Revisiting my Identity as a Musician and a Multipotentialite Twitter Party!

Revisiting my Identity as a Musician and a Multipotentialite Twitter Party!

Written by Emilie

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Greetings Multipotentialites!

Before I tell you all about my adventures making music in LA, I want to let you know about our first Multipotentialite Twitter Party, which is happening tomorrow.

For 24 hours, multipotentialites from around the world will be helping each other brainstorm their projects and you will be able to get help with any areas where you feel stuck. It will be a great opportunity to meet other people like you who GET IT.

So many people email me saying that they don’t know any other multipods in their everyday lives. Well if this is you, here’s an opportunity to meet a whole pack of them. Need an accountability buddy? Want to get some advice about balancing multiple careers, or pursuing a big dream? You’ll meet some amazing people at the Twitter party, I promise.

The Multipotentialite Twitter Party will begin at midnight Pacific time on Tuesday, February 12 and will run for a full 24 hours. Use the hashtag #puttytribe to follow along and join in.

Now, on with the show.


We drove and drove and drove. Through misty forests, over snowy mountains and along coastal cliffs. Two nights in a Yurt, one night in a motel in Monterey after a traumatic “merging lanes” experience that we shall not speak of, and no interest in navigating Big Sur in the dark to find our campground. The scariest was the two hours along highway 101/1 into LA. It was dark and we are inexperience drivers (though less so now!).

Sigh of relief. We are here. My friend Rena, Grendel and I are in Los Angeles at our adorable Echo Park apartment. As I write this I am in the heart of hipsterdom: Intellegentsia Coffee in Silverlake. Everyone around me is amazing. I feel like I’m in a cartoon.

Just to recap, Rena and I have come to Los Angeles to write and record an album in the month of February. We’re doing the RPM challenge: 10 songs/35 minutes. We have almost 3 songs written so far and they’re pretty good.

It’ll be interesting to revisit songwriting in such an intense way this month. Growing up and into my early twenties, I was very serious about music. I had a band and did the singer songwriter thing for years, recorded my music in my basement, went to songwriting workshops, and so on. It was such a huge part of my identity. My “thing”– or so I thought.

When I lost interest in music in my early twenties, I felt ashamed and afraid. I didn’t pick up my guitar or violin for years after that, both due to a lack of interest and a sense of resentment and anxiety about the whole ordeal.

Of course, I didn’t know that I was a multipotentialite at the time. If I had, none of this would have been a problem. But back then I thought I was “giving up on myself.” I wasn’t.

I now see that by putting music aside for a while, I was making room for filmmaking to come into my life, and then when film lost it’s luster, in came law and entrepreneurship. Many of my musical skills have proven to be useful in other ways too.

As I write music this month, open up and compose lyrics about my life, I’m going to revisit a lot of old emotional/identity issues. I know it. But I am excited about that, and ready to face the thing I ran from so long ago. Bring on the personal growth. It’s time to make art.

Here’s a video that Rena and I made the other day. It’s part of the first song we wrote, played in our tree house. Excuse (or enjoy) when the camera topples over and we erupt in laughter.

Stay tuned for more tree house jam sessions, “leaked tracks” and other goodies.

p.s. Don’t forget about the Twitter party tomorrow (use hashtag #puttytribe), beginning at midnight Pacific and running for 24 hours. I can’t wait to hear all about your projects, and help in any way I can. May the multipotentialites take over the Twitterverse!


  1. Cassie says:

    Pumped up for the Twitter party–what are you guys wearing??!!


    For real, very excited for the conversations and interactions. Fantastic idea, Emilie.

    And digging the song!

  2. That was great and I especially loved the ending! hehe. What a fun jam.

    I’m excited about tomorrow! Woohoo!

  3. Janet says:

    what i want to know is how you snagged a treehouse!?! really cool video. love the airplane effects. hehe

  4. Mel says:

    Love, love, love! Thanks for sharing that video – it’s fantastic!

    Also, may the music-making bring you on a healing and great adventure :-)

  5. Dude, Emilie it’s cool to see you playing music!

    So far I’ve just seen you organizing the Puttytribe and doing Putty-related stuff, but wow!

    And the song is good! Not like I’m surprised, just fun to see a multipotentialite break out a new skill just like that!

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