Announcing The 2018 Multi-Passionate Must-Haves: A Crazy Bundle of Resources Just for Multipotentialites!

Announcing The 2018 Multi-Passionate Must-Haves: A Crazy Bundle of Resources Just for Multipotentialites!

Written by Emilie

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Hey multipotentialite friends,

Eee!! I’ve got some exciting news for you. It’s been sort of top secret for a while now, but I’m finally allowed to talk about it…

Multi-Passionate Must-Haves is back! This is my fifth year organizing the project, and I’m so excited about what we’ve put together for you this time.

First thing’s first, mark May 15 on your calendar.

Sweet. Now let’s get into it…

What exactly is Multi-Passionate Must-Haves?

Multi-Passionate Must-Haves is a bundle of 17 hand-picked books, courses, and resources that will help you build a sustainable life and career around your MANY passions. This year, the products in the bundle will address three broad topics: work, creativity and fear. These tend to be areas of challenge for multipotentialites. For 72 hours, you can buy all 17 products for $97 (a 94% discount).

What’s in the bundle?

Feast your eyes on this:

  • Figure Out What Fits by Scott Anthony Barlow ($397 value)
  • Erase the Chaos Toolkit by Melissa Dinwiddie ($20 value)
  • Build Your Biz — Team Building by Jennifer Lee ($67 value)
  • How to Be Everything Bonus Interviews by Emilie Wapnick–that me :) –($27 value–  EXCLUSIVE)
  • Beloved Beginnings by Vivienne McMaster ($24 value)
  • Premium Momentum Planners by Charlie Gilkey ($12 value)
  • The Abundant Artist Association (3 month membership) by Cory Huff ($100 value –  EXCLUSIVE)
  • Seasons of Bravery Ritual by Emily Ann Peterson ($77 value)
  • Rock Your Systems by Michelle Nickolaisen ($47 value)
  • Ask An Oracle Call by Dyana Valentine ($100 value)
  • Roots and Wings by Paula Jenkins and Christy Tending ($149 value – EXCLUSIVE)
  • The NOW Year™ Action Plan by Mike Vardy ($199 value)
  • The Multipassionate Puzzle by Violeta Nedkova ($65 value)
  • Crowdfunding Essentials by Nicole Piar and Jennifer Lee ($97 value)
  • Planning Day by Jamie Ridler ($67 value)
  • Renaissance Business by Emilie Wapnick ($49 value)
  • Unveiling Your Business Uniquity & Making It the Foundation of Your Brand by Michelle Ward ($97 value – EXCLUSIVE)

The total retail price for the bundle comes to $1,594, but from May 15-17, you’ll be able to grab all of these products for $97.

And because we feel strongly that the power of multipotentialites needs to be used for good, we’re going to be donating $10 from each sale to Cortes Community Housing, an affordable housing initiative in British Columbia.

Sound good? Make sure that you open the email from me on Tuesday May 15, which will include a link to get your copy of Multi-Passionate Must-Haves! (And if you aren’t a part of our newsletter community yet, be sure to opt-in using the box on the sidebar at the top.) This bundle won’t be offered again, so mark your calendar now.

I’m really proud of what my fellow MPMH authors and I managed to pull together this year. These are products that I sought out, specifically because I thought they would be really helpful for you guys.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

Your pal and fellow multipotentialite,


Emilie Wapnick is the founder and creative director at Puttylike and The Puttytribe, where she helps multipotentialites build lives and careers around ALL their interests. Unable to settle on one path herself, Emilie studied music, art, film production and law, graduating from the Law Faculty at McGill University. She is the author of the award-winning book, How to Be Everything: A Guide for Those Who (Still) Don’t Know What They Want to Be When They Grow Up (HarperCollins). Learn more about Emilie here.


  1. Calluna says:

    Are any of these items tangible, or will it all be digital download?
    If digital, is there an upsale option for receiving this in hard copy version?

    • Emilie says:

      Hi Calluna,

      These products are all digital (ebooks, courses, audios, etc.). You can always print the ebooks and worksheets, of course. But no upsale/physical version or anything like that.


  2. Lais says:

    Everyone can buy? like persons that from outside USA.
    I am from Brazil and I want this ebooks and courses so much!!

    • Emilie says:

      Hi Lais,

      As long as you have a PayPal account or credit card, you should be able to buy it. And all of the products are digital (ebooks, online courses, etc.) so you don’t have to worry about shipping.


  3. Vanya says:

    Wow! This is exciting! Thank you ?

  4. Clarissa says:

    Sounds absolutely AMAZING! Especially because I will be starting my Creative Multipotentialite Business and Creative School this summer!!! This package sounds like a gift from heaven! Super psyched!

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