my interests?

  2. Emilie says:

    Good question! We’re actually going to address that one on the sales page:

    As a multipotentialite, you can treat a sale like this in a few ways:

    1. Guides for your use when you need ‘em. So, you purchase ‘em, put ‘em someplace safe (like Dropbox or your Kindle), and know that when you’re hit with a challenge you have ‘em in your arsenal. Then, you’re only using what you need when you need it.

    2. This is a Scanners dream! Load everything up, take it with you to the park or a coffe shop, and give yourself ultimate permission to browse away. Then, pick the 2 or 3 (not 1!) products that interests you most at that time, and take everything else out of your Kindle or hard drive or what not. Then, when you finish one (or are ready to move on from it), you have to return it to replace it with another. It’s like your own lending library!

    3. If you think you wanna dig in to all the products, put something on your calendar every week or 2 with a “Time for a new MPMH product!” note – or “assign” each week or 2 a new guide to go through. Whatever you feel’ll be most helpful for you.

    • Em says:

      I love this reply. I’m myself thinking hard if I should buy them. I mean, the price is amaizing, but so is the ammount of it and sometimes I feel overwhelmed with how much I’ve already read and how little pursued. My head screams at me:”No more reading, do or write but don’t get more books to go through!” :D But on the other hand I know that I will never stop reading anyway, if it’s blog posts or ebooks. I’m a sponge and it’s just something I love to do. So I might give myself the permission to get them in the end anyway and like you say, read them bit by bit or simply have them in a virtual library for “someday”. I already have a library of free ebooks plus few paid (including yours) so why not add another bunch of gorgeous stuff :) But yeah, I should make it a habbit to read at least one every month to get through it.

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