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Join a family of multipotentialites and build a life around ALL your interests

Puttytribe Members

(Some of the awesome multipotentialites in the Tribe)

Lets face it, there aren’t a lot of resources out there for multipotentialites.

It’s not like you can go to a career counselor and ask how to become a documentary filmmaker-scientist-teacher-artist-nutritionist. They’ll look at you like you’re insane, and then “kindly” explain that we all have one thing in life that we’re meant to do, and that “we all have to choose eventually…”

You’ve probably had similar discussions with friends and family members.

They all wonder what you’re up to. Are you afraid of commitment? Are you self-sabotaging because you’re afraid of success? Or are you just irresponsible, and is it time to “grow up and choose a direction”?

You can feel them rolling their eyes when you become fascinated by yet another new subject. They certainly don’t share in your enthusiasm over this new passion. You dread being asked “what you do,” and you struggle with getting people to take you seriously.

We Live in a Specialist World

The idea that we all have “one true calling” is everywhere. It’s pushed on us from a very young age, right from when you’re five years old, and the teacher asks you what you want to be when you grow up– as though it needs to be one thing.

Even well-meaning people often end up reasserting this pressure without realizing it. The notion of being good at one thing is seen as romantic (ahh destiny!), but it’s actually very harmful to multipotentialites, who are naturally wired to follow many paths.

When the whole world is stuck in this specialist mentality, where do you go for support and guidance?

How do you actually make a living while doing everything you love? How do you pull all of your interests together and build something sustainable?

When you’re stuck on a problem in your business, or career, where do you go for guidance and accountability? Do you have people in your life who understand how you work, respect your multiple passions, and have even made this work themselves?

Support and accountability are essential for anyone who wants to integrate all of their passions into their life. In the words of Barbara Sher, “Isolation is the dream killer.

“Any real action I take usually occurs when I have other people in my life that are also taking action and encouraging me. That’s why I’m loving Puttytribe. I am finally getting things done.”

– Tim Fau, Sussex, NJ

What You’ll Find inside the Puttytribe…

1. Advice and Accountability

  • A private forum where you can ask for feedback on your work, and get help with your obstacles and stumbling blocks.
  • An accountability section, where you can post a goal or action step that you’d like to take that day, week, or month. Other puttypeep will cheer you on, and then check up on you to see how it went.
  • Member-organized Huddle events, which are 3-8 person mastermind groups that meet up regularly on Skype or G+ Hangouts to discuss your projects, brainstorm, and set one action step that you’d like to complete before the next Huddle. You can organize your own huddle group or join an existing one.
  • Note: Huddles are completely optional. But they’re incredibly helpful, and a lot of fun, so hopefully you’ll give them a try. Also, mastermind programs alone usually cost hundreds of dollars, so this is definitely a feature that’s worth taking advantage of.

Check out a clip from a recent huddle:

2. Barter Opportunities, Collaboration, and Networking

  • Take advantage of the tremendous pool of talent that we’ve got in the multipotentialite community, and connect with other puttypeep who can fill in your skill gaps.
  • Use the barter section of the forum to find a graphic designer for your website, a partner for your business, or even an algebra tutor. (True story.)
  • Innovate! Post a project or business idea and find collaboration partners who are excited about it and want to develop it with you.

“I’m glad to be involved in the Tribe. It’s strange but I have 20+ years of communications and marketing experience in a number of areas but had never really thought that I could be a resource to others in that way until fairly recently (yes funny how our brains work, right!). So that’s why I love the idea of what you’re doing there, both getting and giving as part of a community!”

– Greg Berg, San Diego, CA

“The comments I got on Puttytribe critiquing my website have been phenomenal. I was absolutely blown away by the level of insight everyone had. I was expecting much more broad answers, but people really took the time to let me know. I’m really grateful to be part of the group in there. Honestly, I love it!”

– Lauren Rains, St Augustine, FL

3. Teaching, Workshopping and Opportunities to Create Your Own Courses

  • Each month you’ll have an opportunity to share something fascinating that you’re exploring in a member-led workshop. In the past we’ve had workshops on inventing languages, nutrition, conscious dreaming, investing and making veggies taste yummy. Long gone are the days of not having anyone to share new obsessions with.
  • All workshops are recorded and saved in the Puttytribe Library for the whole community to learn from.
  • Workshop leaders will get a copy of the recording that they can use for whatever they please. They can post the video on their website or even turn it into a product.
  • This is a great resource for anyone who wants to teach, but doesn’t have a platform or audience of their own.

4. Self-Directed Learning and a Co-Created Library

  • Learn about all kinds of weird and interesting topics from your peers, in the co-created library.
  • The Puttytribe Library will include recordings of the member-led workshops and resource lists that have emerged from helpful discussions in the forum.
  • This will be a great place to hang out if you’re someone who’s endlessly curious, and doesn’t want to let the lack of formal education hold you back from learning about a particular topic.

5. Support, Connection, and Friendship

  • Get your personal questions about being a multipotentialite answered in the forum, by people who understand exactly what you’re going through.
  • Join and form groups with other people who share one of your specific interests. Some of the groups that have already been formed in the Tribe include, “Bloggers United,” “Roleplaying Puttypeeps,” and “Multipotentialite Parents.”
  • Organize a Puttytribe meetup in your city. There’s a section of the forum where you can link up with other multipotentialites in your area.
  • Come to a Puttyparty! Join us every other Sunday night at 5pm pacific for a live Puttyparty in the chat room. All Tribe members are invited.

“Prior to tonight’s huddle, I’d never met anyone who understood what I was talking about when I described my interests and challenges. It was so refreshing to step into a conversation with 8 people who shared some of my struggles. A safe community where people can open up and really discuss problems is a rare and special thing. I was surprised at how quickly we reached a comfort level with genuine openness between the members.”

– Charlie Harper, Cincinnati, OH

How much does it cost to join the Puttytribe?

Membership dues are $19/month.

This includes access to the forums, workshops (including videos of all past workshops), all Puttytribe events, the collaboration area, and all of the huddles your heart desires!

The Puttytribe is for Multipotentialites of All Ages and Levels

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just beginning to figure this stuff out, or whether you’ve been at it for a while and want regular advice and accountability to keep you on track.

It also doesn’t matter whether you’re a college student, a working professional, or whether you’re a parent in your sixties, and are just now starting to explore your interests. There are multipotentialites of all ages and backgrounds in the Puttytribe. Everyone’s welcome. It’s never too late to embrace your multipotentiality.

It Doesn’t have to be a Big Time Commitment

The thing with the Puttytribe is that you can be as involved or as uninvolved as you like. You don’t have to do much in order to benefit tremendously. For instance, there’s no need to be in the forums all day long or participate in the huddles. You can simply log in and post a question when you need help.

The last thing we want is contribute to “multipotentialite overwhelm.” But the Puttytribe is actually the best way to curb that overwhelm, since you can get specific action steps for your goals and be held accountable for your work. (There’s nothing like a little accountability to kick you into gear!)

“The biggest thing the Puttytribe has done for me is create a community I know I can reach out to for help and advice. People who get where I’m coming from. We’re a very diverse group, but there’s a sense of camaraderie here that I haven’t found anywhere else.

Lately my kids have been battling cold after cold. They’ve been home from school, and I’ve had a lot of time offline just sitting, reading, and holding them. My accountability group in the Puttytribe helps motivate me to carve out time to keep my goals on track despite the scheduling setbacks.”

– Holli Margell, Seattle, WA

People are Really Friendly!

This one’s a personal note from me, Emilie. The Puttytribe is a safe space, and it’s going to remain that way. That’s really important to me.

Please don’t feel intimidated about joining. Everyone’s incredibly warm and supportive. We’ve also got a team of Puttytribe Ambassadors who are there for you, if you have any questions or concerns.

But really, put aside the massive impact the Puttytribe can have on your career and life for a moment… The truth is, you’re going to make friends! It really does feel like a family in there.

See you on the inside!

xo Emilie

Join the Puttytribe

The Puttytribe doors open again on Tuesday, May 9 for only 24 hours. Just enter your first name and best email address below to get notified when we invite new members to join with a limited spot.

What Happens when You Sign Up?

You’ll be redirected to a confirmation page, where you’ll enter your email address. Then you’ll receive an email with your profile sign up link and a welcome package.

You Can Cancel your Membership at Any Time

If you decide for any reason that the Puttytribe isn’t right for you, simply let us know and we’ll cancel your subscription.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email our Puttytribe Team at puttytribe [at] puttylike [dot] com.

What the Puttypeep are Saying…

“I was a little apprehensive before my first intro huddle but I’m in no doubt whatsoever now… I’m DEFINITELY in the right place!!”

– Simon Pollard, Lincolnshire, UK

“The Puttytribe recently helped me get past a rough time. My confidence was low and I decided to share what was going on. I quickly received many caring and thoughtful responses to my question. I love that the Puttytribe is there for me when I need it. The community is fantastic and the members were there to help me through.”

– Ethan Waldman, Burlington, VT

“I feel like I’ve said it a million times now, so tell me to shut up whenever you like. :) But discovering Puttylike has come just at the right time – when I was starting to feel more isolated than I ever have from the people who are supposed to be my tribe, but aren’t.

The bravery and passion going around this place is inspiring.”

– Jessie Costin, South Australia

“I think the huddles are one of the things that make this community different from most of the others I’ve joined. The opportunity to talk with people “face-to-face” and get to know them adds a great deal to the context and depth of the forum threads.”

– Rebecca Airmet, Saint Paul, MN

“I can’t express just how wonderful it is to be in a group that “gets” it!”

– Dale Ivory, Portland, OR

“Before joining the Tribe, I felt very anxious, unsure, and alone. I had a lot of ideas and things I wanted to do, but I lacked the support and guidance to feel justified in putting them into action. The Tribe has been a huge help to me, emotionally and ambition-wise. Everyone I’ve met on here has been super-supportive and very understanding of my ups and downs. It’s a safe place for me to express myself, experiment with ideas, and even admit when things aren’t going as well as I’d like.

I credit the community in the Tribe with giving me courage to try my ideas and giving me space to grow as a person. I don’t think I could’ve gotten my Etsy shop open this week if not for the huddles and support I found here. Thanks, guys!”

– Leah Waig, College Station, TX

“Hey Emilie, Just wanted to say I was a bit scared to join the tribe at first, but on your advice I jumped in – and I’m loving it!!!”

– Nicole McIvor-Francis, Glenlyon, Victoria, Australia

“I don’t have another place where I can find budding graphic designers (or a group with 1,000 different skills) who want to leverage the needs of the community to help out and further their goals. Support and inspiration aren’t the only currency being exchanged in the Puttytribe!

If an atheist can be an evangelist, then I am an evangelist for Puttylike and The Puttytribe. It’s some of the best brain food you can get without being a zombie.”

– Joel Zaslofsky, Minneapolis, MN

“I can’t imagine what people without the Puttytribe do to get their projects up and running! Seriously, I have no idea what my life would be like if it weren’t for the Puttytribe. I’ve launched blogs, made friends all over the world, written books, and finally got myself into a daily routine that makes me happy because of the Puttyribe. Heck, I wouldn’t have been earning my living online for the past two years if it weren’t for the help of the people in there! I am so, so grateful that I came across it when it did. It’s life changing.”

– Joanna Moore, Oxford, UK

“Hi Emilie, I wanted to write you to thank you for creating this community. I’ve had some incredible interactions with folks here so far, and one of the fruits of that is a new ebook I just finished called “Musician Unstuck: Creating Your Perfect Practice”. Putty Peeps helped with practically every element, from solidifying the concept (during our huddle) to the cover and title in forum conversations.”

– Michael Roberts, Metairie, LA

“Puttytribe is everything it says on the tin; a warm, vibrant community of like-minded people. People who will hold you accountable to your goals and dreams, people who will never dismiss you for being different. But there’s one very important aspect of Putty-tribe that never gets mentioned— it increases synergy.

When you’re in contact with so many wonderful people, first you unfurl like a flower in the sunshine. You start to own your strengths and abilities. Then when that happens, you are surrounded by opportunities. I can’t tell you how many opportunities Puttytribe has brought me — opportunities to teach, opportunities to learn, it’s given me a Mastermind group, and a blogging support group. I’ve been okay with my multipod identity for years, and I really didn’t know what Puttytribe would do for me. But my god, it’s tremendous what a group of square pegs can accomplish when they don’t have to first demonstrate why the round hole doesn’t work. We just do it!”

– Shanna Mann, Waynesboro, VA

“I must say that the Puttytribe has had tremendous impact in my life in the best way possible. I have finally stopped searching for that holy grail of one, finite, full-time job that was going to make me feel fulfilled, complete and happy. I am so thankful to have had the tribe to help me recognize my true multi- nature. I’m so happy these days and so full of creative energy.

Understanding multipotentiality has opened me up to a whole new level of creativity in my life work. Projects and collaborations have blossomed in unexpected ways now that I’ve fully embraced my many interests and now that I share my many interests with the people I work with, rather than hiding from them all the “other” things I spend my time and energy on.”

– Morgan Siem, Chapel Hill, NC

“Such a great community you have going on here. I am still smiling about having met such inspirational and supportive people. Wow! It feels like a milestone to take part, and my multipotentialite soul sings.”

– Michi Lantz, Malmo, Sweden

“I’m making friends and it’s pushing me to really do things instead of me just being out there by myself. (My regular offline friends are awesome and root for me and are positive, but they kind of scratch their heads as to what it is I’m trying to do. lol).”

– Josh Taylor, Portland, OR

“You’ve created a great community for like-minded thinkers that nurtures creativity and is intent upon breaking the “old rules” of thinking — BRAVO!

Count yourself among those creating real and lasting change on the planet… I’m glad to be part of your new tribe!”

– Lisa Chirico, New Hartford, NY

“I find it amazing how liberating it is to hang out with people who actively encourage new interests, no matter how weird!”

– Paul Reinerfelt, Hörby, Sweden

“It’s so awesome watching everyone grow and try new things, and helping them. I’ve become way more confident talking with groups in a teaching/helping way that its made me think that I really CAN do the coaching I want to do.”

– Emily Rose, Cincinnati, OH

“Emilie, this whole environment you created is incredible. I have no idea how you did it, but it’s really fucking cool. This is going to be a sweet place to connect with people. I did _______ (a very popular membership site, which we removed for obvious reasons, :) but this thing you created is 10 times better.”

– Jason Moore, Boulder, CO

“I am really enjoying my Puttytribe experience so far and that’s coming from a self-confessed ‘pretty cynical person.’ You’ve made something which has made me start to believe I’m not trapped by the traditional system by making it possible to connect with some pretty amazing people. I’ve barely scratched the surface of Puttytribe and already I feel like it will be possible to have a life of my own design. Very cool.”

– Paul McKay, London, UK

“I’d struggled for nearly 20 years knowing that I couldn’t specialize in just one thing. I have to say, it’s bloomin fab to able to chat to so many other people who just ‘get it’.”

– Bev Webb, United Kingdom

“I’ve only been part of the Puttytribe for just over a week, but it’s already been a HUGE help with keeping my focus in the right place. HUGE. The huddles are so supportive and encouraging, and everyone in the forums is unbelievably helpful and giving. I’ve asked for feedback and gotten constructive comments that have helped me improve and built confidence. We’ll see what happens when I get my first serious criticism. I’ll be sure to have a system in place by then!”

– Erin Kurup, Pittsburgh, PA

“I’ve been SO happy to join the puttytribe!! I have to admit, I wasn’t jumping to the doors when you first announced it and were doing the first initial huddle groups. I guess that sense of live community support, with my inconvenient eastern/asian time just didn’t appeal enough to me. But I’m glad I overlooked that and decided to join.

The calibre of support and quality of thoughtful responses is mind blowing for me especially for such a new community!! It is THRIVING!! I am a member of other paid communities and feel like I’m either lost in the group or there is literally 0 activity. The Puttytribe TRULY feels like home and that’s amazing to me for someone who has always felt like I never belonged.”

– Janet Cui Brent, Manila, Philippines