A Tool to Help You ROCK Your 2018 Goals
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A Tool to Help You ROCK Your 2018 Goals

Written by Emilie

Topics: Goals

Happy new year, multipotentialites!

I decided to be brave and get in front of the camera today. :)

In this video I discuss: the terror I’m feeling after sending my creative work out for feedback(!), the latest news in our multipotentialite community, and an awesome tool to help you track your new years goals. Enjoy!

Want some help as you pursue your big goals? Check out our great community of supportive multipotentialites.

Make sure to join the Puttytribe in the next 24 hours or you’ll miss your chance to become a puttypeep this month.

Hope to catch you in a huddle (or maybe in that sweet Jumpstart January spreadsheet) soon!

Your pal and fellow multipotentialite,



  1. Thank you for all you share.

  2. Thomson Muriyadan says:

    Hi Emilie, I recently joined the website but I live in a developing country and can’t afford the puttytribe membership. It would be great if you considered purchase parity so people from all kinds of countries can be a part of the tribe and it doesn’t feel like an elite club in some places…

    • Emilie says:

      Hi Thomson,

      We offer need and merit based scholarships for people in your situation. Check out our FAQs and click on “I can’t pay for a membership right now. Do you offer scholarships or discounts?”

  3. Just joined the Puttytribe and am loving it. Looking forward to an awesome year supporting and being surrounded by my fellow multipods.

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