A Birthday… A Sale… And a Contest!
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A Birthday… A Sale… And a Contest!

Written by Emilie

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Holy cow, I can hardly believe it’s been almost 3 years since I launched Puttylike.

These past few years have been wonderful. I love sharing my thoughts on the blog, brainstorming with you guys in huddles, hearing your stories and seeing your lives evolve as we connect in various places on the web. I feel like I’ve grown with you, and I think you guys are some of the most interesting, intelligent, creative peep I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.

I honestly think that this is just the beginning though. The multipotentialite word is starting to get out there, and this concept is beginning to be more accepted and understood in the world. We still have a lot of work to do though, but I want to say thanks to any of you who read, have ever commented, emailed me, connected on social media, or even just told a friend about Puttylike. You remind me every day why I do what I do. And I’m so grateful.

The Birthday

Puttylike’s 3rd Puttyversary is coming up at the end of September, and I figured what better time to run a sale and contest. This is actually the biggest sale I’ve ever had. Here are the details.

The Sale

From September 24-26, all of my books and courses will be 50% off. This sale will only last 48 hours only, and then everything will return to its normal price. The discount will apply to Renaissance Business, Productivity for Multipotentialites, as well as the Puttytribe. Meaning that if you join the Tribe during this time, you’ll get your first month half off.

You can view this month as a bit of a trial run if you like. If you’ve been wanting to check out the Puttytribe and see what it’s like to connect and collaborate with other awesome multipotentialites, this is a really good time to give it a try. Just a warning though that I’m going to cap the number of new puttypeep I let in that day to 50, so as to not overwhelm existing members with too many new faces at once. Once the 50 spots have been filled, the doors will close and we won’t be accepting any more new members this month.

It’s also perfect timing because the next Puttython is coming up the weekend of Oct 12-13. Puttython is 36 hours of “expressing your multipotentiality.” Basically, everyone lines up some projects they’ve been meaning to get to and goes off and works on their own. Then we have check-in huddles on G+ Hangouts every 6 hours. We’re also going to be ending this Puttython with the first ever Putty Showcase (sort of like a combination of an open mic + show-and-tell), where you can share what you’ve worked on that weekend. Puttythons are seriously one of my favourite parts of the Puttytribe and I would love for you to join us at the next one.

The Contest

What fun is a puttyversary without a contest? The 2 winners will get the following:

I’ve never done such a big contest before, and I really want to make sure this package goes to the two people who need it the most and are going to put this stuff to use.

How To Enter

To enter the puttyversary contest, simply post a comment below and answer the question:

Why is the trio of Renaissance Business, Productivity for Multipotentialites and a lifetime membership to the Puttytribe exactly what you need right now, with where you are at in your life?

The Deadline

I’ll choose the two multipods I think are most deserving and let the winners know by the end of the week. The Deadline is this Friday, September 20 at midnight Pacific. Good luck!


  1. Mateus says:

    Well, it’s been less than two weeks since I’ve discovered Puttylike.
    It was such an amazing discovery to know that I am a multipotentialite. I mean, all my life I’ve had lots of different interests in different areas. I always knew I wasn’t a gifted person, as I didn’t have a passion for a single specific area of knowledge, but for all of them.
    After discovering myself as a multipotentialite, not only was I able to understand who I am a bit more, but also to start thinking about my life in the future based on it.
    And now I am in this process of remodeling my life based on what I really am, not on what people expect me to be. Not to be a specialist, but to be a professional multipotentialite.
    My first struggle is being productivity. I’m starting to do more than a thing at once, trying to have different “core projects” at once, but being productive is a new thing, as I have always been a procrastinator. haha
    After accomplishing that, I intend to find a way of mixing my multipotentiality with work, and start working with something that not only encourages me to embrace my multipotentialite nature, but to be rewarded by it.
    And in that sense, I feel that both Productivity for Multipotentialites and Renaissance Business will be able to help me a lot in this.
    Concerning the Puttytribe membership, that would be really amazing, as I would be able to contact with different multipotentialites and maybe even doing some projects with them. It will be different from being in a community of people with same interests, as I will be in a community of people with multiple interests. I am completely sure that being in Puttytribe will help me a lot to embrace my multipotentiality.
    And that’s basically the reason why I think I need the trio. Possibly there might be someone needing it more than me. I just hope this contest can help multipotentialites to embrace their own unique nature and be awesome people! Congratulations for the idea, Emilie!

    • Why is the trio of Renaissance Business, Productivity for Multipotentialites and a lifetime membership to the Puttytribe exactly what you need right now, with where you are at in your life?

      For a few years now I have reviewed your website as I was unsure if I truly a multipotentialite.Recently trying to start up my own design business, find a new job, design a game and try to network with other designers / programmers for UI/UX work; I came to the conclusion that I’am a multipotentialite and could use the help to focus on my ideas.

      I often start a project and then abandon it to go work on something newer or more exciting or find a craft like jewelry wire making that disrupts my graphic design business building.

      Becoming a part of the Puttytribe I believe will allow me to talk with like minded individuals, seek truthful guidance in my life and design work and possibly help out others that may be in the same situation as myself.

      Why haven’t I joined the Puttytribe as of yet?

      Due to financial reasons with my school loans, rent and the price of food and gas I have not had the extra funds set aside to be used for this program.

      Thank you for this opportunity and best of luck to everyone!

    • Sorry about that Mateus, did not realized I was posting in the wrong spot! doh.

  2. Carolina says:

    Hi, Emilie!

    Before answering the question, I have to share my story with you. I was a curious and creative young girl who spent hours watching science documentaries and drawing with colored pencils. But as time passed, it seemed inevitable that I’d have to choose a path: it was either science or art. So I studied Biology and pursued a Master’s degree in Plant Biology, though the love of art still remained.

    Resentment and doubt slowly build up inside me as anxiety and depression, until a colleague, knowing my drawing skills, asked me to draw a technical illustration for the scientific paper he was about to publish. That’s when things clicked!

    Searching the web for information and guidance to pursue a new kind of career and lifestyle, I found some great resources, including Puttylike and Renaissance Business. With these resources and hard work, I made two major changes. Instead of doing what was expected and pursuing a PhD, I decided to leave academia with only the Master’s degree. And instead of playing safe and keeping my stable 9-to-5 job, I quit and reunited my passions by creating a blog and business, Art for Scientists, to inspire people to see science and art in an integrated way, and to help scientists and educators share knowledge.

    I’m so happy with how things turned out, but there are other dreams that I also want to bring to life (one of them is a site and community focused on creativity)! Here’s where the trio would help immensely. I already bought a copy of Renaissance Business, but an extra one would be an inspiring gift for one of my multipotentialite friends or readers! The Productivity for Multipotentialites would be so helpful by teaching how to balance different projects and make stuff happen! But the Puttytribe would probably help the most: as a strongly introverted multipotentialite, it’s often hard for me to find a group of like-minded people to hang out, share ideas, support and be supported.

    Well, Emilie, congratulations and THANK YOU so much for the 3 years of Puttylike!

  3. CherylAnn says:

    I am a recently divorced mother of three in my mid-40’s. My kids are 18, 16, and 11. When I started my family, my ex-partner and I agreed that we wanted to raise our kids with one parent at home. For the most part, that parent was me. I did have two, successful, businesses during that 18 years, and dissolved them due to perceived priorities. I also took on multiple part-time jobs in very diverse industries. My kids came first and their dad’s career came second. I made the mistake of putting my career last, and now that I am on my own, I have found that creating a career and earning an income that allows me to provide for my children is a challenging thing to do with such a crazy resume’. Don’t get me wrong! I really enjoyed all the jobs/businesses during that time. I learned to build websites, teach preschool, make soap, play jazz guitar, design packaging, plan and execute large events, manage small computer networks, run a non-profit, all while cooking and cleaning for five and supporting my kids and their dad in creating fulfilling lives.

    I think it may be my turn. I think my future and my kids’ present depend on it being my turn.

    Currently, I am an insurance agent. I make the best of it, but it is soul-sucking. In the last year, I have tested several potential businesses, all of which fit with my diverse skill-set and wacky interests. But I have not yet been able to find an over-arching theme to pull them all together.

    Compounding my situation…I am stuck in a tiny, rural town, for the sake of my kids, and want to stay here for 7 more years when my youngest will graduate high school. There is no way I will be able to afford to take care of my kids unless I do something drastically different. Even if I chose to stay at my current job, in spite of the effect it has on my mind and body, I do not have the potential to earn a good living, or even a livable living, in this industry, in this town.

    In the last 6 months I have become the administrator of a cooking school I’ve started with a local chef. I have started a blog that I would eventually like to grow into a community for people who are finding freedom in eating-disorder recovery. I am creating opportunities for more paid gigs with 2 music projects. I am the director of a local non-profit that encourages people to give a little bit as often as they can to help local families and 100% of all donations go directly to those families. I love all of these endeavors, but none of them can consistently put food on the table for my kids.

    I am at a crossroads and I need help. Looking back over the last 40 years, I can see that I have always been a multipotentialite. I just thought all moms like me had to be multi-taskers. What I used to think of as a weakness is really my strength. I’m just not yet sure how to harness it. I have found Emily’s blog and website to be very encouraging. I know I’m on to something, but I lack the experience and clarity to put all the pieces together. I believe that with the help of her books and with relationships built through the puttytribe, I will find my way to meaningful work that fits my many interests, benefits my community (whether in my town or online), and allows me to provide for my children and my future.

    Thank you, Emily, for all that you’ve helped me with so far.

  4. Sian says:

    Why do i need the renaissance biz book, productivity for multipods & the life time membership to the puttytribe?

    1. I have tried to be a specialist for years and it has not worked out well at all. I always feel like I have had to cut off a limb when I wasn’t able to pursue an interest. the renaissance biz book says, you don’t have to choose, let me show you the way. great now i can be myself and be successful too!!! great sign me up!!!

    2. As a polymath/multipod i have had to start over and over again. and in pursuing each new interest, i feel like i am falling behind all the specialists out there who can *focus.* with these tips in the productivity for multipods, I can learn how to create my own system and succeed. So i can leave those specialists in the dust!!!

    3. The puttytribe gives me a tribe of like-minded souls who can support me, nurture me and never judge me for getting interested in a new thing. And i can provide support and nurturing for others as well.

    In short, this bundle give me the tools to be the best me I can be. & the added bonus is that I no longer feel alone.

  5. Amelia says:

    Why is the trio of Renaissance Business, Productivity for Multipotentialites and a lifetime membership to the Puttytribe exactly what you need right now, with where you are at in your life?

    Honestly, Now is the perfect time for something like this to happen. I just finished self publishing my first novel and in the afterglow it has hit hard just how much I dislike my job. I want to be doing something that uses my potential and makes me excited to come in each day, not trying to gear myself up for hours of boredom. I am a Psychology major who works in IT, who paints, rides horses, and spends my lunch breaks and afternoons writing poetry and novels. I look around at the people I work with and can relate to very few of them. How can people not have a hobby outside of work? and I don’t mean watching TV or sports, I mean creating something.
    I am ready to move on and try something new with my life and I hope that winning this contest will give me the push to get a running start.

  6. Apurv Ray says:

    OMG .. some really long comments out here, long answer short . 24 yr old , two college degrees , but still no direction. Everyday gets a new idea , that end up going in the idea bank.
    PS Hola from INDIA.

    Just gimme the books okay.

  7. I have been wrestling with the productivity thing a lot and just had a lengthy conversation on this topic yesterday. I was arguing how it’s hard for me to make a plan and schedule when by the time I have to work on something I am no longer actively interested in it and ready to move on to the next project. And how it takes me as long to explain to someone else how to do it as it takes to do it.

    So I think I would completely benefit from this right away! It’s the last thing keeping me from being super-productive.

    The puttytribe membership would be so great because I do feel isolated in a sea of specialists and often get down on myself for not being more “focused” or for not having good follow through. I’d appreciate the chance to network and connect with others so actively.

    And RB (which I already bought) I would use to give away to a scanner I know who doesn’t know anything about Puttylike yet so they can learn about you and come join the community :)

    Happy birthday to you! Have a great year!

  8. Kira says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I “ran into” Puttylike. It was like I had found the missing link, acceptance of a major part of me that no one in my life is willing to accept. The idea that my “lack of focus” is actually an asset, that I have a right to create a life with multiple potentials rather than just “fulfilling my (one) potential” is so comforting.

    I quit my day job last year, the job that I studied for, strived for, and then languished in and finally quit. The question now is, I have a degree in X. I have a resume full of X. I have tons of experience in X. Now it’s all just cannon fodder, but where do I point the cannon?

    I’m not going to write you a sob story, because I’m actually an incredibly positive person and just keep thinking, Thank You Emilie for getting all of our multipotential heads out of our own @$$es. I hope you will consider letting me in when you open the club doors again. :)

    I am on the crux right now of creating my own business. I think I know what I want to do, and I think the book, the tribe, and the productivity guide are all awesome tools to provide the support system that I need to build my complex dream and bring it to fruition. Thank you, and good luck in all you do.

  9. Megan says:

    I need everything you are offering because:

    All my hair is almost gone because I’m tearing it out trying to learn and run my social media net (tech learning curve along with psychic-market learning curve).

    My lungs are getting shallower because I hyperventilate hourly thinking about how the day flies by without ever getting into the studio to create the art that is my business.

    I’m stuck getting just free-bees because in growing my business I understand that it takes time to bring in cash but truth be told, I”m broke.

    And yet, I’m happy to know that I’m a putty person. I’m anxious as all get out, but I’m a putty-ier. And I’d like to know that your gifts are a gift to me and that there is no timeline or deadline or pressure-cooker deadline (except, of course, THIS FRIDAY when this contest ends).

    So there, I’ve entered and I’d love to accept a gift that will not only help me but not pressure me to sign up now or figure out things yesterday.

    Thank you : ))

  10. Jessie says:

    The trio of Renaissance Business, Productivity for Multipotentialites and a lifetime membership to the Puttytribe is exactly what I need right now in my life because I am currently at a crossroads. My job history contains various jobs in so many different fields that it is hard for employers to pinpoint where I would fit within their company. They usually question my motives and see me as a flight risk.

    I recently graduated college with a bachelor degree and am presently looking for a job where I can not only utilize my skills, but where I can also maintain a happy environment for myself that will keep me motivated and involved. Being fresh out of college, my student debt hinders me from purchasing these resources otherwise, but I feel that if I could get my hands on them, I may finally find peace with my “multipontentialality” and be able to live a successful, fulfilling life.

    I thank you, Emilie, for making me feel at home at Puttylike and finally helping me understand that I am not alone as a multipotentialite.

  11. Willi Morris says:

    I’m tired of defending my right to not choose.

    I need to be embraced by multi-passionate people.

    I want my business to succeed as a result of the resources you’re offering.

    Emilie, for the last year, I have been desperately trying to come up with my “niche” in an attempt to “brand” myself. (Note the two horribly overused words in quotation marks.)

    Yes, I want to be an administrative consultant *and* a freelance writer.

    Yes, I am addicted to Investigation Discovery and want to be a paralegal.

    At the same time, I also love pop culture, gaming, cosplay and all things geeky.

    I want to maintain all of my interests, and I don’t want to be made to feel strange, flighty or useless.

    Every time I see visitors bounce off my site, I wonder if it’s because it sounds like I have a split personality.

    Or (even worse) I am the person they need, but they got distracted by my attempt to “focus” on one side of me while suppressing the other.

    Deep down inside, I know I was never meant to focus. I was meant to roam and to be successful at it.

    That’s where you come in! I’m great at being a multipotentialite, but I suck at using that to make my business better and to grow my client base.

    I have been dying to be a part of this community, but I haven’t had the financial resources to do so. This would be so fantastic! Thanks for reading.

  12. Em says:

    I tried to make it shorter and failed badly, making it even longer… oh my. Sorryyyyy O.o

    Ok, so I’ve already read RB and absolutely loved it. Along with what I saw on Puttylike even before that, it actually changed something in me as it showed me that there’s an actual name for what I am, there’s a category for people like me!

    I never liked categories because I could never fit myself into any and I’d have to use more of them where everyone forced me to pick just one and they’d be giving me looks and… nah. You know what I’m talking about. So when I read on PT that there’s an actual category that covers every damn thing I’ll ever do and explore, I was like – whoa. Can’t even describe :D I’ve started to use the word multipod everywhere I go now, I proper love it :D

    I always knew there were renaissance people who are crazily talented about many things but always thought: that’s SO not me. I do know many things and have many passions but I’d never say I‘m any good at anything, really. Except for blogging, maybe, and I have few stable passions that will most likely stay with me forever but with most of it I’m on such a lame (or mediocre) level that I really doubt I could ever make money on that, not to mention whole living. I wouldn’t dare to ask. Unless somebody comes and actually says “I want to pay you for this this”. Man, I need to learn how to sell it without them asking, don’t I.

    And that’s why I NEED PT and everything around it!

    I need to learn. I need every possible information and help on how to do it. How to turn my little knowledges and passions into some form of stable profit to support me and eventually make me free to follow my dreams. I can picture myself having a happy life full of… doing whatever I want to do at the moment! Maybe helping people to declutter and meditate, teach about minimalism (my homecountry is so behind with this), travelling a bit when I feel like it… I’m so done with wrapping my life around some hated low payed stressful job that I need just to pay my rent or depending on my folks who are quite ok with having me at home (I do help them a lot when I’m there) but never stop reminding me how lame it is that I don’t have a proper “decent” job with loads of money (as if such jobs were growing on trees in Czech Republic – or anywhere else, really) and a career or that I should have gone to university to be able to pick one. I need to learn how to finally stand on my own feet in spite of not having a clear idea of career or something. I need to get some financial stability ’cause my life is full of ups and downs.

    And now I know that it is all possible and I could really support myself by the various little things everybody said won’t ever support me. To find my ground even without college degree and any straight career choice. But I still have no idea how to do actually it. Being in PT already helped me, gave me some ideas and mental support but I need more and I need to be kicked into action more often. But I struggle with time. Anytime I want to go for a hangout in PT, I’m busy somewhere else and I miss it. I also have a big case of shyness and it’s difficult for me to speak up in front of people, especially in english, and that’s why I could really use a long term stay and more books and stuff that doesn’t involve me talking in public :D

    I feel like I’m so in the right place here (two, three months now?) but I need more of those gorgeous brainstorming threads and comments that prevent you from falling into “Oh I’m never gonna finish this and it’s useless anyway, people have dona the same stuff before me and way better” and blah blah. I need to stay connected to people like me online ’cause I have zero of them in my life. And I’ve always needed a partner in crime. Even going to UK. I’m just not brave enough to do the big things on my own and I need to see the living examples of people who have done it – and to listen to them talking HOW they did it. To be able to ask questions and read the threads.

    And I need help with my struggles – when I saw Productivity for Multipotentialities, I was like:“Hell I need to read that“ and I went to the purchase site to see more. Productivity is something I desperately need to learn more about. I DO try and the biggest succes is that I already started but still. Sometimes there’s facebook chat :D, reading others‘ articles and stuff, commenting, videos and you know, doing everything else than actually working on my damn e-book!

    And I thought I’m so past the procrastination times. Haha. I’m not. And quite often I feel like those e-books are never gonna happen.

    Why could I use to make it free? Because even though I really like PT, sometimes I worry about how much money I waste by not being there and not using it all the time. Right now I have a cool life with no cash worries, I have a stable income in british pounds and considering UK prices and my pocket money as an au-pair, it’s not really expensive and I’m cool. But that will probably change, I’m not gonna be au-pair forever and there will come time when I’ll have to worry about living expenses and stuff and quite likely I’m gonna spend few months jobless next summer when I come back to Czech Republic. If I come. Don’t know yet but it’s likely.

    But anyway I don’t want to be forced to rethink my membership here because of how much money it is in czech currency and that I can’t afford it at the moment.

    Having a free membership for life would be 1) seriously amaizing thing! but also 2) no worries about missing out anything in any difficult financial situations that might come.

    I could stop worrying. I could start digging into it when I have time and stop forcing myself to read everything at once while I can afford it. I know my life and I do expect worse times to come again and at that time I don’t want to sacrifice my membership here ’cause it’s an amaizing place and at any moment there might be someone who says something, post some insanely useful video, article or a little comment that kicks me into action and it can change my life. And it can make me do it. I just really don’t want to miss that.

  13. Dave Waterman says:

    Hello all, some really interesting comments on here,
    Ok so we are all trying to win the competition, no point in ‘beating around the bush’ but I get the impression that we are all being honest too, sometimes you just know, don’t you.
    I would personally be very grateful to receive the three prizes. I have not had much time to participate much, but I am glad to receive Emily’s emails.
    The reason I feel that I would like the two books and the membership is that I am at a crossroads at the moment (sorry fir the cliche but it’s true.)
    One of my jobs has fallen through at the end of August, and things are tight at the moment, (though I know many of us are in this position) but I could not afford the outlay to buy the prizes myself. But as well as that I have now, as I always have had, several projects on the go at once, and would appreciate the help that the prizes would give to choose which ones to concentrate on to help develop a business,
    I buy and sell a few things online on a very small scale, work at an early morning maintenance job, and drop and pick up a few catalogues, But I have ideas for businesses which could improve on this, and I think a bit of concentrated focus would help a great deal. I have family with medical issues (not ultra serious, thank God) but time consuming and all in all would appreciate the help

  14. Why is the trio of Renaissance Business, Productivity for Multipotentialites and a lifetime membership to the Puttytribe exactly what you need right now, with where you are at in your life?

    For a few years now I have reviewed your website as I was unsure if I truly a multipotentialite.Recently trying to start up my own design business, find a new job, design a game and try to network with other designers / programmers for UI/UX work; I came to the conclusion that I’am a multipotentialite and could use the help to focus on my ideas.
    I often start a project and then abandon it to go work on something newer or more exciting or find a craft like jewelry wire making that disrupts my graphic design business building.

    Becoming a part of the Puttytribe I believe will allow me to talk with like minded individuals, seek truthful guidance in my life and design work and possibly help out others that may be in the same situation as myself.
    Why haven’t I joined the Puttytribe as of yet?
    Due to financial reasons with my school loans, rent and the price of food and gas I have not had the extra funds set aside to be used for this program.

    Thank you for this opportunity and best of luck to everyone!

  15. Anna says:

    I was laid off today, so it’s the perfect time to make the leap into making my many different potentials into an income. I’ve been trying to be a specialist for too long. Even in my areas of specialty I have a lot of multi potentiality going on. For example:

    I’m a holistic nutritionist, but also a celiac. I’d love to consult with restaurants to help them learn the difference between people who avoid gluten and those who are like myself and MUST avoid gluten. I’d like to work with businesses and corporations to implement company wellness programs. Work with those with mental illness (I took a number of extra courses on nutrition and mental wellness, it’s amazing the difference good nutrition makes). Teach school children about healthy eating. Offer a community program so that those who can’t afford to be private clients can access my expertise. Work with private clients and become a better writer so I can start writing articles.

    That’s just one area, I’m also a singer, I sing in a local band, on occasion sing in the local orchestra chorus, and am helping write the music for a local film. This has afforded me some cool opportunities like getting to sing in video games live (I love video game music!) and be a part of a large group of musicians performing as a live soundtrack during an international fireworks competition. I’m also an associate producer on a scifi film, a plus-sized model and body image advocate.

    In the past I’ve been a technical director and lighting designer for a traveling theatre company. Even within that company the multi-potentiality popped out. I was also an assistant tour manager, assistant kitchen manager, makeup manager, actor and cast and crew rehearsal cook. I love learning as much as possible about what I do and the other roles and responsibilities not just within the jobs of others around me, but also those who work for me. It makes me very flexible and a top notch troubleshooter.

    In the future I want to also go to school for mid-wifery and also naturopathy.

    So I’m sitting here with a pink slip wondering if I should get just another job, or go out and try to earn an income from my multi-potentiality. I have so many skills and roads i could walk on, but could use a guide. The resources you are offering could be a huge help to someone in my position.

  16. Debbie says:

    All of the people here who have commented give excellent reasons for deserving to win your package of books and membership. I hope my can stack up.

    1. I have lived the past 47 years as a multipotentiate (aka, schizo, weirdo, “artistic type”) and I’d love to find likeminded souls before I hit the big 5-0.

    2. Despite my relatively advanced age, there is still a good chance of acheiving my ultimate goal of becoming Supreme Benevolent Dictator of the Cosmos. Awarding me these prizes would position you nicely for a plum spot in a high ministerial position (I’m thinking Grand Minister of This, That, and The Other Thing, but the title would be negotiable).

    3. Somewhere out in the world, this guy (http://girltomom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/bird.jpg) desparately wants you to choose me. And you wouldn’t want him to be sad.

    5. I realized I skipped number 4, but that’s how we roll, isn’t it?

    6. Having access to these books and this community might actually help me extricate myself from the Corporate Doldrums.

    10, 14, and Pi. Because I’m really nice, I support World Peace, and kittens love me.

    Thank you for your time, and thank you to all the members of the Academy.

  17. DJ Barr says:

    At 50 years old [a happy, hip, youthful 50 by the way :)], I have been a multipotentialite for longer than I assume most of our members have been alive. I have read all the books on this subject (of course, because that’s what we do) but still find it difficult to harness everything and put it to its best use both as a means to support myself and to help others. It is my fervent hope that your publications and the Puttytribe will be able to help.

    Frankly, my life right now is unraveling. I’m not at the bottom but I can see it from here. I have been unemployed for over a year, time is running out and I don’t know where I will be in a month. Although I have worked very hard during this time, it has not come together.

    With that said, I do not think I am any more deserving than previous commenters. My life is what it is but no more critical than anyone else.

    Whatever happens, I appreciate the opportunity and wish you and the community well.

    Perhaps in the future the Puttytribe could donate memberships for those of us who have a need but not the means. Just a thought.

    Thank you.

  18. I am 31 (almost 32) years old, and I am learning how to create my own life and business.

    The longest “real job” I ever had was managing a small engineering firm where the owner was always telling me that I was just like him and that I would be happy until I worked for myself – I thought he was crazy. When he closed his business I got a job managing the office of a local credit card processing company and I really liked that job because I had built such a great reputation so quickly that I began to get assignments that I had zero prior experience in – creating marketing and managing the companies financials. I left there after 2 years to work with Dwyane Wade developing a chain of high-tech restaurants, again something I had never done before. When that business failed, I moved into a support position for a local marketing firm where I was quickly promoted to directly supporting the president. Unfortunately, that business also failed. As you can imagine, 2008 was a VERY difficult year for me.

    It was at that point that I realized I had a passive-entrepreneurial habit where I was excelling in big jobs that only built other people’s businesses. The engineer was right.

    In 2009, I started Responsible Business Solutions where I opened independant contractor agreements with business-to-business service providers, called myself a “business consultant” and made a pretty decent living selling credit card processing and mobile marketing to local businesses. That lasted until 2012…when I got REALLY bored.

    I had been a yoga student for several years and a devoted Christian for seven months when I found the Holy Yoga organization. I quickly decided that I wanted to be a yoga teacher and create health & wellness programs in churches. Almost immediately after I made the shift, I was blessed to receive a $4000 grant from the Urban League of Broward County – enough to fund all of my training and certifications.

    After some study and research, I realized that it is difficult to make a truly abundant living teaching yoga classes, and impossible to do so while donating my time to the church. I did some more research into opportunities that would allow me to leverage my experience in business with my new skill set in yoga, and I found Open Sky Events. After some interviews and negotiations, I signed onto the organization as their Florida Event Director. My position is to create and manage large-scale yoga-nature events across the state. (I had some former experience in event planning, but only on a volunteer basis.)

    That was 2 months ago and my imagination hasn’t stopped running since. I am building a unique yoga event company that will include outdoor yoga, hiking yoga, nightclub yoga, mindful eating, mindful music, and traveling practice packages. I am so blessed and overwhelmed.

    In addition, I decided to expand Responsible Business to include virtual assistant services. I have since picked up two very solid clients and between the two of them I am learning coaching strategies, e-publishing, e-course/workshop creation, product launch strategy, copywriting, HTML coding, and basic SEO. Everyday I am learning and doing something different – and I absolutely LOVE it.

    (Somewhere in there, I tried to start a wine consulting/fundraising business as well and I loved it…but I had to let go of it because it was the proverbial “straw that broke the camels back” and I had to let it go.)

    And to top it all off, I am marrying the love of my life for Nov 2nd of this year – and I am planning it myself. <3

    I actually found Renaissance Business on the Brazen site while I was doing some research for a client and I immediately connected with it; it's what led me to your blog. Seriously…I can meld everything into ONE business?? A process for my mind EXISTS?! (I would've picked it up immediately, but I am on spending lockdown until after the honeymoon. *pretend sad face here*) ;)

    Productivity for MP's would be another amazing to me. I am super-organized, but I have A LOT of trouble switching between projects and my work suffers for that lack of focus. I multitask all day and in the end I haven't accomplished much and what I have accomplished is half-done.

    Puttytribe…where do I begin to tell you what an impact that would have on my life? I am an outgoing, social person who at home, alone, all day, most days. I need interaction. I need interaction with people like me. I need people who understand that I have am awesome at a lot of things. I need people who relate and can hold me accountable for my progress (I try to talk to my fiance, but he has trouble following me because I "bounce back and forth so much" and my business "is constantly changing.")

    I need help. I have never been in such an amazing and scary place. I find so much joy in my work and I have so much opportunity that I cannot risk not being uber-efficient and at the tippity-top of my game. I'm interested in everything that I am doing, for the last year people have told me to "find one thing and stick to it," and I simply cannot – I refuse to and I never understood why.

    I found Puttylike a week ago and I have your poster on my desk. I feel like someone finally understands me.

  19. Christian says:

    Why this stuff is exactly for me?

    I discovered that there is a name for people like me just a couple of weeks ago. And I learnt that I am not the only one on this earth. As I am already beyond 50 I have a lot to unlearn and a lot to learn to find my life.

    Those things you offer seem right. That’s why.

    Have fun!

  20. Crystal says:

    Hi! When I found you, it was like i found my peeps! I have already purchased the Renaissance Business, but have been stuck on the part where i put my giant list of interests into categories. Simply because my list is too long and it’s taking forever. I keep wanting to join the puttytribe but keep putting it off until I have more time to ‘give it my full attention’. Hahahahaha! I have also been going through the “unique ability” book and following that process which is very eye opening as well.
    So here is my past leading up to my present: A degree in Interior Design and Construction Management. A masters degree in Architecture. I worked in that industry for about 15 years until i was laid off and realized i was glad. What followed was a foray into Urban Farming in which I still have a huge interest but I needed to pay the bills. In the mean time I am gardening and have plans to raise chickens and keep bees in the near future, which is actually legal in the city of Denver. I am currently working full time as a Contract Specialist for a local municipality. I am obsessed with herbs and natural oils and will start a 10 month herbology course next month. I am very interested in the state of our food system and replacing processed and chemical products in my life with natural ones. I love to make things and am a huge DIY’er. On a completely different note… my current “focus” is rebuilding my husband’s website with WordPress (which is what I put as my link)in order to make his brick and mortar t-shirt business more of an eCommerce business. I see this as the path of least resistance to quitting my job. I also have a few new product ideas I’m designing and developing for it. To top if off, I’m a mother of a 3 year old and a 10 month old.
    I am completely determined to quit my job so i can focus on my ‘passions’ but as may be obvious, I NEED HELP. Thanks Emilie for this wonderful resource. You are part of what made me realize I don’t have anything to be ashamed of (as my husband rolls his eyes ;) and I AM going to do this!

  21. Kate says:

    I would cherish a copy of Renaissance Business: Make Your Multipotentiality Your Day Job because I’m totally lost these days. I’m 33 and I feel like I should be doing something more meaningful with my life.

    I would love a copy of Productivity for Multipotentialites: How to focus, finish, and maintain momentum while switching between your interests because I feel like I can’t keep my head down long enough to finish all the things I’m planning to do.

    It would be a life saver to be have free lifetime membership to the Puttytribeto be able to relate to other people. I find that my friends are just there do talk about the plus and minus of our lives and nothing deeper.


    Love the site and the concept of multipotentialite.


  22. Milena says:

    Hey Emilie!

    First of all thank you so much for sharing all of your great ideas with us. And happy Puttyversary!

    When I first discovered Puttylike a few months ago, I knew it is EXACTLY my “cup of tea”. It felt like home for me. It was my first time to find resources about multipotentiality and it gave me so much hope and confidence. Acknowledgment that there is nothing wrong with me was precious. I knew it deep inside, but the affirmation of this kind really gave me the wings.

    I was always curious and smart, interested in so many things and doing all of them just fine. The biggest problem occurred when I had to decide what faculty should I attend. I was considering civil engineering, IT, psychology, journalism, philosophy, chemical engineering. But I knew that whatever faculty I choose, it will be a mistake, because it would highlight one of my interests and make another ones neglected. I was desperate. I was angry with myself. Can’t I be just normal? Can’t I choose one field, like others do, and stick to it? I was even jealous on people who were successful only in one specific thing, for many many years.

    So let’s make a review. I am Milena, civil engineer, that has a great passion for writing, reading, art, photography, science, yoga, cooking, psychology, spirituality, traveling. Besides of it I am a mountain climber and I try to spend a lot of time in nature. I am a volunteer for 6 years and I have done many projects in local communities all around Europe. I have been a leader of one voluntary project in northern Serbia this summer. It was so challenging for me, but I managed that very well. I have created my blog a few months ago, my own place for creative expression. I have created a course for boosting creativity and self expression through writing and photography. It is in Serbian, but will be in English soon , I promise!

    However, I would really like to have Renaissance Business, to help me blend all of my ideas. I am so confused and I need a help to make first steps and start my own big thing. I would love to connect with multipotentialites all around the world, the powerful Puttytribe. I would love to share big ideas, keep learning, give and receive help and be part of friendly community that fosters personal growth (in many directions). The last, but not the least, all multipotentialites struggle with productivity and I am one of them. The situation of chasing two dogs and catching none of them is so familiar to me! I need better tools for my ideas! Desperately!

    I will always recommend multipotentialty as a concept and as a way of thinking. There are so many people that will force you to fit in and to choose one particular thing. But the economy is saturated with all kinds of specialists. We need more multipotentialites, more people that can find different solutions and see things from many perspectives. We need people that can connect things that seem impossible to connect. These are artists! Dear Emilie, thank you for being artist and bringing so much quality and wisdom to all of us.


  23. Alex says:

    Because I can’t keep track of anything right now, so I should STOP, read the books and re-group. I think I need them to help.

  24. Lauren says:

    Why is the trio of Renaissance Business, Productivity for Multipotentialites and a lifetime membership to the Puttytribe exactly what you need right now, with where you are at in your life?

    Because I need the encouragement. I am a full-time college student, entrepreneur and single mother to an incredible toddler. When I first came across puttylike one of the first thoughts to cross my mind was “I’m not a weirdo!” And over the past several months I have to rely on the uplifting and insightful posts I read on your sight. Cliche as it may be, it really DOES help, knowing that I’m not alone. Knowing, in fact, that there is an entire community of multi-faceted folks just like me who are making their way (successfully) in this great big world of ours.

  25. Alex says:

    Whenever people used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I never had a good answer. I felt like some days I wanted to be a writer, some days I wanted to be a teacher, some days I wanted to be a scientist, some days I didn’t want to be anything at all!

    And then when I got to college, I was supposed to choose what I wanted to do with the rest of my life!?!?! How in the world is a multipotentialite like me going to choose one thing and do that?

    Well, luckily for me I had college paid for thanks to my hard work in high school, because I stuck around for a full four years and took about 50 more credits than was required just to have the experience of taking those classes! By the time I graduated, I had double majored in Linguistics and Sociology, double minored in Philosophy and Geography, earned Latin honors and an Honors College certificate, plus the university’s Multicultural Certificate. On top of all of that I managed my way through four years of marching band, worked at a children’s science center, substitute taught, served as a baseball umpire, took the head high jump official job with the track and field team, and founded a quiz bowl team at the university.

    People said I was crazy – and now I know what it really is! I’m a multipotentialite and I was trying to explore all of my different interests all at the same time. Remember all those majors and minors I had? You’d never guess that based on that I would end up teaching middle school science the year after I graduated. As a science teacher I was also a quiz bowl and track coach, helped the band director, coordinated and pronounced at multiple spelling bees, taught a reading intervention class and a math test prep class, and taught my fellow teachers how to use their iPads.

    That only lasted a year. Now I work for a utility company doing outreach programs with kids and adults on energy efficiency. Problem is, I know there’s so much more out there for me to do… To satisfy my urge to know more about so many random things, I started taking some MOOCs online, and I’ve earned certificates in courses ranging from nuclear science to indigenous education! I also want to learn GIS software and computer programming at some point soon.

    I’m currently deciding whether I should get a masters in geosciences, engineering, public affairs, linguistics, sociology, or education… or heck, maybe all of them!

    There’s NO way I’m going to be happy living in a world where I just do one thing. I’m NEVER going to quit learning. The idea that we have some sort of singular destiny doesn’t sit well with me because if that’s true then someone really screwed up and gave me a boatload of paths to walk down! It would be an honor for me to join a community of my fellow multipotentialites. If we all have such a wide variety of skills and interests just on our own, I can’t even begin to imagine what we could accomplish together.

    I need these books and this membership to help me organize my world and rise up to my multiple potentials. I look forward to working alongside you in that challenge.

  26. Katie says:

    I’m so excited by this birthday, sale and contest. Congrats Emilie for making it happen–3 years! This trio would be life-altering for me. I’ve been pushing away anything meaningful in my life for the last several months because I’m too afraid that I’ll fail, but this has really just made me lose my self confidence and feel more miserable. I’m finally at my bottom and trying to reach back up and get into all of my interests again. This trio would be an amazing support network to help me do that. I want to find myself again and not just the ‘single career’ but the all out crazy interests all over the place me. My passions deserve to be a major part of my life and if anyone can help me figure that out Puttylike and the trio can. Thanks for the opportunity.

  27. Jen says:

    Hi Emilie!
    Yay a contest with a super awesome prize, oh my!

    I am in a beautifully messy place in my life right now, I say beautifully messy because I feel like I’m standing on the edge of something great, but I just don’t see it through all this gobbledygook uncertainty and fear! My pattern as a Multipotentialite has always been living in the moment and taking a dive into the first thought that makes a huge splash! This time something is different, I can’t quite put it into words, but I am no longer just “taking a ride” on some random idea waves for once. Maybe at 32 I have finally become this “adult” everyone has been so impatient to finally meet.

    This time I have an actual plan that involves all the amazing little Multipotentialite parts of me, even the embarrassing vulnerable ugly parts. This time, I am scared, shaking in my boots because my heart is so invested. Putting yourself out there when you are someone that is different and off-beat is so hard to do…well don’t we all know that!? I hate the feeling of being naked but I have spent too much time trying to hide from my true self. That feeling I have inside is saying that I am ready for this, but I just need a push or a friendly helping hand. I am so happy I found this website, a community of like-minded people and this contest so I can have positive support to help me open this exciting new door!
    Thanks Emilie, Cheers

  28. Hi, Emilie –

    Big kudos on three years – that’s awesome, and I’m very happy for you!!

    I’m sure there are countless people that deserve and would make good use of this. I’ve already purchased The Renaissance Business, so I know that’s great. I have a feeling the puttylike membership and productivity guide would come in very handy.

    I have had a very challenging 2013. I was on a roll, developing my coaching business, pursuing some other things, and living in Hawaii with a friend. Life was awesome!

    Then my sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer (Feb 22) and died April 19th. I spent four months not working (only a few coaching clients) to take care of her, my brother and 4yo goddaughter in Iowa. My coaching business got completely derailed. I was supposed to be living in Chicago again as of last week (I’m the one who had to cancel on Saturday’s meet-up) – but my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I’m now staying to take care of her, at least through her surgery recovery. I feel extremely honored and blessed to be able to care for them – but my work life isn’t faring very well in the meantime.

    I’m off my game, off my finances, and likely off my rocker in thinking I can pull something together that makes sense as a coherent offering. I need some help (which I can’t afford). If I have to, I could try to get a full-time advertising job again, but I’d like to make a go of my own thing. I’m just seriously doubting whether I can do that without support.

    If you consider me for this, you may want to take a look at my sites to see if I have the start of anything and whether the productivity guide and membership would be helpful for me. I wouldn’t want to take a spot that someone else could make better use of. And regardless, I still look very forward to connecting when I finally get to Chi-town. :-)

    All the best,
    Mary Beth

  29. Cheryl says:

    Why is the trio of Renaissance Business, Productivity for Multipotentialites and a lifetime membership to the Puttytribe exactly what you need right now, with where you are at in your life?

    This trio would help me FINALLY move forward in being an entrepreneur. I’m in my mid-forties and have always dreamed of owning my own business I’ve done side businesses but nothing that has developed as a full time income. I’ve always felt a bit of panic when trying to decide that “one thing” that I should do.

    It was only recently that I happened upon information about Renaissance souls/multipotentialites (thanks to Michelle Ward). I felt so validated when i found puttylike. And you have given me renewed hope that I can create a business around my many interests. Thank you for what you do, Emilie.


  30. rakesh says:


    Only through puttylike.com I realised my multipotenalite potential. Before that I used to compare myself with others and always criticized myself for not being able to focus on one thing and changing interests ( sometimes I still do that!)

    Since I have been physically challenged so everyone says that you should go for a government job,your life is secured there and you would get government job easily. But I have decided not to be looking for security or so-called traditional paths.

    I have decided to follow my bliss and that is my being multipotenalite. I have always been struggling with starting the right business online and encashing my passions and helping others. So think copy of renaissance business would help me do that.

    As you describe “You start working on one project, only to get excited by a new, brilliant idea and then switch your focus, constantly feeling like you’re never accomplishing anything.”

    One brilliant example which I have no shame to share is that I bought copy of Renaissance business and took refund, I subscribed to puttytribe and cancelled due to overwhelm but now I have come to know my true nature and feel that only these could save me but I dont have funds now!

    I know I have all that to make it happen and these tools and community can make my journey a lot more easier and fun.


  31. Johan says:

    Hi Emilie,

    I want to keep it simple.

    Your site gives me goosebumps.

    So my innerself is telling me, this is the way to go.

    Regards, from The Netherlands,

  32. Ani says:

    I had intended to continue my education, but after earning my bachelor’s degree I started a family and was a stay-at-home mom for 12 years. My husband actually refused to allow me to go back to school or get a job saying that I was being greedy and taking my resources away from my family. No problem. Of course I much preferred to be home with my boys. I have an insatiable creative drive and would make things to sell to earn money for more arts/crafts supplies.
    My boys grew up learning how to make candles, edit photographs, design jewelry, change the oil in the car, install tile, needle felt, create patterns and sew, paint, and just generally decorate everything we could get our hands on.

    It was never a for-profit endeavor, just a love of art and the desire to share creativity with my kids. However, now my marriage has ended (he was a control freak and eventually even took my car away so that I could not leave the house) and I need a bit more direction.

    I have amazing abilities, but no solid ideas about how to market myself. And after 12 years without a “real” job, no one wants to hire me. In February I collected my 30th job rejection letter and felt like my life was completely crumbling around me. I had planned to go back to school for my Master’s degree, but couldn’t afford to take the GRE. My car was falling apart and I was losing my apartment because I couldn’t afford rent.

    A friend introduced me to your blog site and I felt like I had found family! I cried all day that day, reading blog posts and everyone’s comments, and learning that I have super-powers!! FINALLY, confirmation that my many, very diverse talents might actually help me pay the bills.

    Your site has been infinitely helpful in keeping me positive and I cannot count how many people I’ve shared the blog with. I’ve found some of my friends embracing your vocabulary and realizing that we’re not alone.

    I’d love to get my hands on your books, simply because without a “real” job I’m unable to afford them. Without a doubt, I need a bit of guidance in this new-to-me world of putty people and limitless possibilities!

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights, building the “club,” and providing hope! Even though I’m a bit old to still be searching for direction in my life, I’m thankful that I can still find a path.

  33. Alicia says:

    I am new to the concept of being a multipotenalite, but I am positive that it is exactly who I am.

    I have a BS and a BA and a few years towards two Masters. I am a single parent, hobby enthusiast, helper of many and currently a program assistant director (social worker) and Mary Kay consultant. I have been a cashier, Sunday School teacher, an early education teacher, administrative assistant, executive assistant and more.

    As I approach 41, this Sunday, I am searching for my true occupational bliss. I love teaching and helping others as much as I love my hobbies (scrap-booking, jewelry making, diy crafting, photography and shopping for deals), but have struggled with trying to survive and provide for my family while being happy. (It shouldn’t have to be an either or.)

    I am afraid that I am losing my passion and that my talents are wasting away because I have not yet found a way to utilize them cohesively and efficiently.

    Winning would be great for me because I am ready to stop a life-time of being under-employed and begin to fulfill my purpose.

    I have wanted to buy a copy of your book, Make Your Multipotentiality Your Day Job, to learn how to begin to “put it all together” into a business, but it’s not in my budget. I struggle with the how-to and I believe your book is a great next step.

    The video course would be awesome for me because I have often said, “the older I get, the more ADD I become.” It would help teach me how to be me while being productive.

    Lastly, having a lifetime membership to puttylike would give me a lifetime of community, information and support from people like myself. This is important to me because I would love to belong to a group that I could learn from and travel with along this voyage, it would serve support, education, as well as an excellent wealth of information and resource. I’m especially excited about the workshops.

    Thank you for being you and creating a place for others to become their best selves.


  34. Emily says:

    Simply put, I am a multipod on the verge! I’ve paid $1000 in coaching that didn’t really get me anywhere (I ended up leading the coach all over my brain, flowing with ideas and ending up with no real structure or new tools!)

    Summary: twenty years as guide and teacher in art, nature, body/mind connection. I’ve done this as an artist, mountain ambulance medic, river guide, international river guide-trainer (activism; gathering watershed experts together in seminars to train river guides to be naturalist interpreters to the public on trips), 11 years as yoga teacher, trusted Wounded Warrior yoga teacher for PTSD and TBI and now studying Holistic Nutrition. I’ve also created and sold internationally a Prenatal Yoga CD, so I have an idea of how to plug in online and make this happen but nothing is coherent moving forward.

    I don’t want to be a ‘life coach’ perse. I want to develop a clear, meaningful business where I can plug in my passion for connecting people to healing through outdoor play, natural foods, yoga, creativity and supported risk taking. I want to create online programs that people can buy, follow, and maybe train facilitators to lead their own small groups with e-programs and coaching support. I am a guide, and I want to clarify and expand what I offer the world!

    My ideas are BURSTING and I’m lost at how to integrate them. I’m also frustrated at the amount of money I’ve spent trying to clarify all of this, when I’m so close. This might be what I’ve been looking for….I will work hard if I see a path that fits!

    Thanks for your time and considering me for some support!

    Emily Hightower

  35. Jessie Dawn says:

    When I first heard your interview on Internet Business Mastery I knew I was a multipotentialite. I’ve always felt a need to get my hand in everything. I could never limit myself to just one artistic or creative discipline. Before discovering your site I never realized that my multiple interests were not a flaw! I love trying new ideas, mediums and projects. In the past I would try something out, realize it wasn’t for me and move on. But others made me feel bad when I would switch ideas. I’ve literally had someone roll their eyes when I talked about a new thing I wanted to try. It was so shaming! I didn’t want to share any new ideas after that. I felt ashamed for not sticking with something, even if it didn’t serve me.

    I’ve reached a critical point in my life. I just returned from an amazing trip in Europe (France, Italy and Germany). I was so inspired by the Art, Architecture and natural landscapes. I’m bursting with creative ideas, but I’m worried that I’ll be overwhelmed by all the things I want to do. I’m worried I want to do so many projects that I won’t be able to focus and complete any single project.

    I’ve been building my art portfolio, and improving my drawing skills for the last few years. I have a business plan worked out; I just need some guidance and motivation from like minded people. I can’t tell just anyone about my multiple interests, they think I’m spreading myself too thin.

    My day job is a great place to work, but I’m passionate about working for myself. I’ve been working on my own projects for quite a few years and I feel really confident that I’m moving towards having my own business very soon. The thought of being able to create full-time fills my whole body with excitement. I feel I’m on the cusp of a big shift in my life.

    I know I would make incredibly good use of the tools in your books. So many of your blog posts “click” with me. I am at a place in my life where I am learning to stay focused and productive, but I really want to learn how to channel that energy in to multiple projects without getting lost or overwhelmed. I also really want to be a part of the amazing Puttytribe you’ve created. I know it’s a group of like minded people and I would love to interact with you all and exchange great ideas, lessons and experiences.

  36. Naomi says:


    Basically, because I’ve finally started to figure out that its ok to have tons of interests – like within the last year. I forced myself though a degree in fashion design, while feeling like a fake the last 6 months, because there were other things I wanted to try and do.

    I’ve got tons of random business ideas and projects that I want to accomplish, and I feel like your products and being around like-minded people would be the final push I need to really launch.

    Either way, I am going to make myself launch though. :)

    Thanks for your site!

  37. Meg says:

    Hi Emilie,

    First of all, congratulations on your three year Puttyversary!

    I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet, but now quite sure how that will go!

    To set the scene, I am 22, working in the violence against women sector. Much of my time is spent looking after other people and helping solve other people’s problems. In the last month, I have crashed and burned in a major way, and am starting to think that it is about time that I start to problem solve my own issues, and actually make time for me.

    Over the last 2 months, for the first time in my life, I have learnt how to relax and learn to say no, so that I have time to do what I love – and what a journey it is. I am pro-active by nature and have decided that my life needs a good overhaul in order for me to live the life I want to live, and to actually achieve my dreams of being able to help people on a larger and a more meaningful scale.

    Your two products – Renaissance Business Guide and Productivity for Multipotentialites are rocking my world right now and I have decided that I am going to spend the next 6 months saving to be able to leave my job. The idea is that I will have enough money to keep me going for another 6 months while I try and set up my own business/become self-employed and really design the life that i want to live!

    I’d absolutely love to become a lifetime member of the Puttytribe, and I would love to gift your Renaissance Business Guide and Productivity for Multipotentialites to a close friend of mine). I get extremely excited about other people’s ideas, and would love to meet like minded people, both to really keep myself accountable and to make sure my ideas come to fruition and to do the same for other people. I can’t think of a better online community.

    So i’m going to stop there because I said I’d try and keep it short and sweet! Fingers crossed and Happy Puttversary! Thank you for creating such a fun, positive and fun space for all us multipotentialites!


  38. Meg says:

    Hi Emilie,

    First of all, congratulations on your three year Puttyversary!

    I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet, but now quite sure how that will go!

    To set the scene, I am 22, working in the violence against women sector. Much of my time is spent looking after other people and helping solve other people’s problems. In the last month, I have crashed and burned in a major way, and am starting to think that it is about time that I start to problem solve my own issues, and actually make time for me.

    Over the last 2 months, for the first time in my life, I have learnt how to relax and learn to say no, so that I have time to do what I love – and what a journey it is. I am pro-active by nature and have decided that my life needs a good overhaul in order for me to live the life I want to live, and to actually achieve my dreams of being able to help people on a larger and a more meaningful scale.

    Your two products – Renaissance Business Guide and Productivity for Multipotentialites are rocking my world right now and I have decided that I am going to spend the next 6 months saving to be able to leave my job. The idea is that I will have enough money to keep me going for another 6 months while I try and set up my own business/become self-employed and really design the life that i want to live!

    I’d absolutely love to become a lifetime member of the Puttytribe, and I would love to gift your Renaissance Business Guide and Productivity for Multipotentialites to a close friend of mine). I get extremely excited about other people’s ideas, and would love to meet like minded people, both to really keep myself accountable and to make sure my ideas come to fruition and to do the same for other people. I can’t think of a better online community.

    So i’m going to stop there because I said I’d try and keep it short and sweet! Fingers crossed and Happy Puttversary! Thank you for creating such a fun, positive and fun space for all us multipotentialites!



  39. Christi Voenell says:

    It is fantastic reading the outpouring of appreciation for the puttytribe smoosh movement you lead. I am writing, because I would appreciate the community and wisdom that your books and lifetime membership would provide. But I do not need to be the winner. All of us who know you or read your books or emails or struggle to embrace our full multi-dimensional selves, have already won.

    Keep up the awesome work.


  40. Kevin Carroll says:

    I quite literally just found Puttylike as I was looking for affirmations as to why I should get an apartment on my own next year. This is while sitting in my Civil Procedure course during week four of my first year of law school (Connecticut v. Doehr, applying the test from Mathews v. Eldridge). Looking around, a grin comes up from realizing I’ve hit the jackpot. Up until I first started college I felt a hole with music that I had no idea how to fill, not with classical or rap, not with playing instruments myself. It turned out that the electronic dance beats of dubstep and trap filled it. On to the next hole – what am I going to end up doing?

    Within a period of five months, started when I got home for winter break my senior year, I was convinced to take the February LSAT and apply to law school (I was going to take a year off originally). February comes, neglecting to study I take the test, and the application begins and is sent after scores come out in March. After a long waiting period, the call of acceptance came the day after graduation and I was quickly slotted in for class come August. The class I’m currently sitting in has fifty six people; I’m fairly certain that I’m the only one that does not intend to practice law after graduation. What I am certain about is that I would like to get an LL.M. and Ph.D., and run a brewery in addition to whatever I end up doing.

    The director of an organization I previously worked for called me a Renaissance Man once, and while flattered I didn’t think of how that actually applied to me. Finding this site and reading what I can while convincing the professor that I’m paying attention, another hole is filled. Just getting this out and finding some affirmation of who I am is a win in my books. But hey, the supplemental materials and membership certainly couldn’t hurt and give an added push through law school.

    Very Best,


  41. Andre says:

    My comment to your question:

    You said it in a post “working the same job for the rest of my life make me want to hang myself”
    I live this day in and day out spinning my wheels chacing my tail. All of my career changes end up the same (negitive, boring and depressing). I may not have the right answer to the question but what I do have is truth and the truth is having 1 job and doing 1 thing for the rest of my life is not what I want.


  42. Katharina says:

    Congratulations on the happy Puttyversary!

    Ah, where to start.

    Coming from humble beginnings (Polish immigrants in Germany), my family never had money to support my ambitions.
    But thanks to my puttylike talents, I

    – graduated with first class honors in Germany
    – studied abroad at an Ivy League uni for a year
    – landed a prestigious job in corporate banking, and lost it (one of my bosses told me, “you’re truly exceptional – in a bad way”)
    – landed another great job at an international corporation in Poland
    – moonlighted as a jazz singer and guitarist, composed and produced songs at home, freelanced as a financial writer
    – took up painting and illustration classes and was told I had a great talent
    – submitted myself to a psychiatric day clinic after 4 years because my constant flow of impulses and ideas made my working life hell; I felt “bored out” and depressed
    – got to know that I neither have ADHD nor any kind of mania, just an unusually high rate of idea production
    – learned that the constant need to suppress this in a conventional work place leads to acute stress
    – am now jobless
    – spend my time reading, writing, painting, making music and dancing (yes, this is my newest obsession – modern dance)
    – apply for new jobs but at the same time am horrified of 9 to five office work
    – am thinking of becoming a full time freelancer instead.

    So I am blessed with intelligence, eloquence, great musicality, artistic skills, and I speak four languages… But I haven’t got a clue what to do with all that, and my corporate “career” so far has been really disappointing (received negative reviews, didn’t get promoted once). I don’t have any savings as I spent most of my working life paying off student loans (I worked in Poland for most of the time, but had to pay off my loans in Euros – you get the idea).

    The worst thing is this bitter, nagging regret of not having used my talents effectively! :(

    The feeling that all those talents were wasted on me.

    Thank you so much for your consideration.

  43. Nadia says:

    WARNING: 799 words to follow!

    Hey Emilie! You might remember who I am – I purchased RB as a birthday gift for my brother earlier this year! :) Well here’s some info about me which will hopefully show you why The Trio is exactly what I need right now, with where I am in my life:

    To start off, I recently turned 25 and thinking back to my early teens and all the way till now, my mom’s been reminding me of the saying “Jack of all trades; Master of none!” As any loving mom she’s been really worried about me because of noticing how into something I get and as easily, how I get bored with and drop it after a period of “mad interest.” Perhaps as more concrete evidence to my puttylike nature, in grade 11, a guidance counsellor at my high school administered a “career clusters” test to help us get thinking of what area we may be most into so that we could choose the best courses for us for our final year of high school. I was one of two people who got the bizarre result of scoring very high in I think it was 12 out of 14 areas (something quite high like that anyway). The test didn’t help me and that other person and it definitely baffled the counsellor who advised us to review our answers to narrow things down. :)

    Fast forward to today, I am the same multipotentialite soul, brimming with a gazillion ideas, none of which I want to let go of without completing. Apart from wanting to do, also like others here, I get super excited about wanting to know! I love learning nearly everything and it pains me to even think about having to let go of a single interest; even if I can grade these interests on a scale of very interested to slightly interested, I NEED those “slightly interested” ideas to come to fruition too!

    Here’s why I am ready TODAY for:

    1. Renaissance Business

    I am 100% certain that I want to run an online business which is a reflection of who I am, rather than a sliver of me. Furthermore, I would like this business to be my full-time job or at least 80% of what keeps me happy! I want to do online work because it’s what suits my personality best as well as the fact that I’ll likely be moving to Africa next year after getting married and we will likely be moving a lot more in the future. I wish for my travels to enrich my work and passions rather than disrupt them.

    Currently, I am finishing off my degree online (a generalist degree with a focus on psychology – chose that because there’s psychology in just about everything (another puttylike move!)). I am doing my degree on a part-time basis and privately tutoring some middle school kids. So I do have a few hours a day to dedicate to working on a business. My plan is to get my business started and have it in as much of a solid shape as possible a year from now. I’ve tried starting blogs before but haven’t quite found that one thing yet or that one way of capturing everything I want. Additionally, I really feel as random as multipotentiality can feel like, it’s wise to have a system for this randomness; and so, I would like to rely on the expertise presented in RB to methodically get my work going.

    2. Productivity for Multipotentialites

    Besides being incredibly useful for the new business I wish to build, I do have a few other goals I am trying to manage: getting an A+ in my university courses, tutoring kids as best as I can, adding in some exercise each day, learning French before my move next year, finishing off a close-to-finish-nearly-abandoned mini blog project, and getting through a giant reading list. I really need methods that will work for sure and I am confident Productivity for Multipotentialites is the thing that will help me accomplish all that I wish to and more.

    3. Puttytribe!

    I can’t even begin to imagine how awesome and rich the Puttytribe is and all that it can offer. It’s truly a win-win-win environment. I’ve read through the description of the Puttytribe and am overwhelmed at all it can be for a multipotentialite. I am aware of the vast difference it can make to multipotentialites to have the support of the Puttytribe, especially when they’re ready to start living a life true to themselves. If offered the chance of lifetime membership, I hope I can apply the lessons I learn from Productivity for Multipotentialites to be maximally involved in the Puttytribe community.

    Thanks for reading! Happy 3rd Puttyversary! :D May you have many more!

  44. Erika Bolliger says:

    You’re website is in the process of changing my life. I’m a high school student, with one more year to go, and up to this point, university’s been a terrifying prospect for the simple reason that I can’t settle on any one career for the rest of my life! I’ve spent countless hours researching various careers and while none has been the “perfect” fit for the long run, I’m passionate about so many different things; I never thought I had the option to do them all! I was so desperate for guidance that I got to the point where I googled “What if I don’t want to be only one thing for my whole life” and the number one hit? Puttylike. I started by reading the page on Multipotentialities, which connected me straight to your e-book and I have to say it was like a sign from the heavens. My dad always gives me heat for quitting things, my last job in retail, sports teams, clubs, among other things, after only a year or so because I was bored! I wasn’t getting anything out of them anymore, so I felt no desire to continue. I had always been told, “Erika, you’ve got some serious commitment issues, how can you be so flaky? Stick with this, you made a commitment.” But how could I when all I wanted to do was follow my interests wherever they took me? I was so excited to find your website, and I actually read the Undeclared for Life Manifesto to my dad in the car and I could see the wheels turning in his head. Not only is he beginning to understand me, but finally I’m free to understand myself, and that it’s perfectly okay to be anything I want! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. It’s changed the way I look at myself in the mirror. Instead of spending my life desperately trying to find my ‘one true calling’ I can spend my life exploring every opportunity that arises to enrich my life! I’ve never been one to follow blogs, but I’ll never stop reading your posts because it’s so nice to hear from someone who GET’S IT! Thank you for unlocking the multipotentiate in me, and letting me know I’m not alone. I would be so grateful to receive the Trio, because right now, with my whole life ahead of me and so many choices to make just over the horizon, I can’t tell you how much I need a reference guide to keep myself optimistic and confident in myself, even when I’m told time and time again that I need to CHOOSE.
    Happy Aniversary, and thanks again for changing my life,

  45. Tony D says:

    WOW, after reading all these comments, I’m glad I don’t have to choose the winners.

    Although many people deserve to win this contest, I believe I make a viable candidate for these products and services because they align with my goals and dreams:

    First, I have committed to start a business/career around my myriad of interests. I want to run a business around my life and not the other way around. Excited to get started on this journey to start a business, I took the first step by dropping out a graduate school to start a business. However, I have never started a business before, and I don’t understand exactly how to smoosh all my interests into a business.

    Second, productivity is a problem for me because I change interests so often. I don’t want to leave anything unchecked on my list multipod list of experiences. To accomplish all these projects and have all the experiences I want, I will need to be extremely productive, hence my interest in “Productivity for Multipotentialites.” Third, I believe the people we surround ourselves with are vital to the level of success we ultimately reach. Winning a free lifetime membership to Puttytribes will arm me with the tools and support I need to reach this dream.

    I want to thank Emilie for this opportunity and the community for inspiring me with your dreams. I wish the winner the best of luck.


  46. Barry says:

    I discovered a few years ago that rather than reinvent the wheel with most of the things I take an interest in, that sometimes it’s better to cut straight to the chase and take advice from others. I’m still taking advice and exploring all avenues that help me make sense of being a “multipotentialite” What a great group noun for all of us? Better than “scanner” or worse still get labelled ADD because the system refuses to accept that some people, namely us, think and do differently.

    My understanding of being a “multipotentialite” is still new to me, I want to know more ,so “Renaissance Business” would be right there to inspire and motivate me, especially how I might make sense of all of my interests and maybe derive separate income streams and a greater degree of flexibility to do “my own thing”. I’ve done the career thing and was lucky to derive an income from commercial photography once upon a time. But I’d rather do things my way and produce work that inspires me, that might also be of interest to others.

    Productivity is always a problem, how to stay motivated whilst flitting, butterfly like between ideas and projects. Why should I do things traditionally and complete one thing at a time? I’ve been plagued with being lambasted for starting so many things and never completing. But soon that’s going to change? It’s exciting but doable, but I haven’t got the time to “reinvent the wheel ” so a little help from others would be beneficial.

    So why a lifetime membership? Quite simply because being part of a community (read tribe) appeals, sharing with other people who do and think similarly to me is reassuring. How often have I tried to explain and idea and the people who I’ve been talking to are clearly bemused? And lifetime for me has to be just that. My head isn’t going to change instantly overnight, the way I think and do is lifelong.

    So there you have it, over to you. And of course I help spread the word, that we’re hear and going places.

  47. Tai Whyte says:

    Hi Emilie,

    I would like to take the time and space to thank you for initiating such a community that resonates with both me personally, others and to the radiant spectrum of human consciousness.

    Thanks also to the entries above: your stories are amazing and I look forward to meeting and joining forces.

    As echoed above, I do not envy how you will decide the winners of your contest, but I would love to hear how you came to such a decision. I will make the decision easier by disqualifying myself from said contest, as I have the means to afford your products and will happily do so on the day of your sale.

    In a way, I believe that is the core process with which I and many others have so much difficulty: choice, the fundamental power underlying human consciousness. It would be easy if the choices were good and bad, but the choices I face are between fantastic, awesome, and excellent. The metric I am moving towards is to instead of asking how a certain choice will benefit me, to ask how a certain choice will benefit the most people around me (a little Spock wisdom).

    While I have tremendous faith in myself, am extremely positive in the potential of humanity, I will definitely benefit from assistance in focus management, with which your work on productivity and puttytribe membership will assist.

    I am slowly starting to get some inkling about the nature of my overarching theme, and it will somehow involve my interests and passions in spirituality, psychology, philosophy, endogenous and exogenous wellness (fancypants for personal nutrition and fitness on the one hand, and the exploration of external healing modalities on the other), travel, and music. There must be music.

    If it is at all possible to summarize what I imagine my work to be about, it is this: I feel that the more conscious I become, I realize that all other perceived problems are a result of its lack. That, and curiosity. The whys, whats and hows of life and life situations.

    Thanks again for your work, and I anticipate with great excitement joining the PT and accelerating the manifestation both of my work and the work of the PT. We are living in interesting times of deep unconsciousness and unprecedented potential for a universal advance in consciousness simultaneously, and I firmly assert communities like the one you have started and maintained, Emilie, are contributing to the latter.

    Good luck to all. Coincidental and auspicious side note: it was my 30th birthday on September 17, the day I received the email regarding this contest about the 3rd puttyversary.

  48. Mike says:

    the reason I could use this contest win is to prove to the world puttylike.com has true meaning and improve the life of many

    my plan is to utilize all the information the puttytribe has to offer become very wealthy and influential with it so that I can help people know that their life is worth more than money.

    Happy belated birthday!

    Mike in Montreal …cheers!

  49. Tori D. says:

    A few months ago, after my 28th birthday, I stumbled across Puttylike while looking for help with an issue I’d been struggling with for a while. The issue? How do I choose which passion to pursue? How do I turn one interest into a career without feeling like I’m settling? This site was the first to say that I didn’t have to choose! It was the first time since childhood—when I wanted to do everything—that I realized that not limiting myself was okay! Since that time I have been trying to create a plan to go from my unfulfilling 8-to-5 to a career and life-calling that incorporates my interest and allows me to help others.

    The overall themes of my passions and career goals are 1) growth & 2) expression. I want to inspire, encourage and empower others to be their best selves, in whatever manifestation that may be: personally or professionally. At the same time I aim to push myself for further development and share my voice and opinion. Renaissance Business, Productivity for Multipotentials and membership into the Puttytribe would be ideal in helping me make this a reality sooner and with fewer headaches.

    One of my biggest problems right now is productivity. Sometimes, trying to do everything becomes overwhelming and I end up with nothing. I know that I have what it takes to make this work. However, I also know that I need a little guidance, advice, and encouragement to get there. Getting that from you through your books and from other multipassionates through the Puttytribe would be beyond amazing!

    Thank you for creating this site and this community, and congrats on reaching three years!

  50. Krysia says:


    I’ve just graduated from high school and moved to Finland. I was dreaming about it for a long time and finally found a job as an au pair girl. I have quite comfortable life now, but I’m slowly getting tired of being a cleaning lady, a driver, and second mother to the kids I hardly know… I’m not homesick, I’m over this famous cultural shock, and living here seems to be… boring? But wait, that was my dream, wasn’t it? Now I’m thinking of going back home and going to the university-that’s my plan B, created by my family ‘just in case’. And actually I’m starting to fall in love with the idea of me being a student, learning new things, working on fantasic projects. I’m stuck between ideas, places, and cultures. I’m looking for a creative way to combine all my passions. I need to learn how to be comitted to the things that are important to me-but first I need to define them! At the age of 19, I already know that I’m a Multipotentialite (thank you!) but I’m not sure yet what can I do with all my (potential) skills. I’m passionate about art, cinema, theater, other cultures, languages, cooking&baking. Maybe I’m naive but I’d love to have a meaningful job that not only satisfies me but is important to the other people as well. I’m strong (stronger than anorexia and bulimia) and I can work really hard if I truly believe in something. I can’t afford buying the trio, because finding a job in my country will take me ages. My mother died 10 years ago, my dad works at gas station, and I have one younger sister who is still at school. I don’t want my life to be full of regrets, unfinished projects, and abandoned ideas. I don’t want to end up with the job that I hate. That’s the reason why I think I need the trio, to help me have a good start, to keep me motivated, inspired and surrounded by Multipods from the Puttytribe.


  51. Ross says:

    That trio of multipotentialite goodness would push my life into Epic right now.

    For my whole life I’ve looked to fit in but have had a tough time doing it. I had an easy time at school getting good grades, played all the sports I could get my hands on and got along with everyone I met. There was something missing though.

    I’m getting closer to finding out what that missing part is but it’s like the word on the tip of your tongue, ever elusive. I’m a three year veteran of WDS which has pushed me to start my own side business writing about the human powered outdoor lifestyle and selling local hiking guides. One boost of inspiration at WDS per year just isn’t enough. Having a tribe to call home that focuses on diverse interests would be the support I need to take my business and life to the next level of awesomeness.

    Hope that was short and sweet for an entry. I have to save some time for trail running, adventure writing, php programming and guitar playing!

    Aside from the contest, awesome job on PuttyLike, Emilie. It’s an inspiration to see someone go against the grain over and over and, not just moving forward, but thrive. Keep going!

  52. Ray Lardie says:

    The trio will complete my year! It’s a strange one for me.
    I have a year’s time while I’m in AmeriCorps to get my act together such that I don’t have to return to a 9-5. At the same time, my AmeriCorps schedule is packed! Excellent productivity skills will be key in capitalizing on this year’s time.

    Since joining Puttytribe in the last round, I have taken huge steps in articulating what I’m passionate about (without having to settle for one answer!), what my goals are, and simply getting shit done! Now I’m seeking the guidance to form my overarching theme, and having Emilie’s wisdom crystallized into book form will be my torch through the darkness.

    Beyond that, my biggest struggle has always been lacking a sense of community, and now I feel that I’ve finally found it. The positive reinforcement, accountability, and feedback I’ve been gifted from my fellow Puttypeeps has been the difference between my dreaming about projects and my actually doing them!

    Thank you so much, Emilie, for being the catalyst behind this wonderful tribe!

  53. Keelan Rosa says:

    I’m not really up for winning Renaissance Business, as I already bought it some time ago (and just this week launched a blog which I hope to turn into a self-sustaining Ren Business).

    As for Productivity for Multipotentialites… well, as mentioned, I just launched a new blog. To go alongside my regular job as a self-employed artist. And I haven’t been good at ‘productivity’ since my high-school days. (‘Here’s your classes. Here’s your assignments. Your main priority outside school is doing these assignments.’ Easy.) I’m scratching out this comment during a short caffeine break on my second all-nighter in four days, which I’m pretty sure is not a good thing. Figuring out a somewhat sensible productivity system is kind of important.

    And the Puttytribe: hm, is a social group a good idea when I’m already so strained for time? :P (Actually, it may very well be a time-saving idea. A fair amount of my time-suckers tend to be related to multipotentialism in one way or another, perhaps I could get some project-balancing ideas from other tribe members.) Really, I’d just like Puttytribe because I like socialising with like-minded people, but the vast majority of the time I tend to abandon whatever brought us together when my interests shift. With any luck shifting interests wouldn’t be a problem with Puttytribe.

  54. Sharon Beck says:

    It was incredible finding this website, I actually said aloud “this is ME!” I earned a B.S. in electrical engineering with a minor in a language, and worked in a high-tech firm until I quit when I had a baby over 20 years ago.

    I started doing web design in 1995 and really enjoy being able to handle the entire job, including graphics, design, coding, and marketing. The problem is once I have done something, I need a new challenge! I do not need to do it again, but real life requires some repetition if one wants to earn a living.

    I like your term “puttylike”. I have called myself the “mortar” that fills in the empty spots to make an enterprise work. A friend of mine needed help publishing a magazine, so I learned how to design and lay it out a magaziine (doing it now for ten years), restructure her mailing list management and accounting, and of course, tech support.

    I started a publishing business, but have found much more success in website design, working with my artist husband who is also a puttyman. But even with a large range of interests, I feel a need to develop better focus and organization. When there is so much to learn, how can I prioritize?

    While your books will certainly be helpful to me, I really will benefit from the companionship of other Renaissance people. Actually, I like to help people feel comfortable with themselves, accept themselves, and encourage their growth and development. Learning new things, developing new interests, and facing new challenges are essential to creating a vibrant life.

  55. Nancy says:

    As my 50th birthday approached, I figured it was time to “grow up.” I decided it was time to make up the missed opportunity to go to college and build a solid career to see me into retirement. Three years later,
    I am almost ready to graduate, after changing my degree plans midway. It has been a great time of expanding and exploration. While on this journey, I found the website Puttylike. It tells my life story! All the pieces began to make sense and pointed to a future that was never imagined before. What seemed to be a liability in the past now appears as an asset for the future.

    The two books would be great tools and provide valuable insight into developing a diverse, yet connected, lifestyle that would feature the best I have to offer while at the same time being creative and personally fulfilling. The year’s membership in the Puttytribe would be the icing on the cake! I would love the chance to connect and share and feel that I have much to give in return to other Multipotentialites with my lifetime of knowledge and varied experiences.

    I want the chance to answer “what am I going to be when I grow up” to be EVERYTHING!

  56. Jen says:

    I just recently found you and your website this summer. I was stoked by the idea of making a vocation and life calling out of a variety of my interests! I’ve struggled my whole life with what I want to be when I grow up. I had to pick something when I went to college so I chose Elementary Education because I was inspired by what an amazing teacher my mom was, I wanted to make a difference in the world like she did, and I thought teaching would be a field in which I could incorporate a number of my interests especially my creativity and artistic nature. It didn’t quite work out that way, and I ended up being an elementary school drop out.

    I dropped out of the professional white collar working world in 2004 and have been dabbling and wandering around ever since. Since 2004 I’ve worked in a call center, worked as a canvasser for the Texas Fair Trade Coalition, been a reader scorer for standardized tests, waited table, worked as a barista, been a receptionist and all around assistant to a chiropractor, cared for, mentored, and worked with kids, teenagers and adults with special needs and diverse abilities, and taken care of other people’s dogs and cats.

    The past five years I’ve been living in a city where a lot of folks patch together work to sustain their existence while they pursue creative passions. It’s a city where a lot of folks start their own businesses too. Ever since I have lived here, I’ve had a friend who keeps asking me what kind of business I’d start if I could create any business I wantedl This town would be a perfect place to start my own business and create a niche of my own if I could only decide what idea I wanted to go with… Have a tea cart downtown, work with teens with and without special needs to help them start their own business and become entrepreneurs ( this idea came out of working with a teenager with disabilities who really wanted a summer job at the age of 14), create a peace camp for kids and teenagers, design and create lesson plans and materials for teachers on subjects that I am passionate about, run a dog training school, do horse therapy, help found a puppet collective that helps build community and educates people on social justice issues, help create/ creatively fund a space where groups can meet to hold free meetings or skill shares, practice qigong or meditation, stilt walking, build giant puppets (this idea is born out of the number of groups I have participated with that needed space to practice or meet or build)…

    Anyway, when I couldn’t figure out what my career path should be or what business I would start if I could start one, I decided to take the idea seriously of pursuing work and a schedule that would allow me to engage in my creative passions and other interests. For the last year and a half I have had a work schedule that allows me a chunk of days to pursue my passions and interests some of which include becoming fluent in Spanish, learning guitar, learning how to juggle, creating puppets and puppet shows, hiking, biking, swimming, volunteering at the animal rescue and for environmental groups, cartooning, hula hooping, improv and stand up comedy, making zines, vegetable gardening, learning to raise chickens and bee keeping, learning rewilding, primitive, homesteading, and sustainability and other DIY skills, etc.

    But I found I have too many interests to cram into my time off work, and I still feel my life could be more fulfilling if I had work I truly loved and felt more like a cocreator of.

    Needless to say when I found your site Puttylike, I was excited. I downloaded your free chapter of Renaissance Business and was thrilled by the prospect of not having to choose! Of being able to keep all my interests. I got to the last page of chapter one which outlines what you will get out of the rest of the chapters, and I was enthusiastic and disappointed at the same timel Enthusiastic to inventory my interests and skills and define what I wanted my life to look like. Enthusiastic to find an overarching theme to bring my interests together. But disappointed that I only had chapter one and could go no further!

    I really feel like this is my shiney moment! Puttylike showed up in my life right at the time when I am finally ready for it. Its kismet! I had no idea you had a putty community and I think it would be so helpful to have the support of a group of folks who are sharing their process and creative endeavors. I don’t have that in my life right now.Your course and book would give me the tools and organization and the community of creative people with diverse interests would create momentum for me to finally bloom, bloom, bloom!

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