A Letter to My Readers and Friends…
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A Letter to My Readers and Friends…

Written by Emilie

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Dear Multipotentialites,

Two and a half years ago, I launched Puttylike. At the time, I had no idea whether this information would be of interest to anybody. I didn’t know any other multipotentialites in my life. That word didn’t even exist back then. The only words I knew that might refer to our type were things like “dilettante,” “dabbler,” and “quitter.” Things I didn’t want to be.

However, I figured that if this was something that I was struggling with, then there were probably others out there who were struggling too. What if, instead of trying to fight our curiosity and fit into specialist boxes, we stopped apologizing and learned to embrace and use it instead? Was that even possible? Would people care?

They did care.

You might be someone who comments regularly or sends me emails or tweets. You might be a member of the Puttytribe, a former coaching student, or someone who has read and applied the lessons in Renaissance Business. Or maybe you are someone who just silently reads the blog.

I know there are plenty of you out there, the “silent majority.” I see you in my website analytics, reading my work from far away places like India and Argentina, as well as nearby states and provinces. And I appreciate every single one of you, even though you may never reach out.

At this point, you may be getting worried. Why is Emilie talking like this? Is she about to shut down the site? Does she have a terminal illness? Does her multipotentialite nature mean that she’s finally BORED of us? What’s up?!

Don’t worry. It’s good news that I’m about to share.

First of all, you can rest assured that I am going nowhere. I will continue to publish my thoughts on the blog and send out my weekly personal emails. I’ll remain on Twitter, stay as active as ever in the Puttytribe, leading as many huddles as I can, and respond to every email I receive, as always.

However, over time I have gotten busy with other projects and blogging has become harder to fit in. Puttylabs and the Puttytribe are two such projects, but there are others. There’s the album I recorded and am in the process of mixing, there’s my blossoming interest in functional medicine and the biology course I’m about to start, there’s a huge seminar I’m putting on and preparing for that’s happening next January and the book on Multipotentialites that I want to write and see on bookshelves.

Because of all of these amazing projects on my plate, I had to cut back from two posts a week to one. This happened a few months back, and I hate that I had to do that.

Now for the big news…

Starting next Monday, June 10, Puttylike will go from being a solo act, to a multi-author blog. I have chosen three excellent, multipotentialite writers, each of whom has been very involved in the multipotentialite community and whose work I respect tremendously. I also chose writers with a range of different life experiences and perspectives, which I believe will add to the richness of the site.

I’ll introduce you to your new writers next week, but rest assured that I chose my writers very carefully. I’m being totally honest here. It’s very important to me to maintain an extremely high quality of writing on the site. Puttylike posts need to be personal, inspirational, practical, interesting and at times, challenging. These are the values that have made Puttylike what it is, and that’s not going to change.

Having more writers on board means that we’ll be able to go back to a 2 posts/week publishing schedule, which I’m thrilled about.

The Faint Whisper that a Change is Needed

It’s been weighing on me for a while. I’ve known that a big change had to happen for Puttylike to continue to provide amazing resources to multipotentialites, and for my own voice to stay fresh and inspired. But it’s so hard to change something that’s working well. I know that I’m a pretty decent writer because I’ve been doing it for so long. I know how to structure a blog post at this point, and how to engage people. The growth of Puttylike is largely due to my writing ability. Should I really mess with something that’s working so well?

I have to.

As a multipotentialite, I bet you can relate. I’ve been feeling this way for some time, and I never want to resent my work so I need to nip this in the bud now. I don’t want to abandon you or become bitter. That’s why I need to remove the pressure that I currently feel to publish my writing every single week. I have to write when I am moved to write or have an idea that needs to be express. Having a few other writers on staff will allow me to do this.

I will continue to blog at Puttylike, but my posts will be slightly less frequent. Only slightly. Out of the 8 blog posts we’ll be publishing per month, I will probably write 2-3 of them. Maybe more, maybe less, depending on how much I have to say. Also, as I mentioned earlier, I will continue to send out my weekly, personal emails. Those aren’t going anywhere.

I have this feeling that by removing the pressure to deliver each week and allowing myself to indulge more in some of my new projects, the writing that I do publish on the blog will be far stronger.

I know change is difficult. But I promise you that these changes will only make Puttylike a better, more interesting, and more helpful home for multipotentialites.

Thanks for your love, support, and understanding. Thank you for caring about my work. Thank you for embracing your multipotentialite nature and being who you are.

This is going to be awesome.

See you next week!

Your pal and fellow multipotentialite,



  1. Thomas says:

    Hellow Emilie. I read your “6 Tips for Incorporating Multiple Interests Into One Career” from brazencareerist.com and thought that was exactly what I was thinking about (or something similar) last week.
    I mean, incorporating all your interests in a project that you can continue to share with others, as well as bringing you benefits that can sustain your activities.
    Most people are focused on a few things only and are satisfied living like that, whereas there are some like you who can continue to improve skills (or complete equally interesting tasks) in many different fields almost at the same time and continue to enjoy life.
    Personally, I think it was a great article and should comfort and encourage those who enjoy developing their multiple interests.
    – Thomas

  2. Cynthia Lee says:

    As a newly define multipotentialite, I thank you for your permission-giving self!
    It has taken be being near fifty before not just accepting myself and multi-interests but embracing and celebrating.

    I applaud your breathing into the space, relaxing and allowing the site to expand, for others to give their talents.

    Thank you.

  3. Holli says:

    I am happy for you, Emilie. You have so many things to contribute to the world, and I love that you are sharing this blog format instead of burning out.

    Thank you for creating Puttylike, Puttytribe and Puttylabs. The awesome thing about all of them is the community they foster.

    I look forward to watching you grow as a Multipotentialite:)

  4. Congrats to you, Emilie. It’s a time to celebrate, reflect, and follow your dreams.

    Your little “baby” is growing up ;)

  5. Sarah says:

    Wow, Emilie, such big news! This is a great step forward, I can’t wait to meet the new team next week and see what they add to the already amazing puttylike community. Congratulations!

  6. AmyH says:

    Congratulations, Emilie! Such exciting news for all of us. (This news comes as I am reading Renaissance Business for the first time.)

    As this is a growing community of puttypeeps, it seems only natural to me that you would take this leap. Not only to let other puttypeeps shine, but to allow you to grow in a new direction.

    Cheers to the journey!

  7. Cheryl Dolan says:

    Congratulations Emilie! So cool to see you change and grow!

  8. alicia-joy says:

    Congrats Emilie! Change is something we embrace as “multipotentialites”, right? We live likes unabashedly stating to the world (and most importantly to ourselves) that we can change our mind if we want…when we want.

    Looking forward to reading your future posts and the new writer’s posts also.

  9. Rami says:

    You’re the best.

  10. Jason says:

    I’m excited to get even more fantastic information and additional insights from others. Plus we still have you:) Totally pumped and can’t wait to meet the new team!

  11. Jana says:

    This is great news, and really fitting to the theme of this site. :)

    I can relate to you in so many ways. I too recently became suddenly possessed with the desire to make music and took a break from my other life for a few months to hole up and record an album. I really identify with what you wrote in the other post about thinking you could be really successful as a musician if you only dedicated yourself to it, but dreading the idea of boxing yourself into something.

    It makes total sense that you have to step back a bit from blogging to keep your inspiration alive, and I’m glad you’re doing it.

    Thanks so much for everything you’ve done here!

    • Emilie says:

      Hi Jana,

      Thanks so much for the support! I have to admit, I was a little nervous about sharing this news, but the response has been so positive. And you’re right, it fits the theme, for sure. :)

      By the way, I really like your website. Very fun and original! I’ll have to check out some of your music.

  12. Katja Hunter says:

    You are an inspiration to so many of us and it’s a great and smart move.
    Congrats on your decision. Glad you’re not going anywhere, though:)

  13. Joshua says:

    Hey Emilie, congrats! Can’t wait to see your other projects flourish! This is going to be fun!

  14. proud of you–great modeling and art-making here, E. 100% with you and excited to hear the next installation of this story. big love.

  15. Erin OK says:

    Great news! Frees you up for more projects, while keeping the puttylike coming. Win-win!

    I’ve been thinking lately that the key to actually accomplishing all the things I want to be doing might just be collaboration. We’re not multipotentialite ISLANDS, are we?

  16. April Lopez says:

    I only found this site recently and I love it, but when I started reading this article I really thought you were going to announce it was closing down! So glad it’s not as I’m just coming to terms with this new definition of myself.
    Best of luck in your new and ongoing projects – I wish I had your courage to change direction…

    • Emilie says:

      Heh yeah, I guess building suspense is one of those writing skills I acquired through doing it a lot. :)

      Glad you made it over here, April. Welcome!

  17. Erin says:

    Wow, what a beautiful and heart-felt transition. I truly admire your mindfulness and appreciate your honesty.

    Just curious – do you ever accept guest bloggers? As a Multipotentialite creating a career based on writing/coaching/Reiki/yoga/and spinning I would love to share my experience balancing and blending my strengths and passions with the Puttylike community.

    Either way, I wish you the very very best of luck with all of your projects, goals and dreams.

    • Emilie says:

      Thanks Erin. Yes, I do accept guest posts. My policy is that I’m happy to read anything, and my response will either be a) lets do it! b) here are a few suggestions to make it better, or c) not a fit. If you’re cool with that, then I’d love to read anything you’d like to send over to emilie@puttylike.com.

  18. Egirl says:

    Emilie, you rock. I am so happy to have found Puttylike (via Jonathan Fields, BTW) and am inspired by your posts and emails. Thanks for being you in all your multipodness, and for encouraging us to do the same. I look forward to what’s in store for the future!

  19. Josh says:

    To free up your lifestyle as well as bringing others into the forefront makes sense at this point. Looking forward to it, Emilie!

  20. Willena says:


  21. Cassie says:

    This must have been hard on you, Emilie. But as you’ve seen, we’re cool with it. :) Glad you’re making the change you need to rock some other pursuits. We’ll always be cheering you on.

    P.S. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately–I can’t get enough paleo/ancestral health/nutrition education! Listening to the Balanced Bites podcast every chance I get, and flying through Chris Kresser’s archives. Obviously, I’m particularly excited for your functional medicine endeavors. :)

    • Emilie says:

      I know, I’m sorry happy to read all of your responses! The Puttylike community is the best. :)

      Have you listened to Chris’ podcasts? I’m completely addicted. Check out anything you can find of Dan Kalish’s too. He’s not a blogger, but he sometimes gets interviewed on various podcasts and I want to take his clinical training program once I get a more foundational education in biology/science. But yeah, functional medicine is SO awesome!

  22. Emilie says:

    Emilie I think this is a really good step for the puttytribe and for you as a business person. I actually can’t believe that you didn’t already do it years ago!

    Really looking forward to reading posts by you and the new writers :)



    Another Emilie

  23. Erin says:

    delurking to say thanks :)

  24. Liam says:

    Hey Emilie,

    I’m quite interested in functional medicine, have you got any other resources you’d recommend besides the link you gave? A good introductory book perhaps?


    • Emilie says:

      Hey Liam,

      The Kalish Method is a good book (see my comment to Cassie above). Chris Kresser is in the process of writing a book right now, which I’m sure is going to be fantastic. I’m a big big fan of his podcast and blog.

  25. Madeline Gunter-Wahrhaftig says:

    OK by me. You are just following your basic nature girl. How can that not be a good thing?


  26. Morgan Siem says:

    I’m happy for you and your continued adventures. It’s inspiring to watch someone take on their multiple passions and stand up for your inner voice urging you to spread your time and energy to new places. I commend you on your honest, clear and upfront communication with your community. We really appreciate it and totally understand.

  27. Ann-Sofi says:

    Wish you good luck with all the new to come! Actually, this sounds like a perfectly logic next step – still it´s brave and very generous to step a little bit aside and let others come in front as well. But, as someone said above, your baby is growing up:) Big thanks for all you´ve given so far – you´re such a big inspiration :)

  28. Jonathan says:

    I’m totally for this idea. I can understand trying to stay fresh because nowadays so many, many, many things consume so much of our precious time. Being a multipotentialite it’s sometimes even more time management plays key role in how progress happens. You’ve carved out something people can totally understand because for so long society has said were meant to find one thing, do it, & die happy. The system is broken & you’re proving it with PuttyLike & the every branch off the PuttyBrand. I wish I would’ve found this right when it started but about year in is good because when I find the more free time I’ll be back making the Tribe buzz with activity & ambassador love. This will be totally epic!

  29. EKCarmel says:

    Emilie, I think you’re awesome! You are showing us how a multipotentialite life works in the practical sense and I’m grateful for it. (Because I’m hopeless unless I see examples.) I’m glad you aren’t leaving, but I think it’s great we’ll get different perspectives as well. Thank you for your enthusiasm and wise words and good luck to the new writers!

  30. Mari says:


    I first found your blog from following a Barbara Sher internet trail, and have been reading for a few months now. It was your eBook that recently kicked off my own blog journey – you’re doing awesome work! I’m really impressed with how clearly you’ve been able to communicate your ‘why’ from day 1 and how honest you’ve been in putting yourself out there. I salute you for keeping to move forward. I really hope you drop the occasional post about your projects though, it’s very inspiring to follow the journey of a brave lady such as yourself. Keep rocking!

    Mari x

    PS! How are those guns coming along? :)

    • Emilie says:

      Hi Mari!

      Thanks so much for the kind words and vote of confidence. Barbara Sher is an awesome lady, who really paved the way for all this.

      Haha they’re coming along quite nicely, thank you. :)

  31. sara says:

    Hi Emilie,
    Exciting news and wonder full that you are forging this path and modeling this possibility of moving on and growing without abandoning the project (and us) and finding this wonder full and honoring way. I love your choices of Janet, Josh, and Bev, who also have gifts and energy to relate in this media, and have been so brightly involved in the Tribe and supportive.

    Best wishes on all your projects, and look forward to hearing about how they are going,
    Cayelin Sara

  32. Rob Farquhar says:

    There are two trends I see amongst folks who’re doing their own thing: outsourcing the parts of their work that don’t match their skills and passions and choosing to take more time in producing quality instead of quantity. I have no doubt this will work to your advantage, Emilie! Good on you for recognising the time and need to change!

  33. neil mate, ur post very inspirative ^^

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